Zillow’s NEW Housing Market Forecast Just Got Crazier

Zillow’s NEW Housing Market Forecast for 2022! Zillow released their NEW US housing market predictions over the next 12 months. Will home prices fall in 2022 and will mortgage interest rates shoot up for the US real estate market? Are they predicting a housing crash or for new records to be broken? Will housing inventory eventually increase giving homebuyers more options which will entice more homeowners to list their houses for sale? Or… will homebuyer demand increase and mortgage rates stay close to 4%? Comment below with your housing market forecast for 2022.

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My Bold Housing Market Predictions for 2022:

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To give you a quick mortgage interest rates update, according to the Mortgage News Daily the average 30yr fixed rate mortgage is 4.09% for the current mortgage rates (at the time of filming this video). This is mixed news if you’re a homebuyer right now or if you’re a homeowner looking to refinance.

Comment below: what’s your housing market forecast? Do you think a housing crash will happen or are your housing market predictions that the real estate market and home prices will continue to surge?

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  1. Compilation of Housing Market Forecast videos

    My Bold Housing Market Predictions for 2022

    Get Connected To a GREAT Real Estate Agent in Your Area:

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    Why Housing Inventory is LOW

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    Options after Mortgage Loan Forbearances Ends

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  2. If they were so bullish then why sell at a loss. they could just keep their homes and have no renters and they would make more money on those homes that they are selling at a loss. I look at zillow owned homes on zillow and they are selling them for less than they bought.

  3. The market is HOT still here in the foothills of Northern California. The only houses not selling fast are complete junk houses with known issues listed for way too much. I’m closing this week in this market and couldn’t be happier

  4. Their data is probably using metrics based on the FOMO buying that happened before the rates started to increase. If they are right then I feel bad for anyone buying a home in the next year.

  5. This is crazy and builders are jacking up the price because of supply and demand. I recently suffered lots of monetary loss because of fraudulent activity by Drees company. Bad customer service, rude leadership and they practically kicked me out of the contract by giving some stupid reason ( talk about one way contracts) because the base price increased by 50k and they had the chance to make more money.

  6. Shouldn't those Zillow reports be Biased? Since they bought all those over inflated properties, and just want to justify they are panic sale them playing with numbers. And try to recover the losses?

  7. So the government sit back and allow investors to kick regular family from owning a piece off the American dream . Disgusting never will I cast another vote in this country.

  8. Opinions opinions…Remember all those Opinions when Trump announced he was going to run for President? Everyone’s opinions were he didn’t have a chance. Well, we all know how that turned out. I watch all these different opinion videos on the Housing Market…but somehow I feel like I’m wasting my time. You?

  9. The monthly payment here has doubled. NOBODY is buying except "investors" who just raise the rent to try and compensate. Guess what? It's not going to work because wages aren't keeping up. Good luck "investors".

  10. The number of "million-dollar cities" with home listing values exceeding an average of $1 million has tripled since 2020, according to recent Zillow data.
    With the average price of a home up 19.6% last year, according to Zillow, 146 new "million-dollar cities" were added in 2021 — the most ever in one year — bringing the total number to a new record of 481.

  11. Don’t believe anything a realtor tells you. Same crap Happened in 2008. Won’t be a crash be definitely a 25-30% correction at the least. Especially in the south along the coast. Those idiots got fooled with all the rental Covid money. 40% crash down south once the money stops flowing in for the rentals. I made over 20% more the last two years thanks to all the free money. Reality is they won’t be able to cover the mortgage w 20% less income. Y’all should have done your research.

  12. It's all up to the Federal reserve, will they continue their never ending QE asset bubble. The street is rough for ethical people in SFL, as frauders role in their I'll gotten gains. With stocks tanking, Crypto tanking just wait till Fed funds goes up to 1%, 2018 is going to look like a walk in the park.

  13. My opinion on why this increase is farfetched a d unsustainable… The next housing crisis is just around the corner… starting right now with the stock market declining, corporations are losing cash flow and will be forced to downsize, mass layoffs will cause recession, layoffs will lead to inability of renters to pay rent and individual owners to pay mortgages… Everything is connected in this market

  14. interesting that zillow throws out these forecasts but couldnt manage buying and selling homes themselves LOL.. I'm a novice at real estate and have done well. I saw the prices zillow was buying and selling for and thought they were way off!

  15. Zillow is high on something. Rising interest rates, affordability already maxed out, buyer's purchasing power being eroded daily, government free money coming to an end…I take the opposite view from Zillow.

  16. From what I have observed Zillow is about 90 percent accurate on house prices in our area. They are a little high on condos and townhomes and a little low on homes. We've been looking for about a year. Even though interest rates have gone up the market is still hot. Demand is stronger than a year ago. My speculation is that people want to get in before rates and prices go higher.

  17. Zillow is interesting. They have the more data than any housing company in the world. Yet they have a reputation for being the most inaccurate. The "Zestimate" is one of the biggest running jokes in real estate. You would think if prices were going to go up another 16% this year, they would still be Ibuying. They are not because their forecast even with mass appreciation last year was still wrong and they lost billions of dollars. They put out headlines to get people to rush into the market so that they can sell more marketing to realtors, push more referrals, and quickly sell off all the homes they bought over value last year. Zillow cares about one thing making money and they need it in the short run to offset the losses from the Ibuying disaster and will create a narrative to be able to do that as quickly as possible.

    The truth with the market is prices are sky high, rates are rising rapidly, affordability is plummeting, inflation is out of control, wages are stagnant compared to inflation, and the economy as a whole is on the cusp of recession. Yet the zillow and many in the mainstream media are saying this appreciation is going to go on forever. This is causing buyers to flood the market right now due to FOMO giving this bubble one last shot of steroids for the next several months or even through the end of the year. Bottom line is prices are going up 10Xs higher than wages. People can't afford homes at current prices much longer and rates will continue to go up, so something has to give. Last time prices outpaced wages this fast was 2008. Its playing out in a similar way. Interesting to see how the dust settles once the Fed raises rates 9 times in a row. (If the recession doesn't hit so they stop with rate increase, then all bets are off and we are going to see mass stagflation) Impossible to really forecast anything right now but the gut instinct according to the consumer confidence reports regarding "Is it a good time to buy" is that this market is funny and many peoples intuition is things will change.

  18. I believe that this market is being manipulated by capitalizing on "pandemic thinking". Buyers have been through a period of supply chain shortages, hoarding, and irrational thinking. Right now they are willing to pay anything to get to their "sanctuary". Only when reality sets in will "WTF did I just do" come to fruition.

  19. Because the fed has yet to act and who knows when they will (although it looks like March) Zillow has made the right "current" forecast. They will revise it again when the Fed finally gets its act together and tries to slow the cheap money express. I thought we were headed in the right direction however there is almost no inventory and nothing worth looking at currently. People who bought or refinanced are probably looking at their rates and saying, "why would I ever sell this"? I cant blame them. When will the craziness end? who know..

  20. Jason, maybe you can you answer this question. If the supply of houses is shrinking up so badly, why haven't we seen the amount of house rentals skyrocket? We already know big investor companies are buying up houses in large quantities, so who is living in these houses that are no longer on the market? Right now on Zillow, there are less than 200 houses in all of Sacramento county available for rent at ALL prices. Something isn't adding up.

  21. The future is hard to predict, but 16 percent seems pretty unlikely, maybe 5:1 odds I'd take it. Wage growth and inflation plus a couple percent would be my guess. If inflation stays 8 percent, 8-10 percent seems likely enough. But 3 percent also possible if interest rates slow things down.

  22. …. And yet, Zillow got out of house-flipping last November and laid off 25% of its staff.

    I suspect the truth is that Zillow is trying to hump the FOMO for as long as they can because they see some dark times (for sellers) in the future.

  23. Any housing price appreciation forecast that is less than double digits for 2022, should be required to explain where the inventory is going to come from. We are at record low inventory, so low that most likely only realtors who are in the trenches fully understand how bad it is out there.

    If you have been monitoring the data each month on forbearances you will see that the government ending it will not cause any significant impact on housing inventory.

    Even if builders wanted to ramp up construction on new houses, they can’t. Home building material like wood, roofing, garage doors, faucets, drywall, appliances, and a lot more have long waiting lists and record high prices. So new home construction will not increase inventory.

    Rising interest rates will be offset by record high and still climbing rent prices. Raising interest rates will not decrease demand by any significant amount. Rent prices will be the same or higher in many areas than that of a comparable mortgage payment (even after rates have been raised). Almost anyone from any county can buy US real estate. Just because the average Joe can’t afford to buy a house any longer other people/companies/countries can afford it.

    In my opinion the record low inventory would have to increase significantly for there not to be double digit home price appreciation in 2022.

    There’s just no inventory out there….

  24. I don't usually put a damper on 'upward' home prices. I've been wrong about that prediction basically forever, and I've come to distrust people who claim they're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, only to be a train coming the other way. However, I'm seeing some resistance to price hikes, and at least here in Ventura County some homes are staying on the sales boards for longer periods. I'm seeing some 'reductions'….but of course most of those were from crazy asking prices. Is this an opportunity or just another lull that will be, again, met with an avalanche of buyers and investors?

  25. Hyper bubbles fall harder. Just like their stock dropped 80% and still falling 30 year just hit 4.9. Expect near 7% by end of year. Sell asap and try to find somewhere to rent it’s coming. Remember Zillow is still sitting in 2,000 homes that are not selling. They started selling them at a loss now.

  26. I wonder how much of the difference between Refin and Zillow is coming from different projections on fed fund rate increases. Is this a minor difference and other factors such as supply projection differences are where the big difference is?

  27. Zillow's forecast will be proven wrong. How can house prices go up 20%, when wages are not rising 20% and the Fed will be raising rates. Good thing Zillow is getting out of the ibuying business because they would have continued to overpay for homes…lol.

  28. This is going to be based on the city
    The increase in feds mark up will kill home prices in a lot of areas. Corp. Companies will keep buying up homes.

  29. Zillow will sell you the Golden Gate 20% over the price, I will be back here in July to see where the freaking real estate market is going, getting my popcorn ready

  30. I predict housing is going to come to a standstill due to Russia invading Ukraine. Too much uncertainty right now and the stock market is heading down. People look at their iRA’ and retirement accounts thinking they made all this money but in reality it’s going down the drain

  31. I will not be surprised if home prices don’t exceed Zillows prediction here in TX.
    As an example In the location we are targeting a house just went on the market for $483k and the market value from 3 sources is around $425k. I will be very surprised if it does not sell in the next couple days at full price or above!

  32. When buying multiple homes and increasing the resale prices in an area, yes they can price fix the market percentage. It is like having the Fox watch the Chickens. 🤣

  33. Zillow does not make sense at all. They are still purchasing property in Southern California Inland Empire. If they are forecasting higher prices why did they sale all those properties at a loss. Unless it was on purpose as a cover up to pass those properties on to the hedge funds

  34. If prices go up 16 percent and mortgage rates go to say 4.5 percent not many people will be able to afford a home. That seems quite sad to me . Like people from other eras are more concerned about their net worth then paying it forward to the next generation . Am unsure why the Biden administration is taxing lumbar so . I get that Canada subsidizes their lumbar but perhaps the USA should too ? or buy from Canada . It seems to me like a better picture would be to try to work on supply side. Less inflation , less need to raise rates, more booming economy . Like a good strong middle class of working / professional productive people seems good for all Able to afford a reasonable home and raise healthy kids. . And now a few lucky haves and many young unlucky have nots due to govt policy more then hard work or character . It may not end well . Sorry I do not have more control

  35. Meanwhile every house listed on Zillow that is “owned by Zillow” is listed at a price cut… some their Zillow-owned listings have several price cuts


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