Zach LaVine still dunked this after getting hit on the head and then yelling at ref 😮

Zach LaVine races down court and throws down the electric two-handed dunk

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  1. I get it he got hit in the head
    Trust be told be probably barely felt it… if he was in pain he would be grabbing his head

    Get over it and move on to the next play

    Defender didn’t swipe at his head or didn’t have malicious intent… play the game…. Our mother hit us harder than that growing up

  2. It's ridiculous the amount of fouls that gets uncalled on Zach.. other players too, but even when Zach is angry refs don't do shit. I would've come out on media dozens of times, fuck the fines..

  3. The NBA need to introduce a Call In. Every team has 3 Call Ins, to use when they think the refs should to look into it, a possible foul etc. If its right they keep their call. If not, 1 is gone. Bcs this some bs now!

  4. If you play the video frame by frame (by pressing comma (,) and dot (.) keys on the computer), you can see the camera flash at the exact same moment when LaVine got hit. That would be an interesting photo to see


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