Baki ratai tournament

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  1. Please Please tell me you with your obously limited understanding of the anime's your watching you understanding the place the show is set In is mostly Japan… a place where the hight of 90% of people caps at 5ft.at peak then drops as thay age.

  2. U make me laugh so much while I'm still in the "hood" going through cases, losses,depression and stuff, a good laugh in my case is not a given at all it's very important sometimes good fckng work bro the videos are amazing❤

  3. Man you gotta give ali some credit though. He knew all too well he would get his ass beat but he simply looked at bakis girl and would say "its part of the job" and go out there every single time only to get bashed by his own dad while hes at his lowest. Mans had it bad af but took it like a champ🤣

  4. Bro when i first seen the fight with Ron & Biscuit, i was thinking like “Biscuit boutta lose”
    But bruh when biscuit copies the pocket hand style and heatbutts him i was like “nevermind”

  5. Lmaoo I saw that new channel you have and I noticed how similar the thumbnail was to yours and I was so surprised thinking it wasnt you until I saw this video now and you're telling us this is your new channel lol

  6. You know, I don't normally do the whole "check out my other channel" thing, but I did, and I watched all 3 videos, subscribed, commented on one, and came back here. Great shit you're doing bro. Keep it up.

  7. Ali jr really thought that rolling up on Jack Hannah was a good idea on top of trying to steal Baki's girl, he deserved every bit of that ass kicking he received.

  8. One thing you were misinformed on is that The poison hand user(Ri Kaiou) in the ratai tournament isn’t Yanagi’s brother. Ri Kaioh is Related to Han Kaioh. Their Grandmaster is Kaku Kaioh.

  9. Popping your arm back in place isn't to hard I've done it at least 4 5 times in my 20s and I'm 27 the worst is the nevre pain from getting the nerves stretched right after you feel it for a few days but after getting the arm relocated the pain goes away almost instantly from adrenaline just nerve pain near your shoulder socket after words also you can't throw a punch nearly as hard

  10. It kind of makes sense why they'd make the Japanese characters always beat the characters of other nationalities, or make them unlikable in some way, because I'm pretty sure the manga author is a Japanese nationalist

  11. “Why you layin’ down for another man??

    Fun fact. There’s a point in the manga where it’s confirmed that Yujiro literally buttstuffs another man just to make that man aware he’s inferior in every way to him.


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