YouTuber Frank James has been arrested.

Frank James the YouTuber was arrested. Please read the pinned comment.
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  1. context for viewers who might not know what happened….

    the other day in brooklyn a guy attacked a bunch of people on the subway–luckily he failed and nobody died.
    turns out… his name is Frank James.
    he posted some videos on YouTube… so some headlines referred to him as "YouTuber Frank James." smh
    i got a handful of comments saying "are you the guy?" even though I'm clearly not the guy… he's got glasses.
    my friend said this is like something that would happen in a Seinfeld episode so I was inspired to make this silly video.
    now that i have explained the joke it is much funnier thank u 4 watching ✌❤✌❤

  2. ngl thought of you when i saw it and wondered if you would acknowledge it. color me impressed that you approached it creatively.. and with some humor. thanks for being an unexpected bright light in the world ✨

  3. The moment I opened my insta, the news was the first thing to pop. When I first read it, I didn't completely absorbed the name and I continue to scroll up and suddenly, I was like, "Wait.. Who?" Lmao. It was Frank James. HAHAHA. Another Frank James😂

  4. Love love love it! Old Seinfeld spoof is brilliant! Hard to believe a youtuber could be capable of such brutality. Let's all share those likes guys! You never know when spreading a little love could save a life! ❤️

  5. I thought it was acceptable to slap others now…? But either way I am very disappointed by your actions Frank. Or Gary. Jeez it feels like I don't know you anymore. ( ifanyonetakesthissrslyuredumb)

  6. You're the best 😂👐 from a fellow ENTP. No hints 😂 got an INTJ 💓

    Keep up the awesome content, INFJ Frank James. My fave YouTuber 😂😊 next to ENTP Melissa Talks 😂💓

    Have a heartfelt Good Friday💛

  7. I just about died when they released his name and were on the hunt. I laughed so hard. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm sure Showman was behind it! 🤣🤣🤣🤣👏 Amazing impressions.

  8. When I saw the news and saw the name Frank James I just wondered what kind of content you'd create to sorta respond to that, and now that I've watched this I'm just smiling because this is exactly what I imagined you'd do hahaha.

  9. But, of course this happen, because why not? hahaha. Love Seinfeld. I was going to comment part way in that this "felt" like a Seinfeld episode and then….BAM! Carry on and happy Friday……that you aren't "the people attacker" and just a plain ol' "Comedian". That should be enough and is.

  10. I literally about choked on my sandwich when they say “Frank James has been arrested in connection with the subway shooting” I was like noooo freaking way. Then I saw him and was like now I gotta go see what the real FJ thinks about this😂 I don’t like Seinfeld so the sketch was a miss for me but I’m glad to see you keeping your humor about some rando psycho with your name out there causing causing mayhem✊🏻

  11. I heard the story on NPR the other day and as SOON as I heard it, I knew you were gonna make this joke. lol Thanks for not disappointing my sixth sense of humor. I also hope this isn't a detriment to your following, although I must admit that if anyone with eyes sees any of the articles about that Frank James and they believe that's YOU, I feel like they wouldn't be worth your time anyways. wifowejfa

  12. Oh man, it ended. I was seriously expecting to see some SWAT busting through the door. But holy collection of characters that would have made it more complicated 😅

  13. Y'know, the nice thing about weird things like this is that you get a free way to advertise your channel lol.

    I cycle through a lot of games, and it's not uncommon to run across my name (for some reason), so, since I'm an aspiring Indie dev thinking of a name, thank you for indirectly helping me connect the dots on this trick.


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