You’re a Figment of the Narcissist’s Imagination

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When a narcissist and or a cluster B personality re enacts his or her unresolved issues and or childhood traumas, he or she emotionally manipulates others to play dysfunctional roles. These dysfunctional roles represent characters of the narcissist’s and cluster B personality’s re enactment of childhood trauma and or unresolved issues. Unfortunately, those who comply to playing dysfunctional roles in an unhealthy relationship, he or she becomes a substitute for those that the narcissist and or cluster B personality has vowed to avenge or payback for grievances she or he may have from the past. Unhealthy relationships are the platforms that narcissists and cluster B personalities prefer in order to re enact unresolved childhood trauma and or unresolved issues from their past.

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  1. it seems that you are saying that, when you are with a narcissist they may not be with YOU even when they ARE right there with you. man!!…….I'M DONE with relationships!!!!!!!!


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