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Comment (2,987)

  1. Bro I'm a 4.30 type. Open peeps and hit the kettle, hot tea and WhatsApp, Breitbart, Fox, YT ……. (??) then feed dogs and chickens LOL.
    Regards from South Africa.

  2. I have never in my 47 years of life stood in line to get into a store to purchase anything. I won't even go in a store if the parking lot is too full of cars.

  3. I tried to listen to that song, it was only about 30 seconds before I thought my ears where going to start bleeding. On behalf of anyone else who listened to that song I think Tyler should have to do a punishment

  4. actually college isn't meant for engineers since they have trade school. even medical professionals have their own schools where you learn specifics (pretty much a trade school). the place to learn the arts IS college, you don't have apprenticeships or trade schools for historians or linguists. the problem is the push to make people believe they NEED college when most don't and when most don't even choose a useful degree.

  5. I went black Friday shopping but I did it at locally owned Pawn Shops. I'm a big physical media collector and a few had some really good deals… if you buy on the secondary market Hollywood doesn't get a penny of your money

  6. That Bus add is not photo shopped.its around where I live. It's a quit smoking add and the Buses are only school buses at the beginning and end of the school day so they just use that sign when they're active.

  7. I showed my 8 and 10 year old sons the Peanut Butter fish meme.
    They Laughed until they were rolling on the floor!
    They are now drawing pictures of a PB&J fish!
    I love being a Dad!

  8. I think a part of Joe is also simultaneously living in the era before the internet boom took place;when people didn't know much and could only go off of what their immediate neighbors and these speakerphones say. That's the only way a person can believe they can just get people to side with them by making obviously fake promises over a serious and grim health condition.

  9. Dude, the reason chip bags are only 2/3 full is because of altitude changes when shipping them. I used to be a trucker and one time they didn’t send me the mandatory route. I took the load over the Rockies and when I delivered, every bag had exploded. Usually, they send specific route instructions on loads like that because the shortest distance may not work for this product…. Like the high altitude Rockies route I took. I figure they’re probably still screwing us, but there was originally a good reason for this. The bags expand in high altitude, but most of the air is not in them at pick up.

  10. I lost in the beginning of the video when Zed gave the punishment. I started laughing then and barely stoppped the entire video.
    And whatever that monstrosity was that was supposed to be pizza, was definitely not pizza, there was no pineapple on it.

  11. Richard Lee Richards 61 years old shot 9 times in the back in his wheelchair by an Arizona police officer. Nobody has covered this at all because he is white. Please get the word out. Show people the real racism in the media!!!

  12. You're going to get in trouble with the Geneva Convention.
    This week's punishment is way too cruel to inflict on people.
    Can't we do something less painful like pouring McDonald's coffee in our laps?

  13. I wake up about an hour before the actual alarm.
    Does not matter what time i set it.
    Also IF i have to wake up in the morning to a certain time. I will keep waking up during night in about every 2 hours to check what the time is.
    If i dont know what the time is i have trobles getting back to sleep. Also if i wake up like 45 minutes before alarm my brain convinces me not to go back to sleep because its too little time
    and it would be pointless.
    Anyone else mad like that?

  14. I couldn't help myself, I laughed. Could I please do something other than listening to Mariah Carey Christmas music; like maybe shoving bamboo under my fingernails?

  15. As a SJW I demand to be offended and my feelings are hurt over the meme that pictured you as Kip from Napoleon Dynamite. I am on YOUR side Zed!!! And you should be banned for posting that on your channel…But my feelings still hurt for you. I am SJW!!! — Secondly. You were probably banned from Facebook for this Ghislane Maxwell meme that they are trying to keep quiet. It's just more Clinton/Russian disinformation like the Hunter laptop. C'mon Zed. ——–

  16. So curiosity got the best of me and I watched the Rebecca black song Friday. Shame on you Tyler! I’m counting that is one years worth of you laugh you lose punishments. 😳


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