Yorkie pup gets snatched up by bald eagle | USA TODAY

An eight-month-old Yorkie pup named Coco narrowly escaped the death grip of a bald eagle with just a few scratches at his home in Canada.

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  2. OmGosh, that had me crying for the dog. So Glad he got away and knew to run back. That Eagle was not joking he was looking for his food, and can't believe in a persons backyard.

  3. I was once walking my 6-month, 6-lb. hairless cat on a leash in the hills outside Bulverde, Texas, when a hawk swooped down and tried to grab her from behind us. I barely saw something through my peripheral vision and instinctively reached down to grab my cat, and the hawk swooped back up while making an angry squawking noise. I almost had a heart attack!

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  5. You guy"s/gal"s out there if you have a Yorkie or any other small pet, "DO NOT" leave them out there by themself, once they are in the claws of these predators they are gone forever and just think the terror that goes through them. This happen to a friend of my sister, she was outside with her little dog to do his business and this beast came down and took her baby right under her watch never to be seen again. It makes me sooooo sad to see that this little guy had to endure this and the fear that he has now. Please, please watch your fur babies, keep them on a leash and watch them carefully, just take a moment of your time and let him/her to they thing while you are out there with them. Some pet owners are to lazy thinking they don't need me to watch them to they thing only for them to end up without they pet because of a moment of laziness. If you love your pet you will do anything to keep them save, don't go through the heartache of loosing your fur baby over this.


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