Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G Review: Should You Buy?

Xiaomi recently launched the Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G in India, and the question has been, is it value for money? Should you buy it? This is our Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G review, where we test its performance, thermals, display and compare it to the competition and tell you if you should buy this new Mi laptop in 2022.

The Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G comes in two variants. All the specs are the same except for the GPU. The one with Intel UHD graphics costs ₹69,999 and the one with NVIDIA MX550 costs ₹74,999.

Xiaomi NoteBook Pro 120G with 12th Gen Intel CPU Launched in India: https://beebom.com/xiaomi-notebook-pro-120g-launched-india/

0:00 Intro
0:19 MacBook Design, Again!
0:56 Fingerprint Scanner and Ambient Light Sensor
1:18 Webcam and Ports
1:36 Speakers
1:45 120Hz Display
2:44 Battery and Charging
3:07 Specs & Benchmarks
3:46 Performance, Thermals & Gaming
5:14 Keyboard & Touchpad

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Comment (366)

  1. Matte Displays are THE BEST. I personally put a matte screen protector on my laptop even though it has disadvantages of less sharpness and more faded colors
    BECAUSE, and this is VERY IMPORTANT,
    On a work laptop that I have to use in varying and busy environments, a matte display makes it so that I don't get bombarded with distractions of people moving about behind me, can take photos of my display without exposing what I look like to everyone I just wanted to share a quick photo with, light coming from behind or at angles doesn't blind me anymore, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, it makes the display look smooth and even, with no part of the screen that has an overbearing disparity with the rest due to a light in the background that I have NO CHOICE but to let be, and can't turn off.

  2. Don’t buy mi laptops. Their after sale services are worst. You can’t exchange them. If you want to sell them after buying you will not get fair prices. Yes they give many features in low price range. That’s why we buy them without rethinking. I am a victim. So I recommend go for known brands. If you are student then think twice you need a laptop or you can manage with your phones or tablets. You can go with desktop. In 2 years of buying, I have replaced the display once. Again the display got faulty. My laptop is now not getting on. All YouTubers are freaking bad. Use them to gain knowledge not to decide them what you should buy. Thank you.

  3. This laptop is a fucking NoBrainer IF the reviews that come out for this in a few weeks say that there's no hidden danger, which I don't expect there to be, since this is such a cookie-cutter laptop with 0 new innovations. So yeah, SUPER VALUE

  4. SIMPLE RULE : IF RAM OR SSD IS SOLDERED DON'T BUY . Laptop might work for 1-2 years, but you will definitely need replacement in these two areas when more RAM / SSD Demanding programs are used. Dont understand need for soldering these.

  5. I have absolutely no idea how any reviewer can go without mentioning the asus vivobook pro 14 oled in this price range – it's got a 5800h cpu – rtx 3050/3050ti gpu – 16gb ram/512gb ssd – 2.8k pantone validated 90hz vesaHDR trueblack600 certified display and still weighs only 1.4 kgs – I mean – what else do you even neeeeeddd??!!!?!?!

  6. For 55,000 you can get a Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3i with a gpu and a very modern and good cooling system so why should i spend 70000 on a brand who are just new to the laptop market. 😕

  7. Thanks for sharing, a great review as always! Wont touch this one. Why? Low battery (5 hours!?), low brightness. Also, not sure about tech. support in the US. There are better options with even a lower price tag.

  8. I would recommend to go with the MacBook Air M1 , i bought the M1 MacBook Air at 70k and it's just 🔥. apply student discount and sell the airpods and you can also apply bank discounts for further pricedrops. Xiaomi laptop is also very good but if you really buying for productivity, then go with the MacBook (afcourse gaming is Lil exception)

  9. U guys are dumb or what ! In last video also I commented about S14 that it has a 90HZ panel not 60Hz u guys again mentioned it as 60Hz display in today’s video . Don’t mislead audience . S15 has a 60Hz display but s14 has 90HZ

  10. Do note that I was Able to use CMU on some of the Asus Vivo Book laptop and was able to upgrade it to 90Hz. It feels Godly smooth and there is no Difference in Color Accuracy or Response times between 60Hz and 90Hz.

    So if Refresh rate is something you like, You can get it to 90Hz. I Lost 40Mins of battery life, but it is a good balance between 120Hz and 60hz.

  11. 3353 Read and 3160 Write isnt GEN 4 SPEED.
    Plus theres a HUGE DIFFERENCE 12450h and 12500h 12500h has 4 more cores and 12450h is as powerful as 5600h. NOT A GOOD DEAL

    Thats not even Gen 3 max speed. It should've been around 5gbps. Heck the hp victus one my friend bought a month ago for 65k has a 980pro in it topping 5gbps read write :v. The only great thing is the ram here

  12. OLED?. Many people settle for TFT and claim that they want OLED. 😒
    IPS is also a decent option. Ever thought about why OLED display manufacturing company like Samsung is not giving that offering.
    THINK. There has be some cuttings for the price.

  13. ASUS is better. After sales service of ASUS is far superior than Xiaomi considering one doesn't change laptop for at least 5 years. Spare parts of ASUS will be easily available also.

  14. Bro I use some Asus which I got from my Sister, its my first Laptop its not the fastest but its good for casual Gaming I dont know much of Windows but I wanna save Money for a new one with great Processor and GPU and hopefully 120HZ OLED.


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