Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G Review | Macbook for Windows?

Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G review with it’s Pros & Cons this laptop has exceptionally good build quality for a windows laptop but is that enough find out what I feel about this premium ultrabook windows laptop from Xiaomi.

0:00 Intro
1:02 Overview
6:09 Things I liked
10:00 Not that Great Stuff
12:15 Summary


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  1. जो जो आंखें ये कमेंट पढ़ रही हैं भगवान उनके माता-पिता को सदा खुश रखे❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    जब सब शो रहे थे तभी हम जाग रहे थे किसी के यादों में नहीं अपने जिम्मेदारीयों मे जाग रहे थे और इतना आसान नहीं था मंजिल मेरा कि कुछ रात जागने मिल जाता कभी आखं लगती भी थी तो मेरे हौसले भाग रहे थे love you youtuber …. ….. ..

  2. Last year september I bought Mi notebook pro that came with Windows 10. Couple of weeks later Windows 11 update came up. After doing the update display went dead. After more than a month of following up with the customer support they finally replaced my device display. I would suggest not to go for these new company laptops.

  3. I was waiting for review of this laptop since long.
    Can you suggest me which one I should by between MacBook Air M1 or Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G ?
    My usage will be Programing and App development. I already have MacBook pro 2019. But I need to purchase one more laptop for my Work.

  4. Thanks for talking about the key travel. Many reviews these days don't really talk about this and assume the people watching the video will never do anything productive with the laptop which requires a good keyboard.

  5. One lesson I learned.. Never buy laptops from these newly players in laptop markets… Either xiaomi realme infinix.. No matter how good specs they provide.. there customer support is very bad and they charge a lot compare to well established brands to cover the cost of their cheap price…
    Always buy laptops from HP Dell lenevos Asus msi.. .

  6. Hey Ranjit, I actually want to buy a good laptop around 75K(±10). Hybrid b/w gaming and ultrabook preferred. What do you think is the best option in market right now?

  7. @geekyranjit please make a video on recent apple event and price difference in India, seems like we won't be able to get iPhone from US now because of lack of sim tray, I appreciate your work and thank you so much for the useful content

  8. This laptop is everything I ever wanted
    Slight bummer about the keyboard, and the lack of upgradeable ram but I don't mind the other con, that is the heating, so long as it doesn't throttle. I use a cooling stand when I push my laptop anyways, so it's not a big deal.

  9. They should have had a model with 1240P variant pe ryzen 5000 series for better battery life. Battery life is a deal breaker especially at that price point. Battery life is borderline pathetic for the price one will spend.

  10. It's downgraded i5 h series processor as 12500h has 4 performance and 8 efficiency cores. It has skipped 4 efficiency cores. That's why in my opinion vivobook s14 or vivobook Pro series makes more sense in this budget having 2.8k 90hz OLED display with 70Whr battery


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