Ilkin, celebrating his birthday together with his mom in a village, was under a strong influence of repetitious dreams lasting for long days and wanted insistingly to pay a visit to the house where his grandfather and father died for unknown reasons, even if his mother forbid him to visit that wretched house. In that particular dream, he sees his father desperately trying to hide from someone in the house and calls him for giving a hand of help.
Together with Ilkin, his wife and four friends of him accompany him to visit the house. The old and abandoned looking house leaves a frightening impression on the arriving guests. As Ilkin sees the ghosts of mullah as well as weird creatures, it gives a terrifying sign of something horrible to happen in the house. As the film goes on, the friends discover that the house is actually cursed by wretches, and it becomes crystal clear that these wretches murder every single male member of the generation starting from Ilkin’s grandfather. The main reason behind all of these fearful happenings is the murder of a group of religious people in a basement of the house by İlkin’s grandfather.

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