PLUS we may see a Willow sequel, Leftovers is back for a final season and John Williams’ new Star Wars score!

LEFTOVERS RENEWED: http://bit.ly/1lBJPs3
WILLOW 2: http://bit.ly/1M7WMPp
NEW JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE: http://bit.ly/1OmztTJ
NASA SAYS BB8 IS A BAD DESIGN: http://bit.ly/1TGe8sg
X-MEN APOCALYPSE TRAILER: http://bit.ly/1J0Mroj

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Comment (125)

  1. I would like to see this as a daily production. The comedy and chemistry here is enjoyable. If the covered topics were expanded to daily news besides tv and movies in tech, sci, sci-fi literature, or even trending topics on twitter…..there would certainly be enough material to do at least a 5 min presentation daily. love this show.

  2. I love BB-8, but gotta say, a spherical Astromech wouldn't be very practical. If the tool compartment he needed to use happened to be on the bottom, he'd have to back up, roll around until he found a position that allowed him to roll forward again, and have the tool facing the right spot. Not what you want when you're under blaster fire…

  3. En Sabbah Nur still looks like Ivan Ooze, but I think that it fits better with the context of him leading a militant cult (Clan Akaba?).

    In Brian K. Vaughan's Ultimate X-Men run, Apocalypse was a dressed up mannequin who serial killer Sinister talked to and worshipped.

  4. I'm very confused about Apocolypse movie. Does this mean in this timeline that the end of Days of Future Past when Logan gets back to the present that this present have already experianced Apocolypse?

  5. …Why isn't she blue?

    Whenever I see the new droid I hear Anakin whining about sand getting everywhere… I can't help thinking that a desert is not the best place for an astromech head to ride a football. Other than plugging into a ship (no idea how it connects to it, bluetooth maybe?) what practical use does it serve?

  6. Is Ron Howard not aware that Lucas already wrote sequels to the sotry in Willow? Shadow Moon, Shadow Dawn, Shadow Star? With Chris Claremont, of all people???? It's an awesome story and would be fantastic on the big screen.

  7. I mean. Healing liquid could be literally any fantasy substance or solution, it's much easier to suspend disbelief with something like that. A rolling metal sphere is just a rolling metal sphere. Bar the Force, the universe of Star Wars is still subject to the laws of physics. Sorry, Steve.


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