Wtf is this online shop *feeling kpop*

Today we’re testing out a new online fashion shop, which you guys have been requesting like crazy!! It’s also been everywhere on my recommended ads on instagram so let’s see if the clothes are any good 🤨
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“Bite Me” Music Video

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you’re more important in my life than my underpants, broccolis

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  1. Naomi, while i was watching the video, a question pop up in my mind; how would she look with brown eyes?
    I'd love to see you in dark eyes, just for fun, maybe with a fierce make up <3
    Love you from Italy <3

  2. Okay that first one totally does have a zipper so idk what she's saying cuz all I can look at is the thick, ugly, white stripe on her side that is… definitely a zipper 😂 its so distracting… it ruins the whole thing. They should've hidden it better.

  3. Going thru a breakup rn, and I feel pretty shitty, so I'm watching your videos to keep myself ✨ busy ✨ and entertained thank u for making me laugh ❤️

  4. i think that all those string tops you got are super awful, the tailoring its so baad, the desings are cute but it seems they dont got the dimensions right, like they too small in the front, the flower one was cute but it feels like they almost sell this for xs s and m. if the flpwoer was bigger it would be so flattering

  5. Omg! Ich habe so 350€ Zeugs markiert und traue es mir nicht zu bestellen! Vor allem wegen der Größen :/ ich habe eine kleine Taille und dicke Beine und Po :p und ich habe immer kp wie die Hosen sitzen..
    Ich weiß die Sachen sind hit or miss, aber ich habe nur Sachen gewählt, die ich in andere Videos gesehen habe und gut waren (Pullies und Hosen).

    Und ich habe Angst vor dem Zoll 🙃😔 musstest du Zoll bezahlen?

  6. I've been silent for so long but I'm sick of this now. Naomi ……. respectfully…… but your buns are… 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💫💫💫💫💫🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🔥🔥🔥🔥 approved by a half lesbian

  7. Please please pleeeeaaase for the love of god if you can don’t buy from unethical shops like these rather save your money and spend it on good shops that deserve money

  8. I actually love this shop- but u have to consider that the cheaper items on the shop seem like filler for peoples orders and so the quality isn’t there. I have gotten their more $$ sweaters and they were really nice


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