Wrote a song about my friend’s mom

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Comment (272)

  1. I go through that all the time, where I'm working on something and the entire time I'm like "this is the worst thing I've ever done. Am I losing my touch? Was I ever good at music?"

    And then I finish it and I'm like…

    "…yeah this is actually pretty alright…'

  2. This is one of my favorite tracks on any First of October albums thus far. The wholesomeness of the song's message combined with the aggressive guitar and really nice lick + solo. It's fantastic, I'm glad you were able to push through and make it work!

  3. Actually there was some kind of similar energy in CABBAGE song and maybe somewhere else…
    But this song is top new level, even better than legendary Raviolly IMO! 😀

  4. Forgot to mention the pro tip of never recording separate guitar tracks hours apart without re-tuning. 😀 As a person with perfect pitch I really hated that on the first listen. Though now that I got used to it, it does sound accidentally cool.

  5. That is the really meaning of deadline. (i would call it deathline)

    It is awesome when very talented people with lot of resources just limit themselves (timelimit of resource limit) to be more productive.
    great video and very inspiring.

  6. Really, really cool to get additional footage!!
    And yeah, listening fatigue can be a real problem, and when you're working on so many sings in one day, you're bound to run into valleys where you just don't like anything.
    I don't ever want to try what you guys do, but gosh, I can't get enough of watching it!

  7. Goes to show that you really do just need to trust the process. I've had that so many times where I think an idea is meh, and then a random (and small) idea pops into my heads that completely changes the tune into something I'm proud of. That's why a good rule of thumb is to work on a track for at least an hour, even if you don't like it at first. You never know

  8. More deeper dives into the writing of the songs would be awesome. The edit of the “making of the album” on Rob’s page doesn’t tell the story about how you didn’t like it and almost scrapped it… but Grandads Dinner Party that’s exactly how the edit tells the story. So I’m curious why the edit on this one doesn’t tell the same story.

  9. Just be careful not to damage your voice doing this; improper vocal fry can do…not good things. Highly recommend you check out Melissa Cross and her "Zen of Screaming," she's taught tons of world-class metal vocalists and is an AMAZING vocal coach for this sort of thing!

  10. a live stream of the next album would be so sick but i understand how that might be a bit too much to handle while trying to record a whole album

  11. This song doesn't sound like you struggled on it. It sounds like it was filled with inspiration. It's amazing how it came out and how it was done in such a short amount of time! It just shows how talented you guys are. I absolutely loved this whole album and the mixing and mastering seemed even better than last time. Props to the engineer. He did amazing.

  12. Me and my guitar player do this almost every weekend….
    Guitar and drum track
    He puts down a bass track while I write lyrics and we both sing it that night.
    It is SO FUN, we have a blast because, THATS WHAT MUSIC IS ALL ABOUT…… FUN🤘🤘
    Your more then welcome to listen to our new genre of music called, "polished turd" at.
    Spoon fed intencity on YouTube.
    Remember, it's for fun, definitely not going for a #1 on the charts.
    Nice job you guys. Hell of a cool tune 🤘🤘


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