Worst Husband Ever Reunited With The Woman That Started All This Mess

Watching TLC Seeking Sister Wife and ol Garrick has chased down the woman who got all this started. BERT!!
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Comment (919)

  1. If I was Danielle, I would have played into to Garrick's desire to go to Brasil, but I'd have volunteered to stay home and "take care of the house." And when he got back, that house would have been EMPTY. Me, the kids, and the furniture would be GONE. 😂

  2. Christian polygamists make me so mad, like, Eph. 5:25"Husbands, love your wives as Christ loves the church, and gave himself for it."
    Bruh, Jesus died for his "bride," but you can't give yours minimum fidelity?

  3. Seems like he's a swinger but he also wants to own the woman without letting them check other guys out as well as use them as servants. If he's being told to do that by some entity it either isn't God or God's got some fucked up ideas.

  4. I know that obviously Garric isn’t trying to be with Roberta just to “make babies”, but since that was his reasoning behind doing all this and starting a big family together, and since they’re not even married yet, what purpose is there for him to sleep with her other than his own satisfaction? Just funny to me how he’s not even trying to hide it anymore 😂😂

  5. Random but can we just talk about Garrick's horrible haircut? It's all on top and flopped over and the first thing I thought of was 'Hitler' to be honest. And it's almost the exact same haircut upon comparison. Haha. Not saying he is like him, just that the hair is horrid. Haha.

  6. Everyone's talking about how they didn't make an effort to speak Portuguese (true) but also I feel like if Bert was really set on moving to the US to be with them she would been learning at least basic English 🤷‍♂ 🤷‍♂ They should've seen this coming lol. Good for her for getting out.

  7. I hate this show, even with Ken and Buff it's hard to watch. Garrick has to be up there with that guy from Adults Adopting Adults in terms of just how reprehensibly awful a human being they are, and how much they hurt the people around them to satisfy their own selfish wants and needs. Danielle needs to do a Roberta and ghost Garrick's ass, she's divorced from him now, she has no reason to stay, it's only the mental and emotional manipulation from him that keeps her there, and it's so painful to watch as she's clearly suffering. This isn't polygamy, this is abuse.

  8. Pretty sure Roberta saying "yeah, of course" was edited and not what she initially said when asked if she'll come to Colorado. There was a very weird cut in the video and audio

  9. It seems like they are just a couple that should be divorced and they keep bringing people in to hurt eachother, for Jesus?🤔
    That's why kids should wait to get married, people need to date to make sure it's really what they want first.
    These people are just playing weird swinger games, with babies? I wonder what their OF looks like, 😂😂😂!!!

  10. …the crying is so cringe its unreal…and it's bazaar. Can someone please explain to me how he can be so deeply connected and in love with someone he needs an interpreter to communicate with??? He's not fooling anyone.

  11. Garrick is sooooooo appalling it's not even funny anymore. What? Does he have like a magic c*ck or something? I don't think so. I bet it's the size of my foot pinky. I wish he just gets over himself. He ain't gold. 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  12. I swear every time I watch this show, Danielle reminds me so much of the Danielle from 90 Day Fiancé of the Danielle/Mohammed saga. They have the same facial reactions and quirks with their eyes and mouth.😂

  13. Garrick was robotic and showed no remorse when he and Danielle divorced, despite Danielle's tears. Then with Roberta he cries all the time. Dude just leave your wife, honestly.

  14. After all that time they hired a translator. Google is not happy about being put aside, that's cheating. Brazil is loaded with people that care for their families, and they know who doesn't.

  15. My poly arse loves watching this couple dig themselves into a total mess due to their actions. That’s what you get for steamrolling an entire identity and slandering it in the process lmao

  16. Your videos are always too far behind, the seasons over! Make a video about how she backed out of coming and took like 10 grand from them the day before!

  17. Actually in polygamist relationships I know, usually the girl gets more action because it’s easier for women to attract dudes and guys are more likely to be okay with it if they’ve never been polygamous before. But that’s in real, consensual, non religious cult based polygamy.

  18. I'm seeing A LOT of people saying Danielle is just as bad of a person as Gerrick is in the comments. Now, I only watch this series through Ken & Buff, so maybe I don't have all the context, but I just really can't convince myself that's the case. This is gonna be a LONG comment- but to anyone who's interested in a possible alternative explanation for her behavior, maybe spend a few minutes reading this? Even if nobody does tho, I write for fun, so just thinking through all this personally as I type it is no biggie either way lol.

    So- does she need to grow a backbone? Absofuckinglutely. and is this argument personal? yes.

    I'm sympathetic, as I've been the one in an abusive relationship who needed to grow one before I was able leave. So sure, you could say I'm just placing my own experiences onto her when they don't apply – but to that i'd say that my situation was NOT unique, and my choices were incredibly typical / not anything out of the ordinary for people in abusive relationships. Also in my personal opinion – the mind games of an abusive partner are 100x worse than the physical abuse. of course different people will have different opinions, but I only say that to stress that Gerrick doesn't need to be physically harming Danielle for it to be abusive.

    to give context to my argument that Danielle isn't the actual bad guy I'm gonna give some exposition about my experience.

    For me, during the first stages of my relationship with my abuser, he immediately jumped on the process of manipulating me and gaslighting me at every opportunity, until eventually it got to the point that he had worn me down so much that any wrong thing he did resulted in me being thoroughly convinced it was my fault entirely. For years I fought for the love I thought he should give me. I begged for it on my knees basically. But he somehow always convinced me that he did love me and I simply was expecting too much. To anyone else looking in on us, you'd think I had absolutely no backbone at this point because I constantly was visibly miserable and constantly hurting due to him.

    ( Continued in the comments bc if I typed much more, it'll remove my comment thinking it's spam lol )

  19. I don’t even think Danielle is upset over the fact she dipped out. She’s upset over the fact she divorced her husband so he could marry someone else and it didn’t work out. She’s not crying for bert she’s crying for herself


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