World Leaders react to Queen Elizabeth’s Death | By Prashant Dhawan

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World Leaders react to Queen Elizabeth’s Death | By Prashant Dhawan

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Comment (4,241)

  1. Queen ke sath pura biriten brittisher chor big thief hen…. Chor he sale…. India ko long time pareshan kiya or loota luta india ko…. Or aaj bolte hen britisher jayada ache jab ki true ye hen ki duniya ke sabse bade chor britisher hin hen

  2. Sir rone vle normal log bevkuf log hai
    😂😂 pm me bola tha na gulami ki nishaniyan

    PM India ke profit aur foreign policy ke liye formality kiye krna hi tha so other leaders to

    Celebrating Vikram Batra's birthday anniversary

  3. Personally I have nothing to say after watching this news why shall we feel bad for those who had tortured/killed our Grand parents and looted a worth of$47 TRILLION DOLLAR from OUR COUNTRY 🇮🇳made us poor.still As an Indian I will say RIP.

  4. In Medivial period and ancient period there were many wars…So kings could die in battle field or bcoz of wounds they in battle field..But post 1947 world saw less wars…. Especially UK..

  5. भारत मे जहाज से गुलामी चिन्ह हटा ,राजपथ का ना नाम हटा क्या ये सब अभी होना था 😂चलो जाने दो किसी की माँ मरी है

  6. Are bhai Haarami Rani Mar Gayi… India mai MODI or Pura Desh 13 din tak Khana Nahi kahayega … India ka Flag 40 din tak Jhuka Rahega Saath Mai MODI bhi ek Vishes Mudra Mai … Anpe Ang Vishes ko Upper Utha kar Anjarejo se Bolega "Jahapana Aap Great Ho… Toufa Kabul karo…".. HaHa Ha

  7. While everyone is Contempting monarchy in every corner in earth like Russia, china, north Korea, afghanistan, etc. But no one is Contempting UK 🇬🇧 for monarchy even bhartiya and youtubers like you, you all even use prefix in that monarch name

  8. Sorry but I don't feel sad for someone who took part in killing of my people (Indians) and stealing all of our wealth and leaving my people to die. I hope she burn in hell with all of her ancestors for what they put us through.

  9. As a indian I'm not shock because the britain invade India in 1770 and ruled hundreds of years and looted 40 to 50 trillion and gold diamond also killed millions of people by the order of queen now I can sleep peacefully i want to see Kohinoor back in India colonizers have no respect from me the queen order to killed all the freedom fighters of india 😡💀

  10. Even after calling all importers and exporters to have Rupee settlement by the government , no country came forward to have Rupee settlement agreement Vostro, since Rupee has not settled it's real value internationally and there is no guarantee that that the rupee remain at its present value.RBI is only selling USD to correct the fall of rupee against USD then how can Rupee could settle to have Vostro settlement.

  11. Her death doesn't make me feel upset or anything, the only reason she was able to reign so long, it's because this is modern era, ugh my only wish to get our Kohinoor back

  12. We really don’t care who she is- she’s a queen in her country but for us she’s a looter who killed many innocents, looted India and made many more countries as colony or retained as is and she lived on tax payers money. So she’s gone and dusted.

  13. मोदी एक नौटंकी बज है, क्यामरे के सामने इस एक्टिंग को अब और बर्दास्त नहीं होता।।मोदी हटाओ देश बचाओ ।


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