World Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua gets fight-ready with bespoke Range Rover SVAutobiography

Perfect preparation is in the details. World heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua gets fight ready with a bespoke Range Rover SVAutobiography long-wheelbase, designed to his precise specifications to aid the journey to his next title defence. Design yours:

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  1. Love AJ💪🏽 but disagree with him about fury having two good fights ?!

    1. Fury beat Chisora first fight when he was undefeated
    2. Fury beat him in the rematch when Chisora was in form and fighting the likes of vitali and Haye despite losing them fights
    3. Beats undefeated Klitschko (Aj fought a 2year out the ring version)
    4. Wilder first fight – no where near ready and wasn’t in great shape and still beat him easily
    5. Wilder rematch – destroys him

    – About to have a 3rd right now…

    That’s 5 top fights and let’s not forget Fury has never been that active due to depression, opponents pulling out etc.

    Anyway… AJ v Fury is the fight I want to see.🔥🙏🏽

  2. Just say you want a custom range allow waffling to the fans u gonna use the range to win the next bout. Empty speeches like that got him clapped by andy the last time aswell.

  3. Do not let all these details at all aspects of fame distract you from your boxing career!!!! some boxers get wrapped up on it and start to fail at there real Hustle!! much Respect to you A.J. love your personality!! but yes that was nice of R.Rover company to do for you!!


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