World Cup REACTION! Gab Marcotti & Julien Laurens break down the draw! | ESPN FC

Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens react to the FIFA World Cup 2022 UEFA play-off draw, that saw a potential face-off between Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal vs. European champions Italy. Also, there could be a ‘Battle of Britain’ between Scotland and Wales.

0:00 Gab puts the conspiracy theories around the draw to bed.
1:28 Path A – Scotland vs. Ukraine, Wales vs. Austria
4:02 Path B – Russia vs. Poland, Sweden vs. Czech Republic
8:17 Path C – Italy vs. North Macedonia, Portugal vs. Turkey
13:33 Predictions

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Comment (54)

  1. Bring back Platini to rig the world cup. We want Ronaldo & Italy in the World cup! In all seriousness good luck to all teams & players in the play-off it is a huge honor to rep your country on this stage

  2. 😜😜😜penaldo in a group of part time electricians and plumbers now facing play offs and getting kicked out with suoer portugal team Bernardo Ruben bruno Renato concelo

  3. This game is going to be less like a football match and more like a gladiator-style fight to the death. It really is a disaster for both nations that this has happened really. But absolutely unmissable stuff for a neutral that’s for sure.

  4. I honestly thought that both Italy and Portugal would have been kept apart so one of them will definitely not be making the WC so a WC without Italy or Ronaldo is in store which would be an absolute shame.


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