Woman Allegedly Rams Cop Car, Hits Pedestrians and Crashes Into Yard During Police Chase

An Oklahoma woman allegedly rammed into a police vehicle, hit a pedestrian and crashed through a fence into someone’s yard during a pursuit on July 12. The Broken Arrow Police Department said 36-year-old Courtney Rae Jordan allegedly fled after being confronted by officers about a reported hit-and-run. Authorities say the pursuit ended when Jordan allegedly crashed into a fence after she collided with several vehicles at an intersection.

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Comment (2,051)

  1. We will see if the prosecutors and judge have the balls to honor justice and put this woman in prison for the number of years that any man would have done for these crimes.
    If there is true equality of the sexes then she will spend several years in prison! Otherwise, the balance of justice is not even remotely balanced.

  2. So… What happened? lol Watched the whole video and all I got out of it was she was trapped, guy got in his car for some reason and then she's free – next thing you know she's crashed and they get her. And then the cop is just joking and laughing like everything is fine – did she hit a pedestrian? Are they even okay? Is that why she ran, she thought she killed someone and was just doing anything to get away to report her car stolen and claim it wasn't her or something? Video doesn't really tell much of a story.

  3. They should have shot her before she had the chance to hurt these people. Even if she didn't kill them, they didn't deserve to get injured by her. It's like the allowed an active shooter to run.

  4. a serious question. If someone doesn't stop despite being asked to do so at such low speeds, why shouldn't you put a bullet in their 4 tires or the hood?

  5. At least she is alive because other types of people have been killed for a lot less than this by officers and the pride of her knowing she has status for obvious reasons is displayed.

    After she hits people and cops cars and the officers are still nice to hear.

  6. There is only selective, tailored, subjective justice in America. If she was the right complexion, she would have been perforated with hollow points. No matter. Babylon is 🌠 Falling🔥💀🔥🔥💀

  7. She is a law professor and assistant Oklahoma Attorney General? Wow……!maybe she can blame political opponents for her actions and behavior….everyone else seems to…

  8. What I don't understand is they had her closed off why did they move vehicles out the way so they can give chase and cause more damage elsewhere. cops were more worried about their vehicles then citizens getting harmed due to a chase.

  9. So tired of this. If u refuse to stop and listen and are a danger to people u should be put down immediately. U forfeit all rights as a person when u act this way. Period!!!!


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