Woj updates when LeBron James will return to Lakers lineup | NBA Today

Malika Andrews is joined by Adrian Wojnarowski on NBA Today to discuss the latest surrounding LeBron James entering the NBA’s health and safety protocols.

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Comment (127)

  1. Lmao who cares when he returns. He's no more of an Asset to his team than anyone else and they would have lost to the Kings or gone to another 3 overtimes in order to win if he was in the lineup

  2. Beyond the Clippers' 7-game winning streak beating mostly bad teams, they are only 4-10 beyond that. Clippers at times would look like the WORST team in the league. No true point guard to create offense for others.

  3. As long as the Lakers don't win the championship, I'm okay. But Skip Bayless keeps talking about the Lakers even over the Suns and Warriors. Skip wants to trash the Lakers but then still wants to give them advice. Huh?

  4. Oh, wow…Who knew using Dwight more than DJ would really help? You don't need to be a genius to figure that out. But Skip would cover the Lakers more because LeBum is on the team. Without him, the media won't care.

  5. LeBron is only interesting to Skip and the rest of the media because they keep talking about him. He really doesn't have much charisma. LeBron isn't any more popular than MJ, Kobe, Steph, or Iverson. But call him your goat. 🤣

  6. My 2nd favorite player of all-time is either Penny or DWade. As much as I do mock LeBum, we would probably be good friends in real life since we grew up watching the same stuff like MJ, Penny, Fresh Prince, and Martin.

  7. I think DWade might be my 2nd favorite only because Penny only had 4 good years. I had more memories with DWade. But nobody touches MJ. He is far and away my favorite athlete of all-time. Second is Mike Tyson.

  8. It wasn't like 2014-2018 was 30 years ago. I remember when the Lakers sucked. The media didn't cover them. Kobe tore his Achilles and then rotary cuff. His last 3 seasons were very forgettable except his finale.

  9. I was a LeBron fan for a solid decade. I'd watch his high school highlight clips downloading from Kazaa or Morpheus with Quicktime, WMV, or whatever format we had before. Years before we had YouTube.

  10. It's weird to hear LeShannon say he was a Kobe fan before and not for LeBron. He told this on All The Smoke. While I was reverse 15 years ago. I absolutely hated Kobe because he aped Jordan. Called him a biter. And he was a Laker.

  11. As we get older, feelings change. Our favorites change. I never cared for GameCube before and hated Samsung for years. Now I like them both. I was a LeBron fan and Kobe hater a decade ago and now its reversed.

  12. LeBron no longer Prime LBJ 😱😭😱
    Even though LeBron return soon 🥵
    Lakers will continue losing if they don't TRADE Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis.

    Lakers need CP3 and Giannis Antetokounmpo


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