‘Wobbly’ tire scam caught on camera

Dash cam video captures man claiming to be mechanic in ‘wobbly’ tire scam in Houston, Texas. See how it happens.

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  1. you really that stupid by 87 year old mother wouldn't Paul for that stupid at thanks cuz she knew if who will without bad it would have wobbled like hell man you just stupid you didn't get played you just stupid take care of your tools because they would take care of you be kind to each other and be kind to yourself and good luck everybody and

  2. Maybe if this guy would have taken a break from video games in his parents’ basement, he might actually have a little mechanical common sense!

  3. I am amazed that someone can be that stupid, and get played like that."I feel like I got played man" yeah you got played cause your an idiot!!

  4. This exact guy almost scammed me yesterday off Scott St. Literally used a lighter to light my brakes on fire to sell his story even more while I was in drivers seat he gave me directions to press on the brakes.Told him to leave and called the cops

  5. this dude is an idiot…..im frugal as fuck. i would have been like well i dont have 400 so thanks for the free part CAUSE I DIDNT SIGN NO CONTRACT. i watch judge judy, i dont play.

  6. If your wheel is shaking you will know it. Nobody will have to tell you. Also if something has fallen off your wheel you will know that also really quick. Not to mention there's anything that can fall off of your drive-train and the car will still be drive-able. But there are people out there that don't know that and sadly they get ripped off. I actually feel sorry for the guy that got taken. .

  7. You can feel a wobbly tire when driving. And no tools? That alone should've sent up red flags. You did watch him from your car? $400? Get on YouTube and watch the many ways scammers rip people off, steal their vehicles, grab purses off the front seats. It's all there. Note: Always do a walk around your vehicle for anything suspicious before unlocking the door.

  8. "I didn't see him do anything to my car but I gave him money" the fuck is wrong with you, this is why mechanics are lazy, they can say they rebuilt your entire car in 2 seconds and people will pay them thousands of dollars for taking a piss in the gas tank

  9. 2 days ago I saw a vehicle on the freeway with a broken shock. I wanted to yell out and warn the driver, but they exited and I was in the wrong lane to follow. They'll probably never know. Years ago I tried to tell a woman that her tire was nearly flat, but she thought I was a bad guy and refused to listen. There's no question that she had a blowout soon after. She'll remember that next time someone tries to get her attention. Point is, it's not always a scam if someone tries to tell you something is wrong with your vehicle.

  10. Someone told you that your car was "wobbly" and you believed them? And then you drove to an ATM and withdrew $400 cash to give them? Really?! People like you almost deserve to lose money!

  11. $400 for a "wobbly tire" fix?! And you said you didn't see him use the tools wtf. Sorry but this one's on you buddy. So many clues telling you it's a scam and you ignored all of them

  12. It's absolutely impossible to feel sorry for this guy.
    What kind of a moron ignores all the red flags like the guy having a specific part for his make, model and year that will fix the specific issue that he can't feel while he's driving but the guy with the exact part says he has, because the guy has kids in his truck, and to him, people with kids in their vehicles are strait shooter?

    If you're that big of an idiot, you should never leave your house.

  13. I can tell anybody right now with personal experience, if something on your vehicle is broken.. a part that a guy pulls up with ain't gonna fix it.

    Also, just about every part on your vehicle requires tools to remove, unless it's plastic paneling. Even then though you'd want a removal kit..

    P.s. if your tire was wobbling, you'd know if it was.. your car would shake more than an old washing machine on spin cycle.

  14. Yea, that couldn’t happen to me or anyone else who knows his cars and I especially wouldn’t let some dude start messing with my wheels or tyres.
    It really does pay to educate yourself or pay attention to someone you can definitely trust.


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