Wiz Khalifa- STU (Video)

dir. by Greg Neiser

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  1. Damn I almost forgot about this jam here , takes me back to the good old days on my way to school early morning riding down Figueroa on the 81 . Lol good times 🤙🏾 STU !!

  2. Dancing machine on locust street bout to turn it up in 7days lords willing off this just watch make over a hundred or better ahhhhhhhhh keep going hard motivating young brothers like me

  3. weh love that line club owners let us smoke u gotta be kiddin me my parents didnt let me when i was a kid they shudda cus i sold all there jewlery on them pretty much all there nice stuff. even a ring for me by accident

  4. my dad even walked in on me years ago listenin to this song getting high with a pop can and he took it from me lol. i just took it back all he did was put it on the counter upstairs lol

  5. Almost ten years ago me and my guy was high af and laughed at this vid. Bc he's so turnt up but didn't stand up once. We luv it tho


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