Wiz Khalifa- Dont Lie (Freestyle)

dir. by @billpaladino

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  1. Idgaf what anyone says wiz been in the game killing shit his way and he still bossing up and still grinding it in the studio, the wiz earned top rapper in my eyes, he still out here killing your favorite rappers

  2. They say I smoke too much
    I say you can't smoke enough in this bitch

    OG kush in my eyelids, high as fuck I'm like wireless
    Ain't playing a game, I'm not childish
    Taylor gang we the wildest, taking shots like I'm Irish
    Going to shop for that fly shit, if it's private I'm flying it
    If I like it, I'm buying it, if its foreign, I'm drivin' it
    If it's potent, I'm smoking it
    That 69 interior look sexy as hell when you open it
    If that kush good, I might roll a bit, wife happy I'm stroking it
    Cover of the source cause my ownership, hating niggas like holy shit
    Club promoters like fly him out, die hard fans like pay the man
    150k for a show, I rub my hands like Birdman
    Ripping jeans and taking drags, popping tags and making swag
    On the internet everyday and you fuck niggas still make us laugh
    I ain't really one to talk shit, but the shit I buy just make us brag
    Clothes small but my money long
    With my gold tooth and my nappy head
    Before you see, you thinking that's a seat
    But a nigga like me treat it like a bed
    Wake me up when it's time to eat, only nigga in first class

    I say fuck you unless I'm with you
    Though I will probably never diss
    You want me to roll and smoke with you
    Don't lie (Don't lie)
    I say fuck them other niggas
    Man, I'm down for all my niggas, 'cause they down to ride
    Lil nigga say word
    You ain't ever smoke no fire, you ain't never smoke no fire
    Lil nigga, tell the truth
    You ain't ever smoke no fire, you ain't ever smoke no fire
    Lil nigga, tell the truth
    You ain't ever smoke no fire, nigga you a goddamn liar

  3. Wake N Bake 2021
    Gettin high AF
    Ppl suck
    Makin cash
    Livin fast
    On that Gas
    Smoke some hash
    Put them on blast

    Oh yeah thies trees got weight
    Move it a different state
    We Get that cake baby

  4. this is where wiz peaked, really couldnt top this. he set the bar too high for himself between this joint and "california". there were a few more that came close but really from ONIFC on he never came close. I think he realized the radio/movie hits pay better and he doesnt have to tour as much so he can spend time raising his kid. nothing wrong with that, this will live forever

  5. When this came out when i was 13 me and my boys would play this on repeat over n over tryna find weed 😂 Not many people sold to 13 yr olds tho lmao besides younger highschoolers

  6. 2021, randomly thought of this freestyle and bed rest, tbh thats how i got into wiz and realized he is pretty legit, been a fan since, also thank you jesse, for putting me on 🙂


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