William and Kate on the Procession Route – The Royal Wedding – BBC

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 馃憠 https://bbc.in/iPlayer-Home http://www.bbc.co.uk/royalwedding Prince William and Kate Middleton leave Westminster Abbey having been pronounced man and wife, amid cheers from thousands of well-wishers lining the procession route. The open-topped 1902 State Landau carriage was used by Prince William’s parents for their wedding in 1981.

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  1. @velcroboy60000 Nope – most shops only shut for the morning & small companies worked as usual. We did not waste the day round the TV or dance in the streets but did important things like wash cars, cut grass & clear out garages. Schools have 5 "spare" holiday days to take any time in the year so they used one of those. I only saw two houses in out street of 70+ houses with flags out & they were the only 2 that I saw anywhere.

  2. @velcroboy60000 Cost? Compared to the $150 million spent on your Presidents inauguration it was a bargain. Apart from informing you few of us have the need,occasion or inclination to bow down to anyone the rest of your comment is too cheap & vulgar to require comment.

  3. @tobascocat1
    terrorists!lol…that was the most funny….com…..cause they make you believe that terrorists exist…and if they are..your UK and america are rissponisble for that!so later they gonna make you love monarchy …in a slow roll u lose your freedom…with different ways…noo..to spend 5.000.000 for them…doesnt make me happy and calm mate!the thing that gonna make me happy..is to stop sell our lifes for money and oil 馃檪

  4. Hiring Westminster Abbey = 拢2m, Dress = 拢600k, Tiara = 拢1m, Beckham appearance fee = $100k. Realising you鈥檝e married wrong sister… priceless..! 馃榾

  5. @tobascocat1
    no! i am very happy in my life,i have good job,handsome and kind bf,good parents and friends….
    but…dont be sorry for me….
    i am sorry for you,cause you live in a little fake world….:)

  6. @MsQuince Oh it's a real world but it was a nice break watching this. Then we get back into the grind of everyday life. If you can't move on then good luck with your life.

  7. @1opperc … yeah I'll challenge you Opey. You had better start making arrangements for your last supper.
    Some quarter pounders, some fried chicken and some doughnuts. All washed down by a gallon of sodi pop.
    That should give you enough strength to fart your way off the couch and put on your black belt uniform. When you're ready just let me know.

  8. She is the prettiest and possibly smartest princess i've seen so far besides Princess Diana. And it seems they balance each other out, he's so into her and so is she.

  9. I hope the Royal Family has finally learned a lesson. Hopefully they will not chew Catherine up and spit her out like they did to Diana and Sarah. Best Wishes from the USA!

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  11. IIt has been just about a month since the Royal Wedding. Even so, looking back again at the video the BBC coverage was top notch!

  12. @Ldvsion
    Well,beacause William's parents broke up,that doesn't mean he and Kate will do,too.
    Their parents used to go out only for 6 months and that silly Charles didn't love Diana.
    With these two it's not like that.They have been dating more than nine years,they have practised enough and their bond is based on love.
    They both seem very happy together.They won't break up 馃槈
    No matter if you wish so 馃槈
    They won't

  13. You know what's really quirky on the now Cancelled US Soap Opera Guiding Light, there was a Marriage between two characters named Danny & Michelle (Guiding Light Manny #13), and he says to her "You Look Beautiful"

  14. I kinda hate Prince Charles coz of Princess Diana. I was a child when I saw their wedding. It was so beautiful. And for me Princess Diana is the most beautiful bride I've ever seen. I'm just a child, and for me it's like a fairy tale. God rest her soul. My favorite Royal couples were Prince Albert and Queen Victoria. Let's see what will happen with these too. Best wishes.

  15. @22Attard22 When our gov't made the claim*
    When someone told me they killed someone and threw the body in a large body of water while refusing to give real pictures of the dead body, even in the arms of a soldier or something, I have a bad habit of not believing it.

  16. @rhinnawi95 yeah thats because your just one of those Americans who has his/her mind set that the U.S. government lies and brain washes the American people am i right? Do you also believe the government was behind 9/11?

  17. @1opperc Wow calm the fuck down. No need for nasty comments. you didnt have to go on to you tube and watch this. jeeze. PS im not american so dont chew into me for being one

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    jeddah city 1938

    Alert : church in ancient Arabian peninsula vulnerable to demolition and removal Please Help us to protect because it is a masterpiece of ancient us

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  19. gotta love our monarchy 馃檪 during hard times they always provide beam of optimism and patriotism to our country and the commonwealth…
    Besides, in this age of globalization, our monarchy is the only national institution that is defiantly and unashamedly British…
    Diana surely is proud to see her eldest son marry the love of his life after 8 years of pursuit ^_^

  20. @TejasM14 Well I happen to think that a celebration of love isn't shallow. Nor do I feel that those who enjoy watching this are shallow. By all means, feel however you feel. And here is the end of my discourse.

  21. To put it in context, each British citizen pays a very small amount of tax to 'support' the Royal Family (approx 65p per person annually). They actually generate far more from their estates and through tourism (London is the no.1 most visited city in the world).
    But why go looking for a video featuring people you apparently don't even like?

  22. Yeah because that 60p I paid to the royal family of my taxes is really dragging me into poverty…LOL

    We have a system of government that has worked well for over a thousand years, we are not going to change it just because it would save us less than a pound per year, dummy.

  23. The royal palaces, estates etc are what generate the money from tourism. That tourist industry creates jobs for thousands of people. Renting the palaces out to whoever could afford them would not generate anywhere near the same amount. And if people want to come to the UK and view the estates and palaces that's their money, their choice. What other people choose to do is no concern of yours. Why are you even here if you don't give a fuck?

  24. Of course the IDEA of a monarchy is wrong but this monarchy has no power anymore. It is there purely for as a cash cow. If it didn't make money and provide thousands of jobs across the country it would be gone by now. But what you find disgusting is your problem. You choosing to deal with that problem by trolling around for people who don't agree with you just to bash them says more about you than it does about them.

  25. dr1345–How can you view this video and state that the whole world has rejected the monarchy? Your statement flies in the face of reality and what you are seeing before you. There is no right or wrong to the British monarchy. It came into being long before you did and will remain so far after you have left this world. My guess is that bothers you for some illogical, irrational reason.

  26. The reason why tourist come to Britain specifically is royalty. We don't have the weather or a international reputation for cuisine or sunny weather like Spain or France. But we have a rich heritage, rich tradditions and a huge world interest fascination with our royalty especially amongst the English speaking world.

  27. They sure had to get the weather forecast right. Good thing it wasn't raining. Bahaha Imagine a carriage in the 21st century. Let us get real.That is the real Britain. Delusional…


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