Will organic revolution boost farming in India? – BBC News

In 2016, Sikkim, a small state in India’s northeast, was declared the country’s first fully organic state. Since then, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has been trying to promote chemical-free farming across the country.

It’s been nearly half a century since the “Green Revolution” introduced modern farming techniques that included the use of pesticides, to make India a self-sufficient food producer.

So will Sikkim’s organic revolution be able to reinvent agriculture once again across India?

Reporter: Yogita Limaye; Producer: Pooja Aggarwal; Filmed and edited by Vishnu Vardhan

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  1. Wow!!! Awesome. And Monsanto/Bayer hasn't sued them yet? Please stay up on this story and keep us posted on the progress of going organic in this area of India.

  2. Wonderful! How about some numbers? How much chemicals were used before at what cost? How much revenue the farmers were earning then? How much farmers are earning now? Most importantly, how have their lives gotten better? E.g., their children getting better education? Just curious.

  3. Organic farming currently is reserved only for rich people or naturally rich areas. The ground reality is very different. Only because of "evil" Agro companies people have food on their plate.

  4. Whatt ?? Positive news on India ?? I thought BBC is changed but my faith restored in West when I saw some Comments 😊

    Proud of you Westners 😅 , don't forget to cover Rajasthan's solar park by saying it is waste of Money 😙 🤘 🤘

  5. I have visited the state twice and I loved it. I am also planning to get e piece of land for myself in lease for myself. Hope to start organic farming/aquaponics very soon. Loved its serenity and clean environments.

  6. strike at the heart of the problem. End pesticides from being manufactured and sold in the first place. It's the only viable solution. Other wise it's just a band aid on a much larger wound.. wake up

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