Why So Many Airport Runways Cross the US-Canada Border

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Video written by Ben Doyle

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  1. I've been to the International Peace Garden and when looking at the map, I wondered why the airport was doing that. Thanks for the answer! Also, rather ironic they did this at a place called the "International Peace Garden" (although the international peace being referenced is that between the US and Canada, the point still stands).

  2. In case you didn't catch it, Roosevelt and the Democrats were HUGE "war hawks". Dems love getting involved in overseas conflict. Polk, Wilson, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Obama, Biden all love overseas wars. The "neutrality act" was written just to create loopholes to allow Roosevelt to profit from selling arms to the British.

    When Germany "declared war" on the US, it was not so much a declaration of war as much as an acknowledgement that Roosevelt had unofficially declared war on Germany.

  3. So basically how Cory moved peoples' lawn furniture to the curb, and then Ricky picked it up in his trailer? Nothing illegal about that 😃

  4. At the 41 second mark I tried to read aloud what the back bacon loving Maple-heads were saying about the greatest country evah, and when I read "isolationism and pacifism", I kept fluffing the word pacifism. I said "pathophism", "pfifirzism", and "paffsasserzism". I think I discovered a new drinking game. You're welcome.

  5. The scummy thing you’ve ever done was advertised “save the children” you would think this man would of done his research before advertising a 100% scam
    , unfollowing right now.

  6. Ukraine is infested with nazis, there’s media going back a year+ talking about it. It’s sad you used that as a Segway , unsubbed. It’s Russians fight European nazi influence and it’s sad you used supposed refugees for money sad sad

  7. The Canadian government calling Americans stupid is very much in line with our culture. :v Like literally Canadian culture is just "we're not American" and "somehow that makes us superior". Still haven't figured out how, of course.

  8. lol really chugging the american regime's propaganda on this one. america didn't really care that hitler or anyone was a nazi (look up operation paperclip) they just wanted to join the winning team and take credit. stalin and the red army actually defeated the nazis.

  9. 0:41 Well that's a bit hypocritical because cases could just as easily be made that it actually started in '37 when Japan attacked China, OR that it started on June 28th 1914, since WWII was just a continuation of WW1 with the Treaty of Versailles doing nothing but creating an artificial cease-fire that ultimately lead to hostilities restarting due to way too much punishment and reparations being shoveled onto Germany for WW1. The fact of the matter is, it started at different times for different countries, so it's no more stupid to say it started, from an American perspective, on Dec 7th 1941, as it would be to say that, from a Chinese perspective, it started in 1937, or 1914 from a German perspective.

  10. This totally explains the jewish holocaust. The nazis robbed the jews they relocated. Taking their bankbooks from them as they entered the camps. This is how swiss bank ended up with them which they shredded in the 2010s. It also shows why they killed them. So they had no chance of going to the bank and asking for their cash back.

  11. 0:11 I flew out from Newark after being exhausted from a school trip on dc and New York. The flight got delayed by 3 hours and we flew out at 3 in the morning, I arrived at home in the morning and got no sleep. On top of that, school started tomorrow. So yeah, I never went to Newark ever again and I 100% agree Newark sucks.

  12. Oh no, China is going to take the role of the United States in WW3. And China is too busy killing their own people to get involved right now.

  13. Lol Canadians… That’s like saying “Many Europeans still believe WWII started in 1939!!” Even though Hitler started annexing actions long before that, Italy(an Axis power) invaded Ethiopia in 1936 and WWII in asia started in 1937… It’s all about perspective…

  14. Would have been cheaper just to fly the planes to Europe and then just say "no we didn't". And then if anyone questioned it pass a law saying that all actions are excluded so long as they are followed by "no we didn't".

  15. I'm amazed that you are falling for this whole "feel bad for poor Ukraine" bullshit. Just like with everything else Biden has done it's complete bullshit. Everything; masks, lockdowns, economy, jobs, border, international relations, public health, racisim, crime ALL OF IT shit because of Biden and his policies. The media just as with everything else covers for him by absolutely lying, so bad that you can pretty much be certain that whatever they claim the truth is the complete opposite. Ukraine is the corrupt majority of our governments money laundering epicenter, they create "aid" packages then Ukraine pays back the politicians very handsomely. Biden NEEDED this "war" to distract from his epic failures that had no where else to hide. Wake up, quit believing your abusers.

  16. We can't really agree when WO II started. It all depends on perspective, in China they might say 1937 when Japan invaded them. Here in Europe we say 1939 when Hitler invaded Poland so for Americans I can understand they say 1941.

  17. Says "England" but displays the UK flag and means the UK several times…yes the home nation viewers aren't going to like this!

  18. Informative and entertaining video as always, but please don't refer to the United Kingdom as 'England', especially when displaying the Union Jack. It's like referring to the Netherlands as 'Holland'.

  19. The government (rich and connected) will do whatever they want anyway. Has always been the case. Its actually where the idea that its pointless to vote came from. Want to stay out of wars on distant continents? Pointless!

  20. Suporting oppressors doesn't help anybody
    Take a history lesson
    It is repeating our should I rather say
    It is 81 years since it never finished
    Now instead of polish people being slaughtered, it is Russian people
    Check where one of first, if not first Russian made explosion have took place after 24th February 2022, as this is crucial piece of information you clearly lack
    It was a dam on canal delivering water to Crimea, which have decided 94% or 95% decided to be in Russia, so Ukrainians have cut water supply to Crimea
    This is very humanitarian to cut water from people (basic human right)
    But it such huge crime to give back people water
    Get a grip

  21. Just FYI, that’s the British flag, not the English one. The United Kingdom is not just England, and the UK was fighting the war not just England.

  22. I just don't get it. If you're going to loophole it, then just commit. This is such a childish schoolyard way to deliver planes. I get that the government wants to be able to deny they were helping, but they were so overwhelmingly clearly helping. They put hurdles in their own path for no legitimate reason.

    This is how you end up with radicals. People call out the government for what they are so clearly doing, then the government denies everything. The media runs a smear campaign to make the people look crazy. Some people end up in jail for going to extreme measures to expose the lies. Then a year or two later stories start slipping out that maybe these stories have some truth, but at this point no one cares, about the story or the crazies who tried to expose it.

    I'm happy that we didn't, and still don't, like the nazi's, but stop BSing and just come out and say it. Provide planes/weapons to the allies to fight Hitler, and provide planes/weapons to Ukraine to fight Putin. Dancing around the issue does nothing to actually fix the issue and ultimately leaves more to suffer. Let's do this convoluted shit and watch as people die….. or let's stop being stupid and get it done.


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