Why Russia is Fighting Japan Over These Islands

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  1. Territorial disputes will ultimately get settled japan said. they get a say on russian sanctions being lifted, contingent on return of japanese islands which russians occupy. So its all good, russia doesnt want to return the islands, japan veto's sanctions being lifted on russia. Also Japan said ok to american nukes being deployed on japanese territory now.

  2. In 2002; The USA Annex Iraq.. no one batted an eyelid

    Actually, since 1945, the American government has been involved in overthrowing more than 50 foreign governments, often including Bloodshed in the tens of Thousands. The USA is responsible for the deaths of over 5 million people since 1945.

    You’ll have to excuse me in NOT GIVING A FUCK!!!

  3. Goddamn what a sh*t storm…

    I hate to say this, but I think Russia's case to the islands is stronger. Clearly land disputes over resources are something that will never go away.

  4. Russia first signed a pact with the Nazis in Germany, and it took Germany to invade Russia for Stalin to realize that the Nazis were a enemy.

    Russia never bothered to touch Japan throughout the entire war until Japan was already basically defeated by the USA, which shows you just what type of ally Russia really is. Unreliable. An opportunistic weasel. They deserve no respect.

  5. This is like asking who legally owns north America. The conquering whites who committed genocide and war upon the natives.

    Or the natives who lives in America for thousands of years. And almost whipped out by the whites. Through war, disease and genocide.

  6. Make a video on the territorial disputes between Japan and the United States. Currently the United States army controls the Japanese islands of Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu.

    They have done so for nearly one hundred years. After dropping two bombs that murderd 200 000 innocent people. Make a video about that you NATO plant.

  7. Russia's territories are up for grabs, everyone! We saw in Ukraine that their weak and pathetic military will not be able to defend from invaders who want to seize their lands. It would be nice to have their industrial complexes as overseas territories or as colonies.

  8. Throughout history from the times of Muscovy to the Tsars to the Soviet Union, Russia's appetite for expansion render it at war with so many powers in Eurasia. Russia is really one of the most warlike countries on Earth.

  9. If japan is serious and wanted to “nut up” it seems that now would be their moment. Russia doesn’t have the resources to fight on another front.

  10. Russia has no right to the islands, what they have done in Ukraine proves they are just evil terrorists who take what they want by force. I understand Japan in World War 2 was no better but Russia is far worse!

  11. Tokyo should send a Nuclear powered Gundam to Kuril Islands, that would be a quick win.
    USA has shock and awe, Japan should have Shock in Awesomeness!
    Of course, making the actual fighting Gundam would take a few years.

  12. Imagine if Sakhalin oil fields were known to the Japanese during WW2, the Japanese might not fight on so many fronts and instead focus their entire military machine on the Soviets, forcing the USSR to fight a two front war and thus alleviates the pressure on the Eastern Front of Nazi Germany.

  13. LOL.. this is a similar situation to ukraine.. Russia won those after WW2 and since Japan has US bases on it of course Russia doesn't want these islands in Japanese/US hands because of the US nuclear threat to Russia… of course Russia won't give them to Japan and rightfully so.

  14. i have assessed the situation and realised the best thing to do is for us Aussies to take the islands off your hands. we will begin by transporting heaps of emus and kangaroos there.

  15. simply, from a military perspective with Moscow cozying to China, anything other than Japan's control over those close islands is untenable
    the settlers should be offered dual citizenship, if they wish to remain,
    Japan's legal argument is quite sound, clearly Russia cheated and forward settled….

  16. Global Warming's going to make a strait available in Sakhalin as not only there's less ice, the sea level will rise too making the corridor to the pacific deep enough for underwater travel too. Wonder if Russia loses&Ukraine wins, will Ukraine have any jurisdiction to give away those islands as part of peace concessions for Japan's support against Russia.

  17. According to the map at the beginning, it looks like Russian Sea level is rising and flooding Ukraine, along with some kind of fish marked with the Russian flag. I wonder why blue isn't used for country colors more often.

  18. This is probably gonna be a dumb comment, but I just realized one of these islands is used as the villains base in the latest James Bond movie

  19. Japan's claims are WAY more legally compelling. Their claim is that they owned the islands according to binding diplomatic documents for decades. Russia's claim is literally "we took them from you during a war and moved our people there, so now we own it." Obviously Japan should have the islands returned to them and be free to repopulate the islands with their own people. Just another example of how Russia never changes…

  20. imagine making legal arguments after your nation commited crimes that were a solid attempt at emulating what the nazis did, even with their own experiments on prisoners

  21. It's not. The fight of the WWII is long over.
    It's the revanchist Japan that capitulated, but can't get over it.

    And no, Russia does NOT have territorial disputes with "MANY, MANY of its neighbors". Sadly.
    In fact, it shrunk on her own will and gave up all its core historical and other territories, without claiming them back under the governments of national traitors Yeltsin, Medvedev and Putin.
    Thus, vast ocean domains in the Arctic region were just given to the United States and Norway, and land territories were given away to China, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and the Kuril islands were constantly offered to Japan since Gorbachov.
    In fact, it's the NATO-invaded neighbors of Russia and NATO client regimes that are incited to come up with ridiculous aggressive territorial claims towards Russia, including the fascist regimes of the Baltic countries, Ukraine and Poland. Thus, the Ukrainian Nazis always trolled and pranked Russia by claiming the Kuban, Belgorod, Kursk, Bryansk regions of Russia, on top of regions in Belorussia. Although Ukraine itself is comprised of the historical Russian lands just assigned to Ukraine under USSR, while the central Ukraine itself is the core historical Russian territory, Kiev being the "mother of Russian cities". Polish regime recently trolled Russia by wanting the Kaliningrad region, former Königsberg of East Prussia that was briefly dependent on Poland in the most distant times. Former Swedish colonies of now Latvia and Estonia, that were bought from the Swedish crown by Peter the Great for a hefty sum, dare troll Russia by claiming parts of Novgorod and Leningrad regions based on the fact that they grabbed them in the aftermath of the Russian Empire collapse briefly, in the interwar period.

  22. Russia's constant and major geopolitical problem revolves around too much sea ice. Sea warming is the best thing that can happen to Russia.

  23. here's the thing with territorial disputes and historical claims they don't mean anything unless the country has the military power to enforce them.

  24. why do countries with vast lands take more lands from smaller countries? you already have so much. china and russia why??? you greedy countries. this world doesn’t belong to just you.

  25. I know what should happen to this land: there just should be NO ONE! If grown up mens from goverments can't come to any agreement then the right for having these islands shouldn't belong for neither of sides. Just no one i general should be allowed to step in. And only if Russia and Japan would came to an agreement only then someone could be let in there. Or lets just make these specific island a new country

  26. I think a good video idea would be if the Baltic States launched Nuclear and Non Nuclear Missiles at Belarus,it would be interesting to see what happens.

  27. Give the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin to Japan after Russia loses WW3 which they are going to start. Russia deserves to be severely punished for their constant attacks on their neighbors, it needs to lose some chunks of land like Karelia and the Kurils to learn a lesson.

  28. Jeez what the hell couldve compelled Japan to accept that second treaty give up large nearby land entirely to take up Russian cultural land and be even closer to Russian mainland and over extended from japan


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