Why is this place so weirdly big?

Hopefully that satisfies all those questions.

Song used: Central Village – King’s Field (US) OST

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  1. I'm always happy to see Bloodborne, what better game is out there except DS1 and Bloodborne, so unique and different, we need to see more of these and in the future Elden Ring

  2. Man if you had to go against Amelia in here all the complaints of the camera really getting in the way of the combat would've reach maximum limit. (Looking at you Ashina rooftop boss fights…)

  3. The road leading up to the manor is paved with corpses that have been burned and crucified. Considering it’s location, and that the building was at one point connected to Cainhurst via the stone bridge, I assumed that the bodies were the Cainhurst nobles since there aren’t any corpses of Vilebloods in Cainhurst Castle itself. Explains where the witches got all that ash with blood properties too if the bones it was made from were also vile blood in origin.

  4. I wonder if you extend the broken Cainhurst bridge, can the big witch building be some sort of gate house of Cainhurst which connects to the bridge? Since the house looks aristocratic as well.

  5. Hey Zullie can you also please review the Orphanage and the outside of Astral Clock Tower in the present? They are also both very big but we don't get to see the outsides up close. The Orphanage, for example, has billowing clouds of smoke coming out of chimneys (perhaps from cremation fires?) but we don't really get to see that when we actually get there late game.

  6. It kinda reminds me of a run down version of the spider room in mensis, plus the crying woman's statue reminds me of kos, or it may be an allegory for "every great one loses its child".
    it could be an old Pthumerian cathedral during a time Cainhurst had more power and more influence, before the arrival of the church.
    or maybe Hemwick was where the Fishing hamlet once stood, the abode was once where they would harvest slugs and phantasms, but with the arrival of Byrgenwerth, it all had been repurposed for body harvesting, which in turn influenced modern Hemwick, explaining the strange statue at the beginning with its webbed fingers, the vicinity to water, the women being the main authority and workforce, etc.

  7. Hemwick Charnel Lane is not much of an interesting place, but the design is well done. I love how you open up the gates to access a whole new open place from the narrowing view of cathedral woods. Then it leads you to the laughter of mad people dancing around the fire far below, giving you a hint about the atmosphere of the place. Also I find it neat that when you open up the shortcut gate, it makes a straight path from the Lamp to the boss room. The place is simple but has fundamentals well put.

  8. they are masters of designing very large structures that manage to not have entrances to the rest of the building. lol.
    like i dont recall there being any extra doors that were blocked off on the inside of the building.

  9. I've been playing Bloodborne again (like 3 times now, all diff builds) and one thing I'm curious about is in Upper Cathedral Ward. Specifically the window where the Wolf Beast (or Scourge Beast?) breaks in when you get close and leave. The broken window shows the ledge of the balcony where you get Make Contact, but looking at where I believe the window is shows no broken window at all. I'm also curious as to where the beast is hiding to break into the window. I know you can see the beast that hangs from the building in Old Yharnam from pretty high up (just after the crucified BSB if I'm remembering right) so I'm curious if the UCW one out of bounds or just invisible.

    If you ever get the chance to look into it, that'd be really nifty.

  10. Why are they two witch’s in the first place they should of had the bosses be called the coven of he wick and you would fight multiple witch’s obviously looking different

  11. Given how Bloodborne seemed to be wanting to have all the horror tropes thrown in it. I'm sad that we didn't get some Scooby Doo haunted house hijinks with this house as a fully fledged area.

  12. My personal theory is that this might have been designed as an old Church, if not the first Church building. It would make sense considering Amelia, and the connection between Laurence and La Piet; even more if consider their relationship with Cainhurst and all the theories about it both for the final game and pre-release.

    But well, that's a lot of ifs and assumptions…

  13. You’re genuinely such an intelligent content creator and I mean that. You seem so observant of the quirks and meaning behind everything in the soulsborne series and make really strong arguments for why everything exists in the game. Anyways, love your channel and love your curiousity

  14. I have 2 requests for Bloodborne: First is Ive been curious if the ships in Nightmare Frontier and Yharham in the FIshing Hamlet if they have models or not, I thought it was cool looking down and seeing them and was curious if From Software made actual models for them or if there are something else. Also weirdly the ship sails or flags in Nightmare Frontier kinda bug out and start spinning for some reason when I've played, idk if others got that to happen. And the second request is in the Hunter's Nightmare, before you get the Whirlygig Saw a random snail woman falls from the sky, and Im always have been curious if it actually fell from a spot that would make sense like the area where they reside, least close to the caves or in the Fishing Hamlet, or just a random spot out of bounds that From Software wouldn't think people would look into. Maybe be interesting to look into. Love your content, hope to see more crazy stuff!

  15. Hey (louder than anyone else)
    Zullie zullie zullie can you check what the building is, which we see at the end of the cutscene, when we put out the first fire (of the 3 ones in order to open the gate to abyss watchers) in farron keep in DS3? It's on top of a mountain and i seriously don't know where it could be 🥺

  16. Hey Zullie! Odd request, but recently I was invading in the Ringed City and as I spawned into the sunken church in the Swamp, for some reason the lighting of the area was more of a reddish color, making the church's roof tiles look like the roof of The Grand Archives. I don't know if this happens every time you spawn as a red summon in the ringed city, but it faded back to the more blue-ish hue in just a few seconds, so I wonder if this is some kind of effect put over swamp to make the area appear more blue-ish? It'd be cool if you could look into that since it confused me, thank you!

  17. The witch’s castle somehow reminds me of Aunt Josephine’s house in A Series of Unfortunate Events, as both her house & this boss room take place over a very large lake.

  18. As we exit the arena from where we entered we can see a beutiful view. It is theorised that because of these scenic view, the player wasn't supposed to ever enter from that way during early development. Which would make some sense to what the whole arena is too. The view reveals a lot of what is "ahead" of us. Like the swamp with the big crabs in dark souls 3

  19. The alpha map files for the abode have a balcony on the back of the building, where you would jump from to access the nightmare for the first time.

    This building used to be the starting area and act as the hub in the earliest draft of the game and it also be the area you would return to in order to reach the endgame.

  20. I can see Vicar Amelia being in there almost like it was a collective group and one of the many (amelia) turned into a beast breaking the building (could explain some of the broken parts and ceiling) but was ultimately cut due to how the beasthood was spread as it wasnt fast and spontanious is was a slow emotional tide that drowned yharnum. I love looking at the vast world and the diffrent tones fromsoftwares ideas could hold and if bloodborne was quite possibly a "helper" situation instead of hunter and your role was more to hunt to help those who could not protect themselves but was scrapped or not even thought of but none the less Thank you zuulie for this Insight

  21. Could u look at the dark root basin a little more? I was just playing and saw a hole in the rock face far across from the hydra; I wonder if it’s the same hole into new londo?

  22. I always kind of wished the boss fight necessitated us to search multiple rooms throughout the building, kind of like a simpler version of Micolash's fight. At least then the Mad Ones would feel a bit more intimidating if they could potentially corner you in close quarters.

    That said, it's always been intriguing to me how the geography of Hemwick matches up with the Fishing Hamlet's. The Witch's Abode in particular is strangely similar to the huge, fortress-like structure housing the snail women. Aside from that, I suppose Hemwick was governed by Cainhurst in a previous era, but had long since fallen into chaos… It's a neat area that I wish felt a little more like a world of its own, rather than a sidequest to acquire the Rune Workshop Tool.

  23. I always thought that with the hanging bodies this boss room was much more foreboding than the Witches deserve, being an easy fight. Knowing that Amelia was originally meant to be here, it makes sense.

  24. Zullie i dont know if you have but if you haven't are you able to see if there is anything behind the anor londo walls in the dark souls 1 dlc. Thought since they modeled the village that solaires kinda looking at, that maybe they added stuff behind the wall?

  25. This is why I like this channel. I've run through this building a million times and have never once even noticed how large it really is, nor have I ever given any thought to there being a fake second floor. I gotta play bloodborne again.


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