Why is South Korea facing a beauty backlash?

South Korea has often been described as the plastic surgery capital of the world. An estimated one in three women between the ages of 19 and 29 has gone under the knife. But a radical feminist movement is calling for an end to Korea’s impossible beauty standards.

So can Korea break its beauty obsession?

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Comment (5,052)

  1. I'm Algerian, in my country having asian looks is considered gorgeous , especially in girls , here we literally use the word Chinese or Japanese or Korean as a compliment for someone who has asian looking eyes lol my neighbor's nickname is the Chinese and he is Algerian xD

  2. the thing is if their freedom to choose comes at a cost of not getting a good husband, pay, or promotion in what they excel at then the blame is on the men and society. maybe they should ditch their men all together

  3. How he talks about how western say beauty is within then why are kardashian so popular on Instagram he has a point but we accept different forms of beauty they stick with one I feel like and stick with one

  4. i am sure every woman has her personal right to do plastic surgery or not. so what's the matter? we have to accept the various types of people even though they are different from me. we can not judge them as well.

  5. I think women are being systematicly undermined from birth , Thier looks are the only curancey they have in this shallow society . I feel it is impossable to be taken serriously as a human being , when your apearance is the only subject that counts .

  6. The amount of respect & courage this S.korean feminist is sooo much … in today's era where kpop is popular & now kbeauty is trending. I`ve seen many people around me, on social media, u tube comments how crazy are they too look like k pop idols which is exhausting … keep going feminist girl <3333

  7. 🤣🤣🤣 i agree with that girl …women in Romania that get too many plastic surgeries just for their beauty are the b!tchs /gold diggers to see something like that in a entire country would be fcking weird..i live in uk and even there u don t see that many plastic surgeries girls …

  8. KBS is really toxic which are putting pressure to many korean women.

    Though by nature, a woman is naturally admired for her beauty and men for his power.

    In korea, i noticed men are becoming like women who are more into beauty than power. While women wants to gain power more than beauty.

    No wonder why there articles saying korean population is declining: they can no longer find opposite gender as attractive.

  9. I love 💘 what's happening in Korea 🇰🇷, Because it's a style
    I love it. I love change. I was very beautiful when I was young and would like to continue being beautiful at my age 67.

  10. I actually like Korean beauty standards, it's just my opinion. So what if they look like aliens? I am not ethnically Korean, but I think I fit many of the beauty standards. If I think somebody is pretty, my opinions won't change no matter how many others look exactly like them.

  11. The problem is not being feminist, individual, pro-surgery, against-surgery ETC. It's about vocalizing one's right to say 'go f yourself' to someone criticizing one's looks.

  12. My doctor who fixed my broken nose last year in SK said that “90%” of Koop idols have had work done including double eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty to sharpen nose, v-shaped jaw surgery to make naturally rounder and broader ethnically Asian faces more slim and v-shaped, skin lightening treatments and injections, etc.

  13. Just aspire to become a plastic surgeon in South Korea. You'd be filthy rich. Also, the irony is that by trying to strive for perfection via plastic surgery, the person becomes imperfect in eyes of most foreigners.

  14. Most of the South Koreans undergo plastic surgery. They say it's a common practice in Korea for everyone to get skin whitening, nose job, eye lid and other surgeries. Why do people need skin whitening surgery??? That is messed up.

  15. How boring would a garden be if all it's flowers looked exactly the same. How much more beautiful if it was composed of flowers of different types and colours, all contributing in their own unique way to the beauty of that garden. Such obsession with physical appearance is a distraction from a meaningful life and it has unfortunately become a norm in society.

  16. Many of these videos attack "Society" for such standards but doesn't actually point out the main culprit The F*$ing Media. If anything media are the ones who are imposing these beauty standards on people which 98% of the time is caucasian beauty standards. Non Caucasians who go around ranting against this should realise that it's not the white people who are imposing this but rather their own people especially the elites. Just check the actors in most asian media till the 90s and early 2000s. Most looked like any other person in their society. Today it's very light skinned, bleached hair, bleached skin, reshaped nose. 🤦.

  17. I love that Summer is Korean and a feminist! South Korea is so incredibly male dominated, just looking at all the Kpop girl groups they are all disgustingly hyper-feminine! I love Kpop and I hate the misogyny in Kpop!! GO SUMMER!!

  18. Feminisms is such a pathological movement to our modern society. Why not embrace our gender role, it takes masculinity and feminity to propel our human civilisation just like yin and yang. Feminism nowadays is just an excuse to behave like feminazi, eventually the society will collapse.

  19. Being a feminist in Korea is dangerous. I follow kpop and a female idol was harrased by Korean men for being seen with a book that some thought was a feminist book. Recently a female YouTuber committed s**cide because a man accused her of being a feminist and she started getting bullied online by Korean men.

  20. It's really sad that there is so much pressure on South Korean women (and some men) to look more like white people. Those photographs of models and celebrities are probably all photoshopped and touched up. I really don't believe that even these beautiful people look that good! All it does is make people of all races feel insecure about their looks. Aren't we supposed to believe that true beauty comes from the inside, not from the outside??

  21. Women perform surgery a lot in Korea.

    However, Korean female feminists have deteriorated.

    They are simply full of hatred.

    No one has ever forced them.

  22. I love Summer! She's going places! ❤ There needs to be more brave people like her in South Korea. She's amazing and I am definitely going to pray to all the Gods that she continues on this beautiful path she's set for herself.

  23. The beauty standards thing is just a tip of the iceberg. There are so many other ideas that Korean people often judge and criticize other people based off of. From my experience, koreans have a very strong will to satisfy their need for the sense of belonging. I think all the judging and excluding come from that will to belong and be the same as everyone else.

    Korea as a nation developed way too fast like no nation has ever done, and the result is an unhealthy society. The growth of this unhealthiness is exponential when paired with things like social media.

    But who tf am i to say a society is healthy or unhealthy. I guess every nation have ugly sides.

  24. I am a heterosexuality Asian man, and I think Summer Lee is cute with and without make up. I hope one day people will wake up and realized that esthetic beauty comes from good health and not from harmful chemical products.

  25. Artificial beauty doesn't make sense in fact corrupted people always do insane things, south Korea should have president like kim jong un a president who doesn't tolerate nonsense.

  26. I don’t why all are obsessed with Korean beauty standards but Korea never win and miss world or miss universe with their beauty
    Note: I’m not disrespecting just informed
    Love for South Korea


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