Why Are There No Male Whalefish?

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  1. If there is tons of deep sea footage and not enough scientists to comb through it all, they should host it on a website for people to view and post timestamps when interesting things show up. I wouldn't mind watching random deep sea footage, trying to find some new thing in our oceans.

  2. It doesn't look like a whale to me…it looks like a … probuscis … "the big nose male has.. a large pair of gonads and just lives…to reproduce….") SHES TALKING ABOUT MY EX!

  3. Thank you for this information , though it made me sad to know that the males stop eating and just live off the livers storage then they might mate and die ! Then these fish being almost blind ! That’s so cruel ! If there were a god , ( I’m an Atheist ) how could god ( he / she / it ) allow such cruelty ? And it’s not just with these fish but with other animals as well who run scared knowing they are about to get killed ! Question ? How is it that animals know about death and dying when humans have yet to figure it out ? 😔😔😔😢😢😢

  4. Like blanket octopus scientists thought they reproduced via parthenogenesis because they only ever saw females, probably because the males are approximately 2.4 centimeters in length the females are 6 meters in length.

  5. Whoever's reading this, i pray that whatever you're going through gets better and whatever you're struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen

  6. There are people that talk naturally slower which I don't find distracting but you can clearly hear that Rose forces herself talk at half-speed. don't think she spoke this slow when she first appeared as host, or did she? Anyway, maybe people really need this slowdown to follow along and I am just a bit entitled with my faster brain but I really think that less forcefully slow presentation would be an improvement.

  7. Hmmmmmm. All these fish are female. Hmmmmmmm. All these fish are male. Hmmmmmmmmmm. But how do they reproduce and where are all the males and females?
    Honestly, I’m really surprised that it took them this long to figure that out lol

  8. These fish reminds me of the anglerfish. The female of the species is huge, has the lure-like appendage on her head to lure prey, and that big toothy grin while the male is much, much smaller and looks like a little fish of a different species. When mating, the male attaches himself to the female and permanently attached to her, becoming a repository of sperm of sort for the female to fertilizer her eggs.

  9. so… actual DNA testing of nucleus material between these 3 types of fishes can not show they are in fact genetically related? only via DNA testing of mitochondria would show kinship? wow thats some deep mystery right there.

  10. Its like a super adaptable form of have mates from others especies inside the same speaces, bad example like wakfu mates from diferents races.

  11. And… In the world of Animal Science… They just never bothered to run DNA sequence or never bothered to get cross reference… Honestly… If DNA wasn't the solution and triggered only to prove a hypothesis… Major restructuring should be reviewed and implemented…

  12. Translation: We need to grind up a whole lot more of these to figure out what they are. At what price knowledge? If we kill everything, will we be smart enough to save the planet?

  13. Your work has uh profoundly influenced my research up at the Monterey Bay aquarium uhhh on the sea snake. It's a very volatile animal. I've been bitten 43… 7… hundred times. Mostly on the face, a lot of this has been reconstructed. I think they did one heck of a job, even if my moustache is a TAD askew.

  14. This same situation happens a lot with dinosaur fossils; realizing multiple species are actually just the same one at different ages. See Video: "Jack Horner: Shape-shifting Dinosaurs"

  15. Sexual dimorphism is definitely extremely interesting. How something in it's juvenile stage looks so drastically different from its adult stage will always be fascinating

  16. makes you wonder if the same issues apply to dinosaurs and we'd just never know since we can never observe their behaviors. who's to say two of them weren't actually just a very dimorphic male and female?

  17. Going to guess the males also become snacks for the females afterwards, seeing as she will need extra food, and now it is conveniently swimming up to her.

  18. So much of the staff of Sci show harbor woke anti-science political ideas about gender and sex and yet make videos like this, it’s a form of gaslighting.

  19. Hello @SciShow, I'd love it if you could explain the science (or lack thereof) of flower pot heaters (using tea lights). I would say right off the bat that the candle gives off its heat into the room anyway. Or is there actually an advantage?

  20. Well hell, MBARI, I’m super excited to learn about the things in the sea. I wish so so SO terribly badly I would’ve done something with my life and could share in your wonderful discoveries personally and possibly even make a few discoveries myself but I don’t have the proper credentials, so, I watch you guys here. I love and appreciate all which you guys do there for us layabouts.

  21. This reminds me of even more extreme dimorphism described in the novel by Orson Scott Card, "The speaker for the dead". Good to know that the reality is getting closer to science fiction 😉

  22. Misogynist bastards!
    The male angular fish is very small compared with the female. Later it attaches to the body of the female and fuses and loses much of its organs. It literally turns into a gonad for the female.
    When I learned that it blew my mind and as a scientist still can't get my head around it.
    It is bizarre and unexplainable from many angles!

  23. This research must have taken a long time and been pretty expensive. After all its not like you can go down to the beach and scoop a few up to look at. Collecting specimens from below 1,000 meters is difficult at best but since the populations are small it seems that only luck is involved in catching a specimen of the type of lifeform you are looking for. I mean, when the collecting equipment comes up does everyone say, "Oh damn, another one of those rare deep sea creatures that isn't the right one".


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