WHO’s Science in 5 on COVID-19: Immunity after recovery from COVID-19 – 23 December 2020

Science in 5 series – episode #18 /How long does your immunity last after you recover from COVID-19? Can you get reinfected? Why do you need to continue with preventative measures? Dr Maria Van Kerkhove explains on “Science in 5”.

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  1. So, you are paving the road for this to be a lifelong regimen of vaccines, masks and sensory deprivation. Well, until you make humankind a GMO, patentable, intellectual data, commodity.

  2. “In that day the Lord with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the PIERCING SERPENT, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea.”
    ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭27:1‬ ‭

    Vaccines were designed in the image of piercing snake fangs delivering deadly venom to the whole world? 🤔 And we know that serpents are cold blooded, double-tongued experts of deception. Also ironic that two doses of the vaccine are required considering the serpents two fangs. I’m not saying the vaccine is the mark of the beast but it’s definitely a precursor to it and conditioning for it. (And isn’t it ironic that the symbol for the WHO is the serpent on a pole which is mentioned in Scripture?)

    “Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”
    ‭‭2 Thessalonians‬ ‭2:11-12‬ ‭

    But the blood of Jesus is the true vaccine to the real virus of sin & He took the piercings for us and Satan is just doing what he does, imitating everything God does. The “Gates” of hell will not prevail against the church. The “Trump” is sounding. Jesus is coming soon! Turn to Jesus and put your trust in Him. Believe in the Gospel: Christ died for your sins, was buried, and rose on the third day so that you would have eternal life in Him. It’s the only way to escape what’s coming!! Jesus loves you!!!

  3. Just out of curiosity why did y'all suddenly change the definition of herd immunity?.. I mean the WHO is a trusted and well respected organization who would never tell lies just to try and scare more sheeple into taking this unproven vaccine..right?

    Oh who am i kidding that's exactly why you did it and you've been lying and covering for winnie the flu and his authoritarian regime for over a year now.. Oh btw taiwan is an actual country how about you recognize them as such

  4. So, given that the vaccine will be no different then, are we going to recommend people get the vaccine every 6mo or that people who have been vaccinated also continue to wear their mask?

  5. Fear, fear, fear. Nothing more to share from these mainstream media parasites, but fear.

    “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”
    ― Marie Curie

  6. At the top of the world's CoVid-19 virus epidemic prevention is a paradise (Taiwan) that foreigners want to enter. It is also a place where presidents and leaders and CEOs of the world will take refuge. It is a clean land for mankind to cherish, and it is also the safest place in the world..

  7. We don’t know how long immunity lasts after vaccination. Does that mean we should be scared forever. WHO is corrupt, all they focus on is the vaccine.

  8. I am a health care worker and I have verified chart documentation in front of me that a patient with COPD who had Covid-19 in August 2020 has symptomatic Covid-19 AGAIN as of one week ago, with 2 negative tests in between.

  9. Raymond Mark Bowen LET THE GENOCIDE BEGIN! ⚠️☠️⚠️
    First 1-MANIPULATION !!!⚠️☠️
    Second. 2-CONTROL !!!⚠️☠️
    Third 3-DEPOPULATION !!!⚠️☠️


    Everything is a lie with an agenda! Don't get attached to any belief. 💉⚠️☠️⚠️💉💉☠️

    Unfortunately, the news is totally controlled by the elite, I would not trust anything from the corrupt lying media. THE TRUTH IS CENSORED AND THE LIES ARE PROMOTED. I remembered that all these puppet celebrities came out saying that they had covid-19, now they are going to start promoting the vaccine. It's a manipulation! Look … They are famous or governors, they want you to trust everything they say and do, they know that humans fall. Kamala Harris receives the Covid-19 vaccine at a public event!
    Questions! Is this some kind of manipulation? Why are they trying to promote a vaccine that is not even a year old? If it takes years to develop a vaccine. How come they haven't developed vaccines for more lethal viruses?
    What kind of experiment are they trying to impose on humans? Frankly I don't like this! Something is wrong! If you wake up! … All you can do is wake up others. 🤔🤔
    It's about promoting the sheep follower to their puppet leader⚠️☠️⚠️
    Wake up!!! ‼️
    Seek spiritual discernment‼️
    What they are doing is very evil ‼️
    ‼️Dr. Fauci and some other ‼️corrupted‼️ government and leaders ‼️like George Soros are part and owners ‼️of the‼️ pharmaceutical ‼️‼️industry!!!‼️ ( Like Pfizer…. George Soros is a shareholder of Pfizer) ‼️‼️‼️‼️
    ‼️Manipulation ‼️ Control ‼️ ‼️Depopulation ‼️
    it's a worldwide war between the corrupt government against humanity ‼️
    This year George Soros got super rich!‼️
    It's not about your health ‼️ it's about the richest getting Rich and the poorest getting poor ‼️

  10. I have just recovered from the new U.K. variant. My symptoms lasted about 10 days. My only concern is my body might not produce antibodies due to how mild my symptoms were. I heard those who had severe covid produce much more antibodies that last up to 6 months.

  11. Here to promote an effective medicine for immunity boosting against viral fevers which include Covid also.
    I have tried and found it very effective against a viral fever. ( Didnot test for Covid)
    CORONIL from PATANJALI (Indian Ayurvedic Brand )
    The sickness lasted for six days, I started taking it on the 4th day and it dramatically reduced my fever on thd first day .

  12. It’s all huge nonsense.
    First of all WHO has history of scaremongering and forcing the sell of vaccines. Check all the 2008 articles against it during the swine flu.

    Second, even though this virus is more dangerous than flu, still it has a very low fatality rate. This means that to prove a vaccine is efficacious you need to show that mortality rate dropped even further but this is impossible to show significance since it’s so low to begin with.
    3rd, no empirical evidence exists that any of the measures work. Any. If you see any paper saying that, just read the part which it says its limitations.
    4th, there is no analysis whatsoever of the negative effects on each measure.

    This is criminal. These guys must be brought to justice one day

  13. Virus two types one mind happy healthy happy next fear himoglobins hycinic healthly food social distance sweet life safe masks silver jubilee life thanks mother your tips honey with fruits salad thanks mother Sundar sumathi

  14. Anybody else notice that the video format is 4:3 like the old TV days of the 80's and earlier? No surprise since we're dealing with a government agency. I guess they still haven't figured out how to film in widescreen 16:9 format.

  15. Recent (Jan 2021) research study from Science showed that people who had COVID19 infection they developed increased memory B-cells and T-cells in their immune system that could last for at least 8 months or longer. Moreover, the Nature paper found out that post-infection (regardless of severity) memory B-cell has evolved to recognize the virus, thus, the immune system could mount a rapid and effective response to the virus upon re-infection.

    The question now is people who developed innate immunity should be getting the Pfizer BioNTech Vaccine? or they should be the last in line to get it?

  16. Lots to learn? Precisely; but why are scientists ignoring the following fact. That there are supplements that build our immune system to protect us all should we catch COVID19.


    By preventing the cytokines storm from occurring inside our body and killing us as well; especially in the elderly and the vulnerable as myself and my wife

    Case in point: I am to testify that personally both my wife and I over the past 9 months took Quercetin 500mg , Vitamin C 1000mg, Vitamin D3 2000IUs , Zinc 40 mg, CoQ10 100mg; Magnesium 400 mg and Pepcid an H2 blocker 20 mg along with one multiple vitamins and mineral tablet daily.

    Recently we both decide to have a blood test for COVID19 antibodies and both of us came out positive.

    In my humble understanding of COVID19 to me this means we quelled the Cytokines storm from COVID19 that have killed many elderly people such as ourselves, giving our bodies time to develop life saving antibodies; and go symptoms free while COVID19 was inside our body. Scientists of COVID19 please take notice. Wouldn’t you agree? Cheers

  17. Everything that is being said here, and about the vaccines, says that apparently we have to be worried and take precautions forever. I have it right now, as does my family, and for us it isn’t bad. With a cocktail of over the counter items (as indicated in multiple studies), the worse day was nothing more than coughing and chills. So if we know the effect on us, why should we spend the next half year acting in fear of getting it again? We don’t do this for any other disease.

  18. Summary…. we don’t no what’s going on with the virus we don’t understand what’s happening so wash your hands and wear a mask because My boss will fire me from my job if I say anything thing different from my the script……no disrespect to the young lady was intended

  19. i just get the covid test positive on monday after i experiences some sign on sarturday like dry cough, fever, body fatigue, diarrhea headache, chill and lost of test get tested on monday. since then, i hv been isolated now for the 7 days, but i have great improvement. no more fever, no more diarrhea, no more body fatigue, no headache, no chill, gaining about 60% of my test and smell, but still have dry cough from time to time just hope on the 14 days i should totalk be free of this

  20. Respected UNO if any day in future bad aliens invade on earth then send robotic forces against them. And place very large strongest glass floating in space. Reflect sunlight on bad aliens ships so that they will get destroyed in space. Don't let bad aliens invaders ships to reach around. It will be more wise to start making space fighter robots from now. Start sending robotic forces till Kuiper belts. Distance must be 1 lightyear from sun. Space border must be made here in spherical formation.
    Also space outpost & space towers must be made around earth surrounding it as many as possible.
    UNO please don't delete or hide my this comment, I have not write anything bad. This is just like prevention is better than curing.
    Thanks UNO.

  21. “Yes vismita, there’s still a lot to learn about this virus… (if we have any ACTUAL scientific data we might decide to share them with the public, OR NOT!). PLS SHARE THIS WIH EVERYONE YOU LOVE. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. Thanks for the load of crap WHO 💩💩💩

  22. hey why have deaths from the FLU been on the wain since the emergence of COVID?
    DUH is there a link? … many PhDUHs will be awarded posthumously to the Masters who can not agree on simple truths

  23. Won't be a life long immunity. Yeah right. When will actual science be used? Probably never. Because this was all about controlling the world populace. I firmly believe, in my opinion, having had Covid-19, that it is always a lifetime immunit established once over it.
    Since Big Pharma controls the governments of the world, some to a lesser degree, this was all about massive profits. Unethical profits to be exact.
    You simply cannot trust the WHO. They will constantly lie, subvert, and discredit you if you are not in lockstep with them. Enough already. WHO, you know less that I do about this virus. Simply because I beat it with guess what? An asthma inhaler. Aspirin, & fruit juices. All you need to get sick and get over it. Unless you're obese, in that case, either start a regime of deep breathing exercises, and get your chest muscles in shape to cough your ass off for a week or two. Or Die off. Your choice. But albuterol sulfate is the way you keep your airways open so you can discharge all the phlegm, and in 3 weeks or much less, you will be on your way back to good health. Don't forget to exercise your butt off, once over the fever and symptoms. Now, there is the honest truth to the matter according to me. Someone who smokes a pack a day of cigarettes. So if you don't, you'll have a faster recovery. Please don't believe all this garbage and fear. It's all hype. Really.

  24. One night I couldn't sleep my bones pained so much so next morning I went to hosp. My fever was at 38°, my blood was tested and I had very low WBC. Was refered for COVID test which came out + I was given meds.

  25. I do all the precautions. But I've read by experts who are not taking the vaccine because one had the covid and it's been over a year and he still has antibodies. CDC is not trusted info. They do and say what the government tells them. Don't be fooled. Ask yourself what are the long term effects on a vax that's was produced so fast and humans are the lab rats. I'd rather wait and keep checking for antibodies as well wait to find out long term effects. ASK yourself why are the pushing so hard when I don't remember this kind of push with the influenza and pneumonia it was a choice and no one blinked when you said no.

  26. She says that it is not long lasting immunity. Then why immunity from Covid 1 virus is still strong after 17 years and same goes for MERS. Doctor nowadays have very limited knowledge of virology. What virus teaches them in time they know. Although virus have been with us for a very long time the medical practitioners are oblivious of the nature of the infection. She should know that you have T and B memory cells if you get infected the second time that will be your booster dose with few mild to no infection at all. Vaccines are nothing but a representation of the virus and that too apart of the virus so quality of immunity is way better in natural infection than through vaccination.

  27. Tired of living with herpes virus? worry no more! just contact Dr.ademiso on youtube  he also helped me got rid of the virus after using his medication for 2 weeks

  28. Maria kerhove u get much funds from USA… and fauci ur friend is the best friend with Chinese who let the virus leak out there
    Saying to us lies Maria .. remember when you told us it a bat to human transmitted…. oh common Maria don't act innocent……
    It's all a conspiracy that wants the population to lessen …….
    Why ?? Over population
    You and ur friends Maria are afraid to lose power ……..
    Maria you act like you have no blood in ur hands with fauci …
    Well Maria you are a big hypocrite ….. and trump that's why he cut off ur funds … and that's why u all kicked him out Maria……
    And now u have back the funds
    And what you do Maria for the world ??? Egypt still has contaminated water …. and India as well …… Africa….. what u do Maria?? Nothing
    You and ur friends and fauci are a bunch of dirt …. that karma will hit very bad Maria……… because this way you sin ….. Maria..ur name doesn't even fit ..

  29. It's extremely rare to actually find a doctor who can help you get rid of diseases these days without getting no side effects and so i thank Dr.ademise  for helping me eradicate the genital herpes permanently with his natural roots and herbs remedy

  30. i was always taught to try to recover without dr. so my immune system will be stronger, cause your body has the 1 antibody when you get an infection. your body will search for it an multiply to respond i only go to dr. for emergency's so im saying once infected or exposed your good unless it's to severe to diy

  31. If immunity last months. So does the vaccine. This lady is full of crap, they really dk how long it could last. This is a guess. Natural immunity is much stronger than the vaccine immunity.

  32. Lol just a show of solidarity. What bullshit. So we must continue with our slave behavior even after we have immunity. How these people call themselves scientists is beyond me.

  33. Caught covid, not vaccinated, never had a cough or anything serious. I lost my smell for about a week and had a headache. Other than that I actually started exercising more now and had the time to relax during my 10 day quarantine. My two kids and husband had a light cough and muscle, bone pains.. I wish everyone's story would be similar to mine, I feel broken knowing covid has killed so many.

  34. thank you for taking the time to answer some of my questions. for future videos I would like to ask the following question. " with the vaccinated being able to spread the virus to vaccinated and un-vaccinated and the unvaccinated being able to infect the vaccinated and unvacinated, is it likely that the vaccinated will have the mind set I am vaccinated so I must only have the sniffles and thereby become the super spreaders the un-vaccinated are now?

  35. You don’t know how long or how well natural immunity is. Right. And now you need to admit that you don’t know how long or how well the vaccine works. I mean talking about booster shots eight months later? Lots of breakthrough covid cases in vaccinated people!

  36. This is fake. They know now people know the truth, not about antibodies being tested its about t cells and b cells being tested, and how are they going to say there's not alot of evidence, when there's not alot about the vaccine that came out a year ago.


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