WHO’s recommended fabric mask materials and composition

WHO has released an updated mask guidance in June 2020 which can be found here:


It has updated information on a new study released on fabric masks which explains how many layers are ideal for the best filtration and breathability combination and what their composition should be. We also describe how to best care for your mask including storing it and laundering it.

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  1. Christian people sad Muslim spired this verse Allah know what you are doing he catch you soon inshallah you make skired people Allah only help to fnish this not This W.H.O before you advice some one please apply your hone

  2. Why should everyone wear masks if it's for source control? Why don't we just make the people who have symptoms wear masks? Can someone from WHO answer this please?

  3. Six months too late, unfortunately. Friendly reminder the WHO, as late as mid January, was telling everyone there was "no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission" for SARS-2. I miss the times when the WHO used to call out countries, world leaders and even the Pope himself on their bullshit…

  4. so many people are jobless, poor became poorer, hungry became hungrier because of the lockdowns that should've never happened in the first place if only there was no threat to our health..A THREAT FROM AN ARTIFICIALLY CONSTRUCTED VIRUS. THIS FREAKIN PANDEMIC IS INTENTIONAL🤬🤬🤬

  5. These people are insane, people do not realize most of their fabric is polyester, so you will be inhaling tiny particles of microplastic, which by the way causes so much harm to nature when these things breakdown or end up in the oceans, these things will build up in your body and cause major problems especially in your lungs. Even people selling these masks online are only going to be looking for profit so who knows what kind of dangerous dye's and materials being used.

  6. So all the hospital workers wearing masks already have the virus and are only wearing to prevent spreading it to patients? That’s basically what you are saying here, the people who work in my local chemist, GP surgery all must have it because they are wearing masks, shouldn’t they be staying at home for two weeks ? This is why people loose trust, we see one thing happening and you tell us something completely conflicting.

  7. No masks, vaccines, social distancing will prevent or save you from going throught tempreture changes and developing all of the flu like symtoms…. All yall batshit liars and believers will be held accountable for these lies

  8. Not happy about the amount of plastic being encouraged for an entire world to start using. Surely there is something non-disposable that can be used to store the mask, container is good yes, but not disposable zip lock bags

  9. Global Communist dictatorship.
    Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is a member and has served on the politburo of the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), which "traces its origins in the Marxist-inspired student movements of the late 1960s and early 1970s in Ethiopia. It was a staunch socialist movement with its hardcore secret party, the Marxist-Leninist League of Tigray (MLLT)" which was founded by Meles Zenawi. The TPLF is one of the branches of the "Marxist and violently repressive".

  10. i cant find a study for long term use and if it is safe. we have read so many studys about masks and the coclusion is that wearing a mask depenting in many factors. there is great danger from the wrong use of mask. do you believe that children in school from 6-12 can wear a mask in a class of 25 students? because in greece the goverment force this… somebody has to make a statement. i remember in the past WHO had this role. Now you just follow ordes?

  11. Fact check your more likely to catch the Chinese19 flu with a mask then with out one, and this virus is bullshit, another fact check more people dies yearly from the common cold then that of which covid-19 gets caught

  12. Пандемии нет. Это обман. Какой-то вирус есть. Но совсем не страшный даже по сравнению с гриппом. Я переболел вашей ковидлой, пару дней температура, как при простуде. Потом 3 недели дома в изоляции. Все! Моя жена и 2 дочки не заразились, пока были на изоляции со мной. А был ли у меня ковид, думаю я!? И что это за заразная такая и смертельная болезнь, когда из 4 человек, болеет только один!? Да и то в легкой и короткой форме?

  13. There’s less death in 2020 and you’re forcing people to wear a face mask which make afraid of children (really, I was in front of that situation) and isolate a bit more people who are reading on lips.
    Give back liberty to all of us!
    Stop spreading fear!
    COVID-19 is a hoax!

  14. Using the fabric and non medical disposable masks did not protect me. I have used nine different brands of masks so far. They all failed from fit, to hidden latex to difficulty breathing.

    I caught Covid, the flu and two colds. I know how to properly use and handle masks. I learned from a nurse.

    I already learned from an OSHA trained PPE expert (20 years experience.) that these cloth and non medical masks are useless. The size of the virus is so small that it can get through. This is giving nothing more than a false sense of security.

    For those like me, it can be asthma hell.
    If you are allergic to latex good luck finding latex free masks. I actually reacted to a hypoallergenic mask. In one hour, my nose and cheeks were scarlet red. Took four days to heal.

    What's the risk of developing bacterial pneumonia from wearing them?

    Essentially we are wearing a petrie dish on our face. People actually touch their faces more due to issues with fit. I see it all of the time.

    Pretty hard for the general population to obtain medical grade masks as they are reserved for healthcare.

    We are not wearing these in sterile environments. It's going to collect various pathogens on the surface. They get damp fast. Once that happens, they are useless.

    Then you have all of the mask pollution. That won't stop spread, will it.

    So what's the point.

  15. So, according to my understanding, it is important to wear a 3 PLY mask, to fully filter out the air clean. The first layer can be something like cotton, the middle one can be polypropylene, and the last one can be polyester or polyester blended with cotton.


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