WHO’s Big Event for Mental Health: performance by SuperM

During WHO’s first online global advocacy event for mental health, K-pop group, SuperM, spoke about the importance of positive energy, staying healthy and looking out for one another, before performing their hit song Better Days for viewers from across the world.

The Big Event for Mental Health was held on 10 October 2020, on World Mental Health Day.
Watch the entire event here: https://youtu.be/p-KXvvkSXRk

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  1. Where has this little gem been hiding? They made an old lady cry. A Universal Truth – everything changes, nothing stays the same. Hang in there.

  2. When I first heard this song I was at the lowest point of my life and I was so sensitive to the lyrics. I got overwhelmed and cried but now that I’m doing better I love this song and still cry sometimes(tears of joy). This group is truly amazing. 💛💛💛☀️

  3. im going through a period in my life where i feel everything is uncertain yet i feel like ive made myself so strong i struggle to epress it, this songs makes me feel warm and i have a sense of reassurance. Thank You SuperM your vocals make me feel warm and loved

  4. Pray for those who're suffering and in insecurity and everything will getting better soon aft the impact if COVID-19. To me, it's as beautiful as MJ's Heal The World. SuperM is great, lyrics and music is great, Love is great! Let's be a better person, love one and others as Jesus said. P.S. Haters, pls do reflection.

  5. I am suffering from stress these days. This song makes me strong and motivate me that I can surpass the challenges I have now. Thank you for this, SUPERM.

  6. I'm from Myanmar(Burma). Because of my country's situations,my mind is so tired now. There are many ways to die in our country and we lost our future.:'( Thanks for this songs. I feel a little better now. Thanks SuperM and WHO. Sorry for my poor English skill.:'(

  7. This song is just healing song for me. I'm so depressed because my country is under military coup and now Corona situation is getting worse and worse. I hope there will be better days.

  8. I keep coming back so i know that i'm not alone, i'm okay with this toxic society and there's something good after what i'm doing, and all of that smile is a precious thing for my heart

  9. 🙊i only save 2 videos in my youtube.. superM letsgo everywhere.. and this song but now i just wake up.. my videos is lose one… WHY LETS GO EVERYWHERE cannot i save and search again 🙁

  10. Amo el significado que transmite la canción, espero que pueda llegar a Mas personas y mostrar que vendrán días mejores… Orgullosa del talento de mis niños… EXO-L los ama Kim Jongin y Byun Baekhyun…

  11. The emotions I went through as I listened to this song on repeat feels so raw. I went from feeling happy to deeply emotional to comforted as I kept on repeating the song. I really hope other people going through something tough right now could chance upon hearing this song and just be comforted the same way I was comforted.


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