WHO: What are the core components for effective infection prevention and control?

This instructional video from the World Health Organization explains the evidence-based core components of infection prevention and control programmes, critical at both the national and acute health care facility level for patient safety and for health systems to provide quality care. This video is brought to life by interviews from people in the field across a range of countries and describes the importance of the eight core components one by one. It will be a great addition to health care training sessions and the information is a key part of the infection prevention and control implementation and improvement process.

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  1. “Is toilet paper use related TO URINARY – ACQUIRED HOSPITAL INFECTIONS- FOOD MICROBIAL CONTAMINATION ? ( or, nobody wants to disperse around the E. COLI )
    When somebody is using t. paper to wipe up, the cleaning is incomplete. A feces layer, full of dangerous microbes remains, which soon IS DRIED out and VAPORIZED, so thes microbes overwhelm the near organs, especially in females (one to two women is having U.T. infection), and finally contaminate all HOUSE, its INHABITANTS and naturally their FOOD.
    The same and worse it applies to hospital wards, where obviously weakened patients are unable even to use properly t. paper. At the same time, in spite of all efforts up to now, in-hospital infections are not uncommon. It is imperative for Health Services and medical staff to give a quick and clear answer to the above question, so if possible, we could face microbes more effectively at their SOURCE. Otherwise they could be blamed for CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE .

    In the mean time it is wise to use, at least FOR HYGIENE SAFETY, comfort, aesthetics, dignity, simplicity, ecology, cleaning, economy, to use the 100% effective(thanks to VERTICAL jet), easy to use and install, with no hand involvement, low cost, KO BIDET”. [email protected]hotmail.com.

    Before anything else care should be taken to stop FECAL DUST forming.

    Hospital Acquired Infection: Hospitals try hard to kill the microbes in the wards, but give little attention to eliminate the microbe SOURCE, which is the feces residue, left after incomplete wiping (it always is somehow), that through drying and friction it turns out to the lethal FECAL DUST. Have in mind that hospital patients are usually, debilitated old people, or having mobility restriction, unable to wipe properly, particularly, if there are piles or hair.

    HOME AIR AND FOOD CONTAMINATION: The same process is taken place here.

    UTI: The difference in UTI is that fecal dust and the contamination microbes come from one’s own fecal residue. Many suggest front to back wiping, because they think that microbe transfer is done only by direct contact. It is a big mistake, as they ignore the transfer through FECAL DUST.

    “Why no public research health institution does a simple research about the LETHAL FECAL DUST in hospitals? It could save millions of deaths and trillions of $, on hospital function cost, or it is exactly that is the reason that it stops them to do it?”

  3. Native English speaker please; very difficult to make sense of the words this speaker is attempting use. Is feed back okay? what are the repercussions?

  4. 1 in 10 get infection in hospital
    2/3 deaths in hospital born babies
    Control Antibiotic resistance: IPC : Like a bush fire, need a fire brake!
    Identify core components
    The NUCO components…can’t understand what she’s saying: difficult accent!?

    8 Core Components
    IPC components:
    1. Have IPC Programmes supported by budget and staff training
    2. Guidelines of Standards (agree on)
    3. Education and Training Best Practice: a. Contextualise within the experience b. Make it practical c. Have champions d. Get administrators involved.
    4. Surveillance and Feedback. Measure burden, data,
    5. Multimodal Strategies making sure right are in place,
    6. Monitoring of Healthcare Practices eg indicators
    7. Enabling Environment: monitor Staff according to workload/bed occupancy
    8. Patient Care Activities are in clean environment. Source of water. Hygienic conditions

    Can lead to 30% reduction

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