WHO – Violence against women: Strengthening the health system response

One in three women throughout the world will experience physical and/or sexual violence by a partner or sexual violence by a non-partner. This violence has a wide range of short- and long-term health consequences. The health system is a place where women who have experienced violence can go to in order to receive services and support for their physical and mental health needs.

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  1. For the truth about family violence, see the following videos:
    1. ManWomanMyth – Domestic Violence – Introduction
    2. Police Training for Domestic Violence with Donald Dutton … only 11 minutes
    3. Christina Hoff Sommers on Violence Against Women
    4. Dr. Tonia Nicholls – The uncomfortable facts on IPV
    5. Julio shares his experience with domestic violence & the justice system
    6. The Truth About Domestic Violence – You'll Never Believe…

  2. Men do not commit acts of violence. Men need to fight feminism with acts of non-vilolence. Men need to unite as one to fight the evil of radical feminism.

  3. A repeated pattern of being followed here in NJ. Gov Murphy should have investigated those I alleged. Whatever they have done is serious and constitutes a vioation of many federal and state laws. Instead of getting them investigated Im followed as if by repeating my account it is wrong. Had NJHMFA been properly investigated had Eric Rodriguez of Hand and Stone V Colonna Frank Velaz and the others been investigated I would not be here. Mayor Cahill shoudl have been removed from office. But instead gang stalkers. I dont fear them I dont stop speaking the truth so they do what they do. Injustice domestic violence and the ignoring of the suffering of african Americans is nothing new.

  4. As most videos produced by WHO is biased, deteriorated picture of reality.
    1/3 of Reported cases in UK are men and that is only a tip of an iceberg as a lot of them are not even reporting!

  5. Violence against women will exist if violence and ineducation remains strong in our society. Simple as that.

    Making new penalties in the name of genders or stuff like that, wont do anything.

  6. Bollox,violence towards anybody regardless of what sex they are is equally shit,the reason BLM exist is because of bastard assholes with your way of thinking,BLM were all about fighting only for one race and now BLM is fading away because all races matter,just like anybody can be violent,women are violent to their kids and women are violent towards their husbands,so why the one track bullshit video that only highlights violence from men against women? I would say the uploader is a lesbian that leans to the left and denys the truth

  7. Can anyone allow to force to marry any girl as being guardian cuz she doesn't have father and harrast her and hit her and her mother and she doesn't want to speak up cuz she's scared cuz she thinks the only importance is given for men's is that right ? Now can she get justice ?
    How can anyone be so cruel there no justice for womens ? Womens are treat so worst do you even care ? There's a women you came out of don't forget that it can maybe your sister or daughter please help me get justice maybe anything would happn but I'm not gonna keep quiet

  8. Women who get abused don't always have to be mentally ill and have injures It's tough for women to talk about abuse because abused women don't have to be mentally ill and have injures to be abused that's the problem women can't go to the hospital because many of them are worried they won't get their abuser out of their life because there are no injures and she doesn't isn't mentally ill understand that not all women who get abused act out and have injures

  9. فلذلك امر الله ان نغض من ابصارنا وان تسترن المساء ويحفظن فروجهن ولا يبدين زينتهن وان النساء يكونوا في بيوتهم ارضا لربهن 🏵️

  10. I'd like to share a real life experience of mine. So during my college days i used to tease girls a lot and act cool. Inspite of repeated requests from the girls i never used to listen. One of my favourite targets was my batchmate in MBA. One day as usual i pulled her hair. She never used to get angry but that day got wild at me. Unfortunately for me that day she was having a long fat umbrella with a long n sharp tip at the end. She started chasing me wildly. I tried to escape but i slipped a bit and had to stop running to regain my balance. She caught me and gave me one hard whack on my bum with her umbrella. The sharp edge of the umbrella pierced my bum. I couldnt sit for two days. And while coming home after getting the beating i had to stand in the bus i stood throughout the journey though half of the seats were empty cuz I wasn't able to sit. Kept rubbing my bum till i reached home. Don't think i teased girls and women after that day. 😣😥😪😫😓😢😖"

  11. You can see women are dying, please think hard before you enter a relationship with a man. Let Jesus Christ give you wisdom, learn to fast. Fasting is a strong thing, listen to the sermons about fasting by Jentezen Franklin. Fasting is your greatest weapon in the battle of domestic violence.

  12. In my personal life I was working in healthcare with my childhood dream of become a healthcare worker. After become a mother lots of boundaries to continue my dream job… I found a way finally to share the knowledge through social media for my life satisfaction..

  13. it is very sad to tell that sexual abuse and violence exists everywhere . hyppocrisy exists. and you never can imagine the person can be abusers just looking at his appearance, the organization he is associated. Women need so much strength to speak out. This video is so encouraging . Thanks to WHO.

  14. To any woman out there that has been abused in one way or the other whether mentally or sexually. I am so sorry. You did not deserve that. No one deserves that. Remember that you are not alone. You have lots of people out here supporting and cheering you on. Don’t give up!!

  15. I am looking for inspiring and educating videos for school and community awareness on Gender Equality, GBV, and Menstrual hygiene in the Nepali language, couldn't find… WHO and other international organizations working in Nepal have funds to make these free youtube videos. I work with women and children in remote Nepal, I would be grateful if this message can gather attention coz most of the vulnerable and needy people of my country Nepal do not have an understanding of the English Language.


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