WHO – protecting health every day, everywhere

WHO – protecting health every day, everywhere

Every day, throughout your life, whoever you are, wherever you live in the world, the World Health Organization is working to protect your most precious possession — your health.

Visit our website for more information: http://www.who.int

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  1. I don't feel very convinced that your organization is protecting health every day, everywhere. I want to know this, what are you doing about people in the States thinking that playing with your faeces is funny? What are doing about people in the States thinking that defecating in a public pool or a public beach as being funny? What do you think about people in the States ignoring public toilets and playing pranks with their faeces?

  2. I have more questions to ask: what are doing about the fact that the States make all the quaternary and other broad spectrum disinfectants hardly use them, if they do use them? What are doing about the fact that even the health institutions have outbreaks because of this? And what are doing about Skid Row (a homeless encampment) which caused outbreaks of Hep A, B, and C to spread from Los Angeles to San Diego?

  3. I also have another set of questions: what are you doing about the fact that flesh-eating bacteria (that are there because people defecating in the water for a prank or joke) being in the US territorial waters and the possibility that it can find its way in other territorial waters?

  4. be seized on this matter:-
    i ) herbal tablets do they meet' whos ' standards for human use as drugs and other pharmaceutical manufactures
    ii) tyhoid vaccine ,malaria vaccine ,yellow fever vaccine , HPV vaccine, menengitis vaccine,HPV vaccine,rota vaccines need to seized from use because when infected you are again or must be prescribed drugs- antibiotics for treatment it's meaningless for example what happened bitten mosquito -multipication-ref asexual and sexual life cycle of plasmodium…. likewise to other infection s
    ii)hiv aids needs more research to enable discovery of drug that treats despite ARV drugs and it's STI(Structured Treatment Intervations)…….. likewise others dengue fever , hepatitis with contraidication is rare which have no drug and agricultural larvicide should be phased out.


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