When your work hard all 4 years in high school 😂


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  1. In the second grade this one kid wasn't in school for 4 months because he scraped his knee while riding his bike. Teacher got mad and said that wasn't an excuse. They ended up calling his parents and they said he was just staying home. Teacher was very angry and reported this to Principal. Kid got suspended for 3 days. Which is punishing being absent for school with more home time.

    I don't get it. 👁️👄👁️💅💅

  2. Hey Onevillage Is Saying Jamal Is The Only Name For Black People Racist?
    (Past I'll Sub To U If You Tell Me)
    (I'm not racist I'm Half Brown And Half White Also Asian)

  3. We had a kid like this in year 6. He had autism and only showed up for less than a third of the year. None of us thought he would make it to the end of year party (not a graduation, we never had one).
    He did.

  4. Kid who shows up to class once a month, that is me but like me and most people who do this they suffer from major anxiety or they just say they are too cool for school but really we do the same amount of work as all of the students in ar year just in a different way.

  5. Reminds of the kids that don’t do shit in class just gather around together talking fooling around pissing the teacher off then somehow they graduate

  6. That kid was me, never really paid attention in high-school yet I still managed to get A's and A+'s on most of my tests, shows that its all a memory test and you dont actually need to learn anything to pass our fucked up school system.

  7. If I remember correctly when I was in high school they said some shit that for all the quarterly semesters if you get FFFA you pass but if you get AAAF you fail cause it’s the final semester that’s counts the most. But maybe it could’ve been just my school idk.

  8. My friend Seriously doing all the Works on time to get A+: *Depressed "getting into this Highschool is hard bro, Its my dream"

    Me enjoying my life and sent my work 3 months late but still get a B- then went into the same Highschool with him: 😀 "Oh hi Brian"

    Him: " HOW THE FU- "

  9. Yeah I had one smartass who was like that during my apprenticeship. He played that game for 2 years. First year he was really good but in the second year he didnt manage to get along with all the new stuff which was based on the old as well. So in the srcond year he was pretty much a dummy and never made to graduate. Poor parents who had to pay for his stupidity.

  10. That is straight up FAXXXXXX
    I can guarantee you that my friend really is like that
    One of my classmate got dropped coz he was absent for a week, meanwhile my friend still alive and kicking with 1 attendance per week
    Up to senior highschool he is like that

  11. I fell like this is kinda dumb like, we sit in class wasting our time, and this guy's who can't tell you how much 10×10 but can tell you were all the coffee shops somehow graduate. And what happened then, bam they have better scores in the end of the year.


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