When The New Hire On The Job Is Doing Too Much Work

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  1. Minimum wage effort is thee motto I usebto go by lmao too damn funny 🤣 😂 and I usebro worknfor Walmart so he speaking the truth i lasted all but 3 weeks lmao and I said gtfoh yall ain't about to work me like some rented mule ppppffft hahaha🤣😂🤣😂

  2. When you're new booty on the job and you identify a co-worker with this persona, immediately distance yourself from them and their creed. Chances are the person telling you to work less either A. Has high seniority on the Job and thus has leeway when it comes to clowning around, B. Has family or friends in management protecting their job or C. is on their 3rd write up and perilously close to being terminated for the same behavior they're advising you to enact. Your job as a new hire is to show your superiors how much they need you so you can keep that paycheck rolling in. If you show them that you're just there to see how much time you can F off on the company's dime, you're going to find yourself unemployed and the person who advised you to be lazy in the first place is just going to tell you that it's your problem.

  3. “Make the company work for you…” this kind of mindset is why peooke stay in low paying positions and never move up in the company. Your job is to make the company money at the end of the day. I take pride in my work ethic, a lot of people especially blacks aren’t worth their weight in salt because of this mentality.

  4. You can always tell who’s new when they be working all fast and good the ones that been there for years be doing way too little tho ngl I would always do a good in between

  5. This is me and now I know why people thought I was annoying at first 😭 but anyways this video coming out is a sign. People giving their souls to companies is over! If we all work together we can change how things work! We’re the ones with the power, we’re just blind to it..

  6. When the new hire thinks you're lazy because you're telling them they don't need to do all that when literally every person who has been working there for 5+ years is the same as the person telling them they're doing too much, then the new hire eventually gives in after a year lol. People are just stubborn and need to figure out things for themselves.

  7. When I worked in a video game store that paid minimum wage treating employees poorly I thought it was expected that I do tasks lazily or half do most tasks. That’s what minimum wage is

  8. last 30 minutes disappear……….me and the whole 2nd shift crew….."ey where the fk did they go? we need production meeting" us by the time clock hiding behind a big pallet, yee so anyone putting in on this weed before we clock out?

  9. One time I said to the manger how hard do you expect me to work for $13hr. I’m not killing myself to load this scaffolding on a flat bed semi trailer by hand by my self. I started taking college real serious.

  10. I don't agree. I work hard and move up quick. When I left my first real job (not the b.s. fastfood jobs as a teen) I was making $7.25 more than when I started in a 4 year 8 month period. My second job I had 3 promotions in 4 years 9 months. And at my current job I'm on track to make moves quickly. People that don't want to work hard just step aside and keep doing you and I'll do me. Just know when push comes to shove you can have 10 years experience at a place and I can be a new hire making your same rate…

  11. I worked making pizzas at a restaurant for a while and had a coworker just like this, except everything she said was wrong. She'd usually work the shift before me, and I would come in and nothing would be in the right place or prepared, super annoying. She had me for a day while I was training, and she thought I was spreading spreading sauce too slow or some goofy shit, so her "advice" to me was "pretend that you're massaging a woman". Like, idk how I'm supposed to interpret that but I'll try my best. Another thing, she would not shut her mouth. Constantly while I was working she'd by trying to correct shit or take control, and them she'd complain about her job being too stressful and go for a smoke break, like we're all working the same job you goofy ass. Thankfully I only had to work with her a few times.

  12. Once I saw my "team leader" was at the bottom of every metric while I was at the top after 2 or 3 months I swore I was trippin. Somebody will say something…2 years, 3 mgrs later she still does nothing…so guess what my non team leader ass does now….. NOTHING. FOH

  13. As a person who lives in NC I gotta say I'm glad we got someone out here making good content for yt. Keep it up my dude your content is only getting better, you making your fellow North Carolinians proud, you'll hit a million subs before too long 💪

  14. When you work harder you get more overtime, more opportunities for promotion, and you don’t have to worry about getting into any sort of trouble. That being said the harder you work the more they expect out of you no matter how much they pay you

  15. It’s hella funny this shit Is real life right here
    Because when a new hire comes on him or she works hella hard right
    Then the lazy people that been there goes to the new hire like
    You don’t gotta do this, you can do this instead, take this long of a break
    And the funniest one is your working to hard stop working to hard remember they work for you 😂 😂 😂
    They will do anything and say anything to get us new hard working new people out the door 😂 😂 😂 😂
    Ayy thanks for showing us how it really is


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