When Tech Companies Lie to Us…

Tech company lies exist on a spectrum. How far is too far?
(Did you know 1-inch camera sensors are not 1 inch?)

The Death of AirPower Explained: https://youtu.be/3AfpFkrS7Lw
DonutMedia video: https://youtu.be/sYd9q120lhE

Tech I’m using right now: https://www.amazon.com/shop/MKBHD

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  1. Nice video, I can see how you are incorporating more graphics to explain the tech which is nice and gives the user more context and understanding. But the necessary rambling about the one 1 inch sensor, although very informative, was way over some people's attention span to really try and understand

  2. A lie is a lie, no matter what. If the consumer understands something differently, or the manufacturer hides the truth from him, this is a lie. Unfulfilled promises are also lies, but they lie to us so much that we simply stopped paying attention to it.

  3. The 1-inch sensor thing doesn't bug me so much because it's consistent across the industry, and the size of the sensor only matters relatively since no one is buying these devices to just look at the actual sensor. It's all about final image quality, which you can evaluate easily even with the tube diameter if everyone is using that same standard. Granted, it'd still be much better if the standard moved into the digital age and everyone started listing the actual dimensions of the sensor. But some companies doing that while others stick with the tube diameter number seems much worse than everyone sticking with the same, slightly annoying, old standard.

  4. Hard Drive form factors refer to the theoretical hard disk size inside the enclosure, not the size of the drive. This isn't as bad as sensor sizes since actual HDDs aren't completely obsolete but it was still incredibly strange when buying SSDs in the years before M.2.

  5. Pretty much every other car company does that so it doesn't make sense not to subtract the one foot roll out.
    Because every other car manufacturer is doing it if you don't do it your car will appear slower than it actually is relative to other cars

  6. Its kinnda fun to count as he said how many times the ' 1 inch sensor '😂 🤣 can't denie that each an every creepmpony is fooling us 🥺 to show it self the best 😭

  7. Lmao the Air 2S Hasselblad/DJI site that you show even has a diagonal drawn with 1" written in the middle on the logo for the sensor – implying that the diagonal dimension of the sensor is 1" long. Which is totally false. So scummy.

  8. Like I will tell Elon and everyone else in between, I'll believe it, when I see it! Plain and simple, guys and gals. The rest is just mumbo, jumbo marketing crap.😄

  9. Camera sensor size is completely dump. A lot of cameras claim they are full-frame, medium format or Large sensors, but they are all miss leading. There should for sure be a new standard to explain sensor size.

  10. I dont really think the 1-inch sensors are actually all that bad. They are advertised as 1-inch, but people dont really know what that means, they just understand that thats big, bigger than normal, and thats the point advertisers want to get across: look at our new super big latest and greatest sensor. The fact that all sensor measurements are measured the same way (with that hypothetical tube) means that everything is fair, if not exatly true. What would be wrong would be if all sensor measurements were just their diagonal size, but you advertise a 1-inch sensor (or whatever size,doesnt really matter) with the tube size rather than the industry standart diagonal, thats cheating, thats gaining you an advantage, thats wrong.

  11. Feels like this should have been about outdated standards rather than lies. Only a few minutes of actual lies talked about. And for cameras, are the sensors always indicated with this tube reference? Or so companies move back and forth to play the game or confusing you.

  12. Yup thanks for making this I’ve been saying this for years about Tesla! 😂 Elon is the MOST PHONIEST GUY I KNOW! LOL he is really good at sucking off the investors 🤣

  13. 9:24 There are number of old design choices that has just stick around for too long. E.g. Keyboard. The qwerty keyboard is not ergonomic for digital use at all and is based on the old mechanical typewriters. Those typewriters had mechanical "arms" stapling the paper and if one would have two keyboard strokes having "arms" next to each other the "arms" would jam and writer would have to separate the mechanical arms by him/her self. That naturally has a HUGE effect to the taping speed, so therefore most used keyboard strokes were located far from each other and since it was s mechanical machine this had strait effect to the keyboard layout. So there you have it, almost 148 later and we still use the old layout.

  14. Roughly speaking,i think about 70% of YouTube channels don't even realise they have some kind of responsibility towards their audience,this video can be the teacher they never thought they needed and hope they grow conscience instead of just worrying about views. Great work man👍

  15. One more annoying ‘Lie’ i’d like to add is that all the Internet Providers in the world ‘Lie’ about the internet speeds when they tell you have 80 Mbps speed you actually have 10 MBps speed because files we store anywhere reports in Bytes which are equal to 8 bits and company reports internet speed in bits (just divide any internet speed with 8 you would have actual real number in which files are stored on devices) so you have 8 times slower internet they are telling you

  16. Tesla may have impressive products, but they insist on lying to us customers about the products' flaws. It really turns me off about them as a company. Hype over substance.

  17. "How tall are you?"
    "I am hypothetically 6ft tall"
    "what you mean?"
    "if I were to stand on a box that is 1 foot tall, i would need hypothetical box that is 6ft tall to cover my head"
    "so you are 5ft?"
    "yes I am 5ft"

  18. So, yes- it seems ridiculous and pointless to call a 1" sensor '1"' when it's not. But, the evolution of tube sensors to solid state was long and painful and, in an industry that is actually very dedicated to standards, engineers who design them try to not (and often fail) create situations with too much confusing language. Ultimately does or, rather, SHOULD the consumer care about how the sausage is made? No, because you can label the sizes anything you want and the consumer will have no idea how that impacts image quality technically. All that matters is bigger is better….. sometimes (which is a whole other reason why the actual size of the sensor means nothing to consumers).

  19. I would love to see display screen sizes be reported by area, not diagonal size. Comparing a "6.8-inch" Galaxy S21 Ultra to a "7.6-inch" Z Fold 3 doesn't actually tell you what's really going on… the Z Fold 3 has a screen area of around 20,000 mm squared, whereas the Galaxy S21 Ultra is only around 12,400. That is a massive difference in screen size that a simple diagonal measurement simply can't tell you (due to the quite different aspect ratio).

  20. Elon Musk is the biggest liar in modern history. Look up hyperloop, his truck, his solar tiles, Solar City, going to Mars, Colonizing Mars, digging tunnels to alleviate traffic, rescuing teenagers trapped in a cave, Iron Man 2…

  21. Like the video!
    I don't think rollout should apply to 0-60mph time, at least it doesn't make sense to me. I hope I'm not being too pedantic here, but I just wanted to share some details about dragstrip timing…

    A dragstrip measures the time to a set distance. Rollout plays in there because the clock starts when the second staging beam is clear. Often in bracket racing where you're trying to meet a consistent time you see a lot of people "Deep Stage" where they roll forward until the first light (Pre Stage) goes off but the second light stays on. This shortens the rollout, and therefore time it takes from when you roll to when the clock starts. Some like this because it is easier for them to get a better reaction time. Reaction time is the time difference from when the green lights up to when the second beam is clear. To get a 0.000 here you need to be rolling before the green so when the green lights up you are within 1/1000 of a second of clearing that second staging beam. With a shallow or full staging you get the most time to accelerate before the clock starts which would give your car the best elapsed time (E.T.)

    What am I getting at? The track only measures speed at a set distance (or two if they have trap speed blocks at 1/8 and 1/4 mile). And even then how accurate would a speed measurement be there, it is timing the beam break at two locations. At a constant speed a simple equation from physics 101, velocity is: V=x/t where x is the distance between measuring blocks and t is time between beam breaks at those blocks. But the vehicles are still accelerating between the blocks. So you only get an average speed reading through them, so maybe the vehicle is moving faster than the gauged speed at the second timing block. More timing blocks would in theory get a more accurate instantaneous speed measurement, modern cars might measure speed from a rotation marker on the driveshaft or a wheel speed sensor that has 40 teeth per revolution. The faster the pulses though the faster the timing clock you would need to accurately measure the time between pulses. As tires wear this accuracy also changes.

    … but I digress. My point is that drag racing has never measured the time to a set velocity, so why they would massage the number using that claim doesn't make sense to me. (except that car makers are going to massage their numbers until the end of time)

  22. As awesome as Tesla's products and innovations are, Elon Musk is a World Class-level Bull Shit artist… His Tweets and press releases are worth more than anything Tesla makes


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