When in Aspen

The ladies head to Aspen for some fresh air and much-needed relaxation. Upon arrival, Noella and Heather go head-to-head over the primary bedroom. Shannon begins to question her friendship with Emily. A relaxing dinner is turned upside down when all the women face-off over brewing tension.

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  1. The altitude and alcohol brought out these womens true personalities. Heather is not a nice person at all and Emily finally admits that she is an pot stirrer

  2. This is the first time I’m agreeing with people who think Emily shouldn’t return after this season. She’s smart and I love what she’s doing with the foundation for wrongfully imprisoned people, but her stirring the pot is childish and annoying. This is also my first time when I see how controlling and mean Heather is. As usual, Gina and her insecurities need to go. She’s annoying. So overall, can we get a new cast for next season?😂. Oh, keep Shannon though.

  3. I don’t get how everyone talks about Shannon and then they expect for her to have their backs. Just seeing this play out is mentally draining, I feel sooo bad for Shannon she can never do no right in their eyes. Heather, Emily and Gina just pick on her wayyy to much. They are such bullies

  4. gina is really getting on my nerves this season i have tried to like her but she’s just changed. i feel like she was so down to earth at one point but now she’s not. heather emily and gina need to shut up and quit picking at people.

  5. Okay let’s call it like it is Heather is the queen bee, she knows that…why? Power influence & money. So Emily Gina and Jenn are up her ass because it’s a transactionary friendship…they can gain something being friends with her. Heather did the same thing with tamra Vicki Gretchen everytime she’s on the show.

  6. “If I call Terry right now, he’ll have a jet here in the morning.”
    K Heather WE FRIGGIN GET IT. You’re a super rich, pampered, spoiled biatch.

    Glad Heather is being exposed, and Kelly Dodd has the receipts about Emily lying about it🤣

  7. Why is Dr. Jenn even on the show? She truly adds nothing, she just takes up space. Engaged 7 times, she should have kept that one to herself. It makes sense now why she puts up with her husband’s nonsense, she’s desperate. I pity her. Poor Dr. Jenn. I hope she can get some help and maybe if she comes back next season she’ll have more to add to the show. 😞


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