when an amazing game has a bad finish

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  1. What was the bad finish? I was expecting a bad call, or a fight between the 2 teams. All I saw was good defense to get 2 huge sacks. I must have missed something.

  2. 0:35 So awesome to see Herbert always talking with Chase Daniel, the veteran backup QB. Daniel is a great guy and talks so highly of Herbert not just with football but as a person and his charisma to lead a franchise.

  3. The Steelers deserved to lose. They’re just one of those teams that really truthfully doesn’t deserve to be in the playoffs and doesn’t earn their reputation. Call it what you will but the Steelers cheat their way through the season and they needed to be put in their place.

  4. I know you say you’re a Steeler “fan” but I really think you’re just bullshittin and love to use your favorite click bait. I’ve watched you post more bias videos also … there’s no way you’re a real Steeler fan seriously

  5. Do Y’all Remember When The Cameras Caught Tomlin Winking @ Somebody In The 4th An The Next Fuckn Play They Caught A Pick . Even Though They Lost , Football Is Getting Faker An Faker Shits Getting Old

  6. I don't see a bad finish here……I see a Charger defense putting their foot down on Ben and the Steelers and smashing them like a cockroach….
    But then again, I'm a Bengals fan…..so..

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  8. What was so "bad" about this ending if you are not a Steelers fan or hate the Chargers? Are you pissed that the Chargers didn't do something stupid and risk giving away a guaranteed win?

  9. I mean as a Steelers fan I was ready to turn it off at halftime so I was pleasantly surprised to see them make a game out of it missing 2-3 starting O-lineman, Minkah, Haden, and Watt. I mean jeez it looked like Chargers were easily gunna run away with it. So I felt better at least for showing up in the 2nd half. Herbert is a stud I have no shame in them for losing this one even tho line was Swiss cheese at the end. Same with the secondary the series before this when they just decided to not cover the deep ball lmao

  10. This was not a surprising game by any means. This is always what Pittsburgh does. Sit on their asses until the 4th quarter and they start throwing bombs downfield. Ben needs to retire and Tomlin needs to be fired.

  11. Big Ben should have retired after last season. He got the letter in the mail but he never opened it. Maybe it's poetic justice that his career is taking such an embarrassing dive.


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