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00:00 intro

01:04 Wheel of Time Game Return: https://www.gog.com/en/game/the_wheel_of_time

02:46 Berserk Release: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2022-04-04/dark-horse-to-publish-1st-berserk-manga-volume-since-kentarou-miura-passing-in-november/.184361

04:49 r/place

06:26 Gleanings: https://twitter.com/NealShusterman/status/1511029426099785731

06:53 Witcher Cookbook: https://www.amazon.com/Witcher-Cookbook-Official-Guide-Continent/dp/1984860933

07:36 Spirited Away Play: https://hypebeast.com/2022/4/live-action-spirited-away-play-to-stream-on-hulu

09:11 Locke and Key: https://deadline.com/2022/04/locke-key-end-season-3-final-season-netflix-canceled-1234995301/

11:27 Ukraine Charity Fundraiser: https://youtu.be/Qve12mzK1iA

11:41 Chris Pratt Garfield: https://twitter.com/discussingfilm/status/1511389844517400582?s=21&t=ZlktzK5xfhr0Ha2xIEZOag />
13:34 Most Distant Star:

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  1. Dan every chapter of Berserk on the final bottom right of the page says to be continued.

    Chapter 364 says The End.

    They actually released two versions of the chapter, the Miura completed pages which was about 7-9 pages, including the final page moment, then his assistants adding in an emotional conclusion to a story element.

    What press releases you're finding is them unable to figure out how to do a tribute to Berserks legacy when they had a half completed chapter, and the assistants found a way to finish the chapter and make it an emotioal resolution, not a final plot resolution.

  2. The r/place logo you used is out of date. The tint gray sword is a blue flame,and the red rising logo is meant to be all red. Also we accepted a couple of small amongi facing each other in Saurons eye.

  3. These high profile anime-to-stage adaptations look a bit overly literal, like they are cosplaying the movie. I'd prefer something more stylized like Julie Taymor's Lion King rather than just trying to recreate the film.

  4. You want to know a anime that turned into a play that is awesome? The Death Note Musical. And if you want a dub cast all the songs have a professional recording as well and it slaps.

  5. At the moment the rumor mill on Berserk (no solid sources) is that, IF they choose to continue the story, his team of assistants who had been helping him with art duties and learning from him would tackle the art, and the writing would be done by a lifelong friend of Miura’s who is himself a successful manga author. Can’t think of anyone better to do so, but speaking personally I still might not do it if he didn’t leave behind notes or outlines.

  6. I've bounced off Locke&Key very hard. The characters seemed really stupid. Every decision seemed forced only to move the plot. It made no sense why they were making those choices.

  7. I really liked Scythe for the most part, it kept me on edge, was refreshing, unexpected, bla bla bla, but I was disappointed with some plot points because they either made previous plot points useless or lose their meaning, or because they were repetitive. I'm intrigued by Gleanings, but I won't have too high expectations because I think Neil had more potential than what he gave us and don't want to be disappointed again :/

  8. Personally I think Berserk should be made public domain, sure it will probably get a bunch of trashy fanfic tier continuations that revel in the edge and miss the the whole point but there were also a number of respected creators who were heavily inspired by Miura's work from Manga to Games to Literature, Im sure a good few of them would love the opportunity to try and continue the story in their own way which might give fans a satisfying conclusion.

    Of course we know how possessive companies are about their IP even when they have no plans on using them so this is basically wishful thinking.

  9. for the netflix… it depends… if YOU END IT LIKE THE SOURCE MATERIAL. it's fine. don't care. i'd rather you do it like that then fuck the series. if you DO NOT do this… i hate you. but i'd hate you even more if you just cancel it and give no resolution for the end. those suck worse. i'd rather it be 3 and done and have a ending than not.

  10. Wholesome one piece x fantasy fan collab! 🥺 And cool of you to promote Library of Allenxandria's charity jeopardy! He has a great channel. I also appreciate how willing you are to admit you're wrong or made a mistake, in this case not continuing with Berserk. Technically this should be normal and is the bare minimum but the amount of people that are so adament to never admit they're wrong in any way is crazy… But just wanted shout that out and say it's greatly appreciated and adds value to your content

  11. my favorite chriss pratt role is the lego movie so I'm not worried at that. also id say he has a slow comedic delivery so i don't see this as an awfull casting. that said i've never felt garfield works out of the comics so i'm unlikely to see it. its a bit like if they were casting for a way of kings tick tock, your not getting that book into that medium so why should i care.

  12. A great example to where professional voice actors should have been given the roles, instead of big name actors: Star Wars Visions. The dub was fine at some points, but for most of it, very bad.

  13. For those who haven't, go take a look at the designs of the Spirited Away play on their official website.
    It looks amazing. And now I want to see more Ghibli movies adapted like this.

  14. In terms of Locke and Key, the announcement from the show made it sound like they only planned to do 3 seasons and this was a mutual thing. Maybe this was a spin, but there phrasing definitely sounded like they didn't even plan to go past this.

  15. The Wheel of Time game had a pretty advanced combat system that would shine in multiplayer with tons of spells, counter-spells and intricate combinations. While the single player was fun, I spent thousands (yes, really) hours in multiplayer.

  16. I love how the goblin wants all his minions under twenty to change their career goals and I'm sitting here at nearly 24 not having a clue what I want to do with my life. 😅

  17. No Moon Knight? I think it had one of the most solid pilot( and the best character theme i have heard after a long while ). Minus some cgi, but a really good one. It begins with such a mystery and intrigue for the character that it makes you keep watching. I think this comes into the realm of fantasy( many superhero films today come into that category ).
    I hope so some like it

    Except the turkish. They had their butts burned(because armenian genocide was mentioned). And it was review bombed. Let's hope it is recieved better in the latter episodes.

  18. I really like Netflix's policy of smaller series getting 2-3 seasons rather than getting dragged on for too long like so many of them do. Reserve the large amounts of seasons for the big shows like Stranger Things, Witcher or anything GoT-like.

  19. By the way, Kentaro Miura is pronounced Kentaro Myuura, not Moora, as you've been pronouncing it in multiple occasions. Just to clear things up, of course. I'm gonna look like a dummy if that was intentional

  20. Netflix cancels shows because their contracts typically guarantee increasing bonuses if the show makes it to 2+ seasons. And the reason they have to guarantee those bonuses is because they usually get production companies to sign away more of the rights than is standard in the industry (guaranteeing that Netflix will reap all the long-term profits generated by the show).

    Basically, Netflix wants to own both the distribution channels and the content. No production company would normally agree to that, so Netflix has to throw in a bunch of stuff to sweeten the deal (a lot of funding up front, creative freedom, etc.). Netlix wants to play the long game, but they can only afford to do it on shows that make enough money in the short term to cover the increased costs. If you ask me, it's pretty gross.

  21. The Wheel of Time game was actually what made me aware the saga existed at all. Here in Italy publication has been spotty until the mid-00s so I never stumbled upon the books until later. It's a very nice 7/10 old school single player first person shooter, if you are into modern indie shooters like Amid Evil it is somewhat in that ballpark but with a bit less polish and a more conventional storytelling with cutscenes. Certainly there are a lot of set pieces from the early books that will make WoT happy.

  22. Thanks for helping spread the word about the fundraiser, Daniel! If we decide to make this an ongoing effort, maybe I'll be able to convince you to be a contestant next time 😁

  23. I don't hate the Chris Pratt as Garfield choice. I can actually kind of see that one, where the Mario one is just so so so wrong. Do I still think it was a "He popular" casting choice? Yeah, for sure; I could see others as better options (off the top of my head, Ryan Reynolds has the snark/sarcasm, but not the apathy).

  24. My take on the Netflix series question is that it depends on the show and the story it wants to tell. If that takes 2-3 seasons or only one. Great! But my issue with Netflix is that they just cut shows of out of the blue. Sense8 is a great example of this because the second season ended on such a high note and several cliffhangers I was psyched for the next season … but within a month it was cancelled leaving everything unfinished. Yes we did eventually get the movie which was a huge accomplishment but it could only wrap up the core main storyline, dropping the majority of the actual story. Since then I’ve actually been reluctant to start Netflix-series unless it are one-offs or I have faith that it will be finished like the Witcher

  25. I hope that Chris Pratt is actually playing Garfield in a cat suit with every other cat being just a normal cat. Throughout the whole movie no one will comment on this fact.

  26. You misunderstood what the Locke and Key poll was saying.

    The poll is saying people don't like that shows basically only get 2-3 seasons… It does not say that shows should have 4-5 seasons.

  27. So Chris Pratt did voice the main Lego guy in the Lego Movie, Emmet. He does have some voice over credit. However, I 100% agree he is wrong for this roll. He's more of an Odie (if Odie spoke lol). And isn't Chris supposed to voice Mario as well? If so, that's too many things.

    Like, I love Bob's Burgers but when it's on in the background and I'm not watching it, actors doing multiple characters voices on the show get a bit annoying. Like having H. Jon Benjamin voicing Tina's dad and Tina's love interest is so strange and off putting lol. Mind you H. Jon Benjamin of Home Movies fame (Coach McGuirk) is a genius voice actor. It's just putting your voice to too many things can take the audience out of the fantasy.

  28. Anime musicals have always been produced and are far less contentious live action adaptations since they don't compete with the anime/manga itself. And they are produced in Japan.

  29. I suck at cooking. Fantasy cookbooks do nothing for me. Now, a theme restaurant? Either stand alone or inside a theme park, kind of like they did with Harry Potter? Oh man. I'd pay big bux to walk up into Winterfell and order some mulled wine and suckling soup in a trencher. Ya know what I'm saying?

  30. the problem with Netflix is that they cancel shows after a season or two, just so that can keep pumping out high budget crap movies that all have the same plot.

  31. There’s actually a lot of work in the sociology of technology about how fantasy and science fiction directly influence real science!! Scientists get inspired by SFF to create the things they read about fo sho!!! Star Trek had a huge influence on stem tech development 💪 so the SFF nerds are very much already in STEM trust us- we got you 😉🤓

  32. I just want Netflix to finish stories. Locke and Key wasn’t done. Archive 81 will finish with an insane cliffhanger. So many more just the petered off and never finished properly.

  33. Your channel got me curious about the wheel of time and I’m currently on book 6 and loving it! I recently listened to every single Cosmere book on Audible so now that I’m listening to Wheel of Time by the same narrators, the wonderful Michael Kramer and Kate Reading, it feels very familiar. I can really feel how influential Jordan was for Sanderson so it just makes perfect sense that he was chosen to finish the series.

  34. I guess this is an unpopular opinion, but I don't mind 3 seasons… That's a good tv show size for me, and I tend to think that the longer running shows often drop a lot in quality. It should be planned for 3 seasons from the beginning though.

  35. Since the source material, the graphic novels by Joe Hill, ends more or less with season 1, I didn't even expect more that that first season of Locke & Key 🤷‍♀️ so Netflix already made more of it than it originally was… And I read (from a german source) that it was planned for 3 seasons

  36. If Netflix is going to have that policy, then I think they could very easily write something as a 2-3 season show, have a complete arc, and based on how well it's doing create another arc that spans 2-3 seasons. Planning things out like that should not be that difficult and shouldn't leave the fans out to dry on the feeling that things were left hanging.

  37. Lol I think it's funny that you're upset about Chris Pratt being Garfield. When have they ever needed a master class actor for a Garfield or similar movie? I mean, is anyone actually even going to see it? Lol

  38. Baaaaahahaha That ending though. Oh my, Daniel. LMAO! Oh, and Netflix definitely tests the waters for sure. Otherwise, the series would all have actual solid endings, which many unfortunately don't. (RIP BeBop.)

  39. Daniel, you missed another big One Piece news, which is the announcement of a new JRPG One Piece game called One Piece: Odyssey. Don't know if you ever gonna check it out, but it looks beautiful and fun and I highly recommend you watch the trailer. Love the news as always though.

  40. The image used was not the final image of r/place, in the end, there was peace but we at the SSFA(Science Fiction Fantasy Alliance) had to fight for every pixel. It was not an "all coming together moment" it was one very large fandom attacking smaller ones and just nearly making a deal. There were toxic people on both sides but the main problem was One Piece had very bad coordination. After deals were made with their discord they still attacked us.

  41. There was this "Thing" about the making of the Spiderman play. What went wrong with that play, was more then it was a bad Idea. Also, there are thousand of young children who thought the play was great. Sadly, children don't pay for plays.


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