Whats In My GIANT Fridge?!

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I hope you enjoy my fridge tour!
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What is your favorite food in your fridge right now? I really enjoyed giving the tour of everything inside my refrigerator! I always have a lot of food on hand because I bake several times a week, my mom lives with my boyfriend and I, my sister is at my house 6 days a week, and we almost always have guests as well! Some of the items are old classics while some are new favorites! I currently have tiny pineapples, energy drinks, bubbly waters, tons of different sauces, frozen pizzas, ice cream, coffee, and so much more!

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  1. I love your video's ro and u could make your own series called well I don't know what it should be called but basically a series where you decorate mini cake and just use your new baking techniques for the mini cakes in your freezer

  2. If I juice a lemon, orange or lime, I first zest it. I make French yogurt cakes and it calls for zest. I know my recipe uses one cup granulated sugar, so I will pop the zest into one cup of sugar and I’m ready when I want to bake. It gives a stronger citrus flavor to the cake. The recipe I use is from Epicurious. Instead of one regular loaf pan, I make 3 small ones-3X5.

  3. hey rosanna, I have a video idea (btw just ENJOY watching your videos, they make my day) i was wondering why dont you try sculpting with cakes (maybe those easy bake oven cakes could come in use!

  4. I have an idea what u could do with all those cakes u could have a Christmas party like how u do them for Halloween except it's Christmassy u could make cake pops and a regular cake etc

  5. I’ve been watching your vids since I was in middle school, currently I’m in my second year of uni, you’re like a breath of fresh air, it’s nice to see how bubbly you still are❤️

  6. My two favorite recipes with oranges are cranberry orange muffins and oranges cinnamon rolls. I love your videos, I always learn something new about baking when I watch them! Thank you for helping me grow in my culinary abilities 🥰

  7. “I have so many baby things in my fridge right now. Baby corn, baby pickles, baby pineapple….. I mean what’s next?!” 😳 is that some kind of hint Rosanna….🤭 Edit: she claims it’s not a hint…..

  8. when i was a kid my dad would always make me orange cinnamon rolls (they were an off brand kind but i forgot the specific name) but if you could make some homemade ones with the fresh oranges you have it would be AMAZING

  9. Unrelated to the vid, but I would be so excited to get some gluten-free recipes from Ro! My niece has celiac disease, and I just know Ro would (and maybe already has) come up with some delicious GF recipes that I could bake for my niece 🥰 Ro is so great at coming up with recipes that work with dietary limits, like dairy-free, vegan, etc.

    I found Ro's channel during a pretty difficult time in my life, and I'm just so appreciative of her personality and positive spirit. Thanks, girl! ❤

  10. My fiance and I just got a new big fridge and we were so happy and excited. You know you've made it to adulthood when you get excited about a new fridge. I'm just excited for ice! 😆 Also… you may not be hinting at anything but I think your fridge is trying to hint at it 😂

  11. You could make petit fours with the easy bake leftover cakes, or make the lunch box cakes, especially holiday themed and give them as gifts to your friends. I loved the tour!


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