What You Need to Know About Enceladus

Beneath its icy surface, Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus has many surprises: a reservoir of liquid water, organic chemical compounds, and hydrothermal vents. Find out what you need to know about Enceladus, an ocean world which may have conditions friendly to life.

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  1. Well I don’t believe you!!!!…… You will just have to Land a MANNED mission on it. I will pay my taxes to see if you prove me wrong…😂😂😂😂.

  2. If you had the opportunity to be sent into space, to see other planets and other solar systems, but it was a ONE-WAY TRIP, would you go? Why, or why not?

  3. Honestly…There Is Nothing Anyone “Needs” To Know About Celestial Bodies…People Need To Know How To Read,Write,and Do Math..Those Things Are Needed..Facts About 1 Of Saturns Moons Is Not Essential For Things That Are “Needed”…I Just Think You Should Have The Intelligence To Word Things a Little Better..

  4. No, this isn't what I need to know. What I need to know, is what does it look like underneath that ice and if there's any life in that ocean. I need to know the same thing about Europa and Ganymede as well. So fire up the rockets, get the landers and submersibles sent.

  5. Ребята,я наверное понял как пройти через черную дыру,но это не факт,нужно во время прохода что бы была гравитация как на земле к примеру в черной дыре отстуствуют любые теоремы(физические),а вот вдруг если сделать хотя бы около черной дыры так,что бы там работали теоремы физиков тогда,там никого убивать не будет так как на земле + а дыра – вместе будет +- тоесть будет (0) там все будет 0 возможно я вам чем то подсказал

  6. please pouvez vous sortir des humains de la planète Terre et les envoyer dans l'espace
    il n'y a pas de direction mais si il reste sur terre il n'y aura plus de cette race. c'est pour hier………………..

  7. This video actually made my jaw drop, definitive proof that life can be born elsewhere. Maybe not as smart as us, but there is a chance. A sliver of hope.

  8. All these moons with subsurface oceans! Our solar system could be chok-full of so much more life and biodiversity than we had ever imagined!! Its things like this that fascinate me when it comes to space. The only sad thing in my mind is even if human level intelligences existed in such worlds, chances are good they'd never know of the universe beyond their top layer of ice. Would make for some amazing mythologies and religions though!

  9. Probably no one will believe me, but I actually worked on the Cassini spacecraft at a company in Cambridge Ontario Canada called Com Dev in 1992. I programmed an IBM CNC laser to cut arrays of 3D slots into small dome shaped metal parts that became part of the Cassini Plasma Spectrometer (CAPS). At the time, we all referred to it as the CPA for Cold Plasma Analyzer. I also worked on a prototype gearmotor that was used to target one of the sensor clusters but I was never told which one. I was sad the day the spacecraft was destroyed (September 15, 2017) because it was my only contribution to any space program. Like so many people who worked on the spacecraft and its systems for years, my name was never publicly known but I was/am proud to be a part of it.

  10. قال الله و الذي قدر فهدى
    مقدار هدوء السموات و الارض
    انظروا الى مقدار هدوء السموات و الارض 🌏🌏🚀🚀🚀🌏🌏🌏🌍🌍🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🌏🌏🌏
    و لكن اكثر الناس لا يهدؤون الا قليل
    مفهوم مفهوم الدروس
    الله يهدي ما خلق من الناس

  11. قال الله و الذي قدر فهدى
    مقدار هدوء السموات و الارض
    انظروا الى مقدار هدوء السموات و الارض 🌏🌏🚀🚀🚀🌏🌏🌏🌍🌍🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🌏🌏🌏
    و لكن اكثر الناس لا يهدؤون الا قليل
    مفهوم مفهوم الدروس
    الله يهدي ما خلق من الناس

  12. Did anyone else think of this I'm not a physician but I just like my theory about how enceladus came to existence it's quite interesting in my opinion.

    I think that Saturn had a moon in unstable orbit the Mon was relatively new and just entered in Saturn's orbit but soon got ripped apart after every orbit getting more and more pulled apart this is due to the orbit being very close to Saturn. Once the moon ripped some debris fell to Saturn evaporating or joining with its core the rest went into stable orbit. This would explain what has happened and also why most Oof the rings are made of ice.

  13. Let's all take notes and teach the next generations to want to colonize the solar system. NASA is probably the most rewarding govt agency created. Others waste our taxes, but every dollar on NASA seems to lead to another life-changing invention.

  14. Enceladus is "Εγκέλαδος". Accodding to the greek mythology, he was the leader of the giants. Ancient Greeks believed that every time there was an earthquake, it was because Enceladus was angry about something and he would rock the earth.

  15. can we use your videos with Turkish subtitles in our youtube channel? It’s Kozmik Anafor and it is Turkey’s the biggest astronomy platform and we want to reach every person who wants to learn something about astronomy voluntarily. if you allow this, we can do it easily and we will be very grateful.

  16. Ok, that's what "you" think that "we need to know" and it's cool, now show us what "you" think that "we don't need to know" about Enceladus, i think that should be even cooler!

  17. I'm telling you, I WON'T be surprised when NASA discovers organic lifeform on Enceladus. What a beautiful moon… We really need to plan more missions to Enceladus and maybe also Europa ( is that the Jupiter moon with evidence of water as well? Or was it IO?)

  18. I find these videos interesting, but because you don't use a voiceover, and I'm not a fast reader, I have to pause the video repeatedly to make sure that I can read all the text.

  19. I can't find list of all inhabitable planets. I found the list of all inhabitable moons, where I found the name of Enceladus, but I need the list of other places.

  20. We see everything in past when we look out in the galaxy , but the question is what does it look now i think everything is terraformed by alien races fooling us that thers nothing there and were looking way back while the present time has flown by just to leave us blind. Artificial moon prefect in every shape like no other moon in our known galaxy . Hear my words people if the truth was told we would all lost sense of living and point of life . Time doesn’t even exist proven by many big heads in our world … were just a genetic soup or a zoo ( experiment) , dont take this life to seriously its not worth it system wants you to care about your life so you could work for them and reach their selfish goals , we should all be one but yet we tell our selfs lies so few people can be on the top and have everything for them selfs thats why we are not ready to see our fathers/creators. Only nasa and few special people knows about them yet they manipulate us about their existence that they dont exist yeee right … sad truth is were just cattle and shepherd is not ready to let us free.. were waiting in line to be killed for their ambitions , i could write allot more but its not worth it i told my point . im just an ant in the ant field waiting to be exterminated by the owner of the land which grows his selfish fruits for him self not caring about others and other living things. Nature is my true teacher and im happy to die for it are you ? Or are you going to die for somebody else which intentions sre selfish and evil?? People take care i hope the day arrives when we are all one and free of this so called modern system.

  21. some info. at :25, again, with the 'salt water on enceladus' horschett. ninety-nine percent of liquids or solid-gases DETECTED off earth, CANNOT be water/h2o. this is so, as a result of the KNOWN properties of the h2o molecule/water Vapor !!!!
    nasa's willingness to Accept/promote as Accurate, patently IMPOSSIBLE remote sampling data, BOGGLES THE MIND !!!!! googletranslate


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