What to Expect When You Fly in the Future | WSJ

Air travel is full of opportunities for coronavirus transmission. Touchless check-in, plexiglass shields, temperature checks, back-to-front boarding and planes with empty middle seats are all now part of the flying experience, and the future may bring even more changes. Illustration: Alex Kuzoian

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  1. What to expect? Please, we know what to expect, our President is telling us to accept it as the normal from now on. Oh, and we get statues. Wow, that fixes EVERYTHING!

  2. Each airline should present their new safety procedures for Covid-19, with a date to execute them. Then we can elect the best airlines to use.
    If is not safe me and my family will not fly in the next 2 years.

  3. I’m not gonna lie I’ve been flying around the us in the past couple months and I love how crowded everything is there’s so much more room on overhead ben and the chances you have to sit with someone is low I’m loving it

  4. lets see… The TSA experience: first, a lengthy amount of time jammed in the chute with other lucky travelers. Then, take your shoes off (without anything to sit on) and walk over (on a filthy floor), in your now bare feet, to the (equally filthy) conveyor belt. Place your personal items in a filthy plastic box. Note: shoes from 1000s of other travelers have been placed it the same box you are about to place your laptop, jacket, etc (yuk!). Next comes the best part. Step into a 'scanner' and get nuked. Somehow this doesn't kill corona virus. If the bored TSA agent viewing your 'junk' on the scanner doesn't like the appearance of your underwear, be prepared for some 'special' treatment. You get to be groped (no social distancing here) by a very unpleasant person! IF you don't catch the wu flu after all that, you already had it.

  5. What are they spraying inside the plane? It kill viruses. Is is bad to breath that stuff? What if it gets in your eyes?

  6. At 5:00 : I ALWAYS wondered why they didn't board back rows first. The way they do it now is front ( and thus first class ) first. Anyone other that the first rows of first class gets stuck in a jam of all who boarded before them standing in and stuffing their carry on in the bins.

  7. It feels like WSJ collaborated with Delta to bring some energy into Delta stock that is not doing well understandably. However I didn't see anything promising in this video to convince people it's safe to fly.

  8. So raise the standard. Emirates has been offering private “cabins” for years. It doesn’t have to be THAT luxurious, but the concept can be extended to “regular” air travel which now has made it its business to cut costs so much it’s extremely unpleasant for travelers, just for huge profits. Over the past decades since commercial air travel, the standard has only gone down whilst demand has gone up, leading to extra issues like climate concerns. Raising the standard can push back demand, making paying for a better standard worth the price tag. No more 50€ city trips. Make commercial air travel comfortable and “normal” again.

  9. Tesla Space suits that enable self contained Oxygen – and airport PCR tests prior to departure – apps that enable gate entrance GO/NO-GO. Recirculated airplane air is not good and useless when one person coughs with a non-medical grade/OSHA cloth mask. Can you imagine being in a crowded tube at FL38 and someone starts to cough?

  10. Do you know what I hate most about flying? That you can't get there right away and there's a speed limit to which airlines abide by. The solution would be frictionless aircrafts. The reason why we've never heard of it is that if we did, it would kill all the known airline industry standards today. An aircraft that doesn't use jet fuel reduces the cost of travel. Would you imagine flying from the US to Europe in several seconds instead of hours?

  11. If an airline wanted my business they’d just have it the way it was. This totally sucks. They’re building the infrastructure to make this permanent. This is supposed to be temporary?? A big excuse to ramp up new tracking. Oh well. Freedom was nice while it lasted.


  13. Getting sick is unavoidable. Everyone gets sick. All this nonsense does nothing imo to stop transmission. Full blown Orwellian socialist take over of world, fear mongering by the media… If I never had to fly ever again I'd happy. Its all a plan to bankrupt American.

  14. Disgusting treatment. We pay so much for the tickets and this is how we’re are going to be treated? First like terrorists and now like we are walking germs. How disrespectful

  15. I can barely make it to my flight when I travel through Midway airport in Chicago due to cheap facilities and incompetent TSA, even if you make it there two hours early you might end up late. How will people make their flights with all these new regulations? There’s no way to do this efficiently without cutting the amount of travelers by like 90%

  16. Better yet take out that middle seat because we all know how easy it is to remove those seats.only reason they still there so they can cram in more without anyone suspecting. And if you not making money you obviously not good at the job. People are much more inclined to travel where they are safe and feel secure enough to travel. People will travel for a price, but to quite blatantly over charge just does not cut it any more, people are not cash cows for airports and plane company’s to fleece at every opportunity. People will always flock to what pleases them and run from what displeases them. Same if you went to a hotel, restaurant, a bar, any place that wants customers to come to them needs the social skills to keep those people returning.and to have those right skilled people you need to pay for the job. Not underpay so you get half assed staff that do minimum work because there self worth is not in it. So with skilled workers who don’t slack off all day and actually work for there company and feel empowered to give that service makes a whole difference from going bust to takin to the sky. But hey its just what i do every day every single time i interact with every person on a individual level and not some half assed level. So take some pride in your job and make that flow through out the company and the money will flow to you like a stream along with the customers. But this is quite a lot of work for some. This is why the key is skilled workers who want to get up in the morning and go to work and feel empowered and great to be alive. If you stifle people with rules of engagement then you get what you sow. People need that self worth to get up and go . After all the business of dealing with the general public is more about relations than numbers of passengers on seats.

  17. Fascist bs…life has always been a risk. People have been dying forever. Your fear is being manipulated. May the control freaks that think we're idiot herds Wake up!

  18. If this is about health and safety. Why are they selling food in the airport and onboard the airplane. If GIMP MASKS are removed at anytime, peoples health and safety will be at risk form an alleged virus that has a 99.99.9% chance of survival rate. THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

  19. This is a little over the top for a virus that has a 99.825 percent survival rate and has been confirmed that it doesn't get transferred by surfaces all of this is just to scare people and see how control and how much freedom the government can take away. This will all go away after the election just watch

  20. Timing. Need to precisely tell the traveller to come exactly such time at the airport. Such that each traveler may be spaced in time presentation in front of airport services

  21. How does face recognition work if I’m wearing a mask? Take mask off and risk getting infected? I’m surprised there hasn’t been things like robberies up to now.

  22. Why don't tge airlines find a way to filter air into the cabin and suck bad air out of the cabins. Could tgeu use Ozone? Once an airline develops a great method; we will beging to fly again. Not until then do i believe it will survive. Good luck.

  23. Speaking as a former airline EVP, I am not going to visit any airport as long as this mask nonsense is required. My late father was a doctor, and I used to read almost all his medical books growing up. After conducting extensive research on my own, I am convinced that masks do nothing except interfere with personal interaction between people. Their prolonged use is harmful, and using them while an aircraft is at altitude, with pressurization, does nothing to stimulate my confidence. In short, I'm not going flying until the situation improves and government has returned to it senses.

  24. And what happens when we all develop an immunity from this virus or a vaccine makes us all immune? Masks will no longer be needed in 2021.

  25. I flew from Uk to Finland on 2nd July and I fortunately did not catch the virus. I had to take a bus, a train, a tram, a plane from Edinburgh to London Heathrow, another plane from Heathrow to Helsinki and then another plane from Helsinki to Oulu. All the flights were pretty much full. I think the measures put in place were fine and not trouble some. Its probably not sustainable in long term when passenger numbers increase but its not a bad thing to maintain some of those measures such as providing hand sanitisers and encouraging people to wear masks in close proximities to one another.

  26. Why on earth have we not been boarding the aircraft from back to front forever, COVID or not? Front to back causes delays and aggravation. That it takes a pandemic to finally sort this out sensibly says it all.

  27. As someone who spendt a significant part of her youth in Alaska in the 1950's and 1960's, where is the pilot training on the same level as drivers ed in high school? Many of these issues just go away when you DIY.

  28. People shouldn't be comfortable with this being the future. Viruses and diseases exist in all shapes and sizes, we should let that rule our lives. You're more likely to die in a car crash than from a plane crash, but we don't let that change our decisions, why should a virus?

  29. It blows my mind that it never occurred to any of those airlines (and all public transport in general) that they should sanitize the cabins after every use. It's so easy to get something when you're traveling. Either from one country to another or from your home to work…

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  31. In late 2019 I was infected with COVID-19 on a holiday flight that covered several major international airports. Now somewhat recovered, the COVID-19 pandemic has given me time to evaluate the importance of my personal time, my health, and my well being.
    Like cruise ships, airliners have been germ factories for a very long time. The sanitation measures put in place because of the latest pandemic should have been in place all along. Many times I have come down with something after a 12 hour or longer trip. It's almost a given. My intention is to never set foot in another commercial airport or a commercial airliner ever again.

  32. International travel is essential for people who wanna see family and love ones, so I hope they engineer the way we travel safely as possible so can travel. Travel can not be eliminated totally!

  33. I’ll be traveling by car for the next year. I know there’s always the possibility of death by accidents but at least I will have more control over my own fate. I miss the convenience of flying and getting to destination in minimal time but at this time I feel it’s safest path.

  34. When are you people going to admit that face masks don’t work? When are we going to admit to ourselves that there are risks in all human endeavours? And please stop calling it a DEADLY disease. It’s not like the plague which killed 1/4 to 1/3 of the population of Europe.

  35. I am calling this early. At a civilizations level, this extreme anti immune system stance will lead to an outbreak similar to first contact in the future, as immune systems weaken on an epic scale.


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