What Is Sustainable Development?

United Nations – This September, countries will gather at the UN to adopt 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development.
So what exactly is sustainable development?
How can we achieve that? This video explains.

To find out more visit: http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/

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    Why is China still ruled by the Communist Party? Are Chinese people not allowed democracy?
    Why is Saudi Arabia so backward?
    Why do the Saudi family get to control world oil revenues?
    What have you done to stop refugees from Syria? What have you done to improve the middle east?

    How about you do something useful

  2. Once again Looks like social agendas are plying on the dumber groups IE baby boomers and Millennials to to undermine the American dream through feel good politically correct BS.really designed to control and ultimately Exterminate the masses wake up you morons Agenda 21 in fact all of the new agendas and articles are real and are made to be enacted together…dooooii

  3. "Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs", is the definition we all know about. It’s indeed a blessing to our mother earth that the ‘Green University’ concept is starting to trend. The youth needs to take up the responsibility of saving earth.

  4. wow sutainable development doe snot include child slaverey in big multinational porfits ,,, children as yong as 14 year old dont work till 3 am or 15 or 16 but here we are, your agrueing about sustianble but i am agrueing about not with chidren you aint turd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Agenda 21 doesn't actually contain any language advocating the depopulation of the world or depict an Orwellian world in which freedom is non existent and extreme sustainability is forced upon the population. It's about better use of what we have. It's wrong in such that responsibility for environmental degredation isn't divided based on economic capacity and growth models.
    The agenda 21 conspiracy theory is a joke. It just deters positive action and wastes time. The SDGs are also just a way in which the rich can continue their destructive path of economic growth whilst disregarding the environment as no binding legislation stops them from destroying the planet and abiding by the SDGs.

  6. UN is an unelected, unregulated collaboration of the Super elite And together are trying to take over and control the entire Globe. We need to keep our eyes wide open because their evil intentions and master plan will surely come disguised as “humanitarian aid.” Greed and power is their true motivation.

  7. I do NOT consent to ‘Sustainable Development 2030’.
    I do NOT consent to ‘Agenga 21’.
    I do NOT consent to ‘geo-engineering’.
    In the plan there is not one word on changing the monetary system. Without changing the monetary system all of these sweet dreams are just a big lie. Of course there is no mention on monetary system because they’re the ones who came up with this plan.

  8. Sustainable development is a development that accomplish the needs of present generation without compromising the abitiy of future generation to meet their own needs which doesn't not harm anyone, and natural resources but is benifit for everyone.

  9. What happens if I dont believe in your idea? Which I do not!
    Last thing i want to do as an individual is follow some fancy words from rich control freaks, you are only humans too, who are proven no wiser than I with no more right to the worlds resources.

  10. And the bigwigs with money and power to stop exploitation. There may be 17 goals, but I'm looking at this in 2021 and can anyone see any difference in the world? Have any of these goals been reached? You just have to look at the ship graveyards, sorry breakers yards, on the shores of India or to the exploitation of children to mine for the minerals. People want electric vehicles for many different reasons, including ethical ones as we become increasingly aware of the impact of both climate change and air pollution. Yet the growing market for electric cars may be causing harm to people in one of the world’s most vulnerable countries.

    A legacy of conflict and exploitation

    Dangerous working conditions, risks to people’s health, and child labour are a huge problem in the cobalt mines of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

    As a critical raw material in lithium-ion battery production, cobalt is in high demand. It is needed to power smartphones, tablets, and laptops as well as electric vehicles, but it is the latter where astronomical growth risks perpetuating misery.

    Two-thirds of the world’s cobalt is found in the DRC, which is one of the world’s poorest and least developed countries with a gross national income per capita of just $481.
    It's sickening 🙁

  11. We should be more generous towards our next future generations.
    We must drive away all the shortcomings that hinder our goal to make a better world.
    And, above all, we keenly do remember the proverb " There is a Will, There is a Way".
    Then the world ahead us can be the Best forever.

  12. Yes I can’t wait until I OWN NOTHING, and live in a pod and eat bugs for dinner, while there’s cameras and microphones in every inch of the world. Whilst I get my weekly injection to numb me from seeing what a nightmare it all is.


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