What is Hepatitis C and Why Should You Care?

Hepatitis C is a viral infection causing liver disease. Over 3 million people in the US are infected with hepatitis C and over half remain undiagnosed. The vast majority of individuals living with hepatitis C do not have symptoms. Hepatitis C is transmitted through contact with infected blood and many are unaware of their infection. If left untreated, hepatitis C can damage the liver to the point of cirrhosis, liver cancer and liver failure. The good news is that there are short-duration treatments that can lead to cure. The Johns Hopkins Viral Hepatitis Center is here to help more people get tested, treated and cured of this life-threatening disease. Learn more at: https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/infectious-diseases/Patient_Care/outpatient/ViralHepatitis.html

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  1. This is a fairly educational and informative narrative. Don't forget that everyone who ever had an immunization with an airgun is at risk of having hcv. And also be aware that every rhogam mother until the mid-nineties is at risk of having hcv as well as any children that that mother had after having a rhogam shot made with someone else's blood. Please don't think that you're safe because you don't have any risk factors you have to know what the risk factors are to make those kind of decisions. Scotland and Canada already paid settlements to all their rhogam mothers Nationwide.

  2. So here is the pathogenesis for Hep C…..
    1. First, Hep C resides in the liver and makes auto-duplicates of itself.
    2. Second, the immune cells in the liver, including WBCs, attack to try to kill off the Hep C cells, but cannot kill off all of them as the Hep C viral cells continue to mass-duplicate.
    3. The immune system then gets overwhelmed by the attempted kill-offs that additional immune cell mediators then attack the virus – including fibroblasts and macrophages, which are sadly, overwhelmed, and then attack the good liver cells and necrotize them, and this leads to an adverse damage effect where new immune mediators, including TNF-a and IL-6, create more and more scar tissue to try to repair the affected area where once live and good liver cells had resided. But this scar tissue causes choke-off in the affected area (hypoxia), causing liver function to suffer to start its process of progressive damage.
    4. The more scar tissue the liver develops after the Hep C virus kills a lot of the good liver cells, the higher the risk of cirrhosis if it is not treated in time.

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  4. I have to say that my dream is becoming a student in JHU and a surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Although it is really difficult, I still believe that I always have the chance with my staunch beliefs. ; )

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  7. —-8 July, World Hepatitis Day (WHD) Final edited

    Annesha Chatterjee, Coordinator, Voices.

    Student- Class =XI.

    Kalyani University Experimental High School, Kalyani, Nadia. 2017

    [email protected]gmail.com

    Every year on 28 July, World Hepatitis Day (WHD) is illustrating. It is mainly to aspire against the global danger of hepatitis more particularly viral Hepatitis as type B, with or without type C, D, E, and G, while type A is easily curable. WHD unites social organizations, governments, medical professionals, and the affected group and families to give better treatment as well as protection to the different types of viral hepatitis.

    History: Previously on October 1, 2004, International Hepatitis C Awareness day took place in Europe. Further, in 2008, the World Hepatitis Alliance in collaboration with patient groups declared May 19 the first global World Hepatitis Day.

    In May 2010, the World Health Assembly in their 63 congresses had taken a resolution. It is like, “28 July shall be designated as World Hepatitis Day in order to provide an opportunity for education and a greater understanding of viral hepatitis as a global public health problem, and to stimulate the strengthening of preventive and control measures of this disease in Member State.” This 28 July is the birthday of Noble Laureate Baruch Samuel Blumberg, the discoverer of the Hepatitis B virus.

    Mode of infection of Viral Hepatitis type A, B, C, D, E, and G.

    1. Type A: direct infection as the Faecal-oral route by contaminated food water, finger and feeding utensils.

    2. Type B: indirect infection as virus-contaminated blood transfusion, use of the contaminated needle, and shaving razors; through blood, urine, breast milk via abrasion of the skin and intrauterine.

    3. Type C: transmitted through blood-to-blood, men to women and visa verse.

    4. Type D: disease developed after infection of type B. It may transmit through blood and mucous membrane.

    5. Type E: transmitted by the fecal-oral route, contaminated sewage with water.

    6. Type G: as type C, i.e., transmitted through blood-to-blood, men to women and visa verse.

    Prevention: Prevention truly depends upon the maintenance of personal and public hygiene as well as follow-up of the proper medical guidelines. At the same time, early diagnosis, isolation and proper treatment of patient always help to control and eradication of all diseases including hepatitis.

    Importance: Viral hepatitis is a type of sporadic (scattered manifestation), as well as sub-acute (primarily may be asymptomatic for a long period) of infectious diseases. So, it is often a silent killer of millions of peoples. Currently, 90% of people are living with hepatitis B and 80% with hepatitis C (approximately 500 million people worldwide) without any awareness, with every possibility of transmitting the infection to others. Accounting statistics, about 1.34 million deaths happen per year – that is as many as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis or malaria. Together, hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C cause 80% of the carcinoma of the liver in the world.

    Modern discoveries are claiming the availability of effective vaccines and treatments for hepatitis B and a cure for hepatitis C. At the same time greater awareness and understanding of the disease is necessary, as it is easy to access the low-cost diagnostics and treatment.

    Source L1) Website. (2) Harrison’s Principle of Internal Medicine vol. II.

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  9. I got hepatitis C but I got treatment it have a 2 types of treatment duration 3 months and 6 months I take that 3 months treatment duration to get full recover now I have recover from these virus sofosfuvir is the name of that antivirsus

  10. I was very stupid when I was younger tred using speed back in the hippie eria watching live music bands I only had it a couple of times that is all it takes AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR COMING UP WITH MEDICATION FOR THIS HEPATITIS C if your urine changes to a dark color you should get it checked out for this virus and thanks to the people who come up with a medicine for this for every one who has this a lot of people are too scared to seek help and they should do this we need to get rid of this horrible virus my regards MATTHEW RENDLE

  11. i just received my second not detected viral load after 45 years I am finally hep C free! this is a good vid as it states that hep C is blood to blood only, so no you can't get it from hugging someone, or touching something that they touched.

  12. I have had hep c for 3 years now how much longer till it kills me?? I took Mavyret and it went away last year but came back I think. I dont mind dying but living and feeling so bad and exhausted is horrible!!. I hope it kills me sooner rather then later its miserable. I'm done with going to doctors

  13. Wow indeed Great work deserve good recommendations, thanks to Dr Igudia on YouTube for curing my hepatitis C disease with his herbal medication. I will forever tell the world about your good work.

  14. my Dad got it was I was a kid, it killed him at 50, well it was really my great Uncle and Aunt that killed him and stole my inheritance. But that is another story, officially he died of hep c. Cremated straight away to cover the truth.


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