What if Kenobi was Iron Man?

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Thanos has nothing on Kenobi and his high ground…avengers endgame ending the right way!

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  1. You can erase Club Penguin Jedi
    You can erase Jedi Shaggy
    You can erase Coleman Trebor
    But dear God you've crossed the line with Obi Wan Kenobi himself and Lego Jedi Master

  2. Obi-wan still has much to learn when it comes to the mysteries of the High Ground for if he was the High Ground he would have never lost to Thanos and Vader.

  3. Kenobi: It’s over thanos! I have the high ground!
    Thanos: You underestimate my power
    Kenobi: Don’t try it (Expects Thanos to try it)
    Thanos: Snaps (Realizes he has no infinity stones)
    Kenobi: I am iron man! Snaps You were the chosen one….
    Thanos: I hate you…….
    Kenobi: You were more than meme thanos……

    The End


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