What Happens if the EVIL TEAM Wins?!

The Bug Squad takes on the Valley Windworks and Team Galactic, this Fat Cat is NO JOKE!
Adding some new friends to the team through Eterna Forest! The DUO!
Use code aDrive and pick up SHINY SPLASH! http://www.gfuel.ly/adrive

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The Pokemon Brilliant Diamond BugLocke is a unique journey through the Sinnoh Region with ONLY Bug Type Pokemon! aDrive will attempt to win a Nuzlocke style challenge run with what many consider to be the weakest type of Pokemon. Tough challenges await for our Bug Crew as we traverse through the vast terrains of Sinnoh in the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond BugLocke!
#PokemonBrilliantDiamond #PokemonShiningPearl #Pokemon

Check out the BugLocke Playlist Here:
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbqHnMvmkcWZoqUDO4vxwNN_yjl_a2pad />Check out the previous Episode here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=412MGvHE0Lc />
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  1. The backgrounds are amazing for every location its like i always dreamed of, example when ur in the school, its an actuall school background. Even more amazing is on the cycling road u have the cycling helmet and outfit. Also i dont know if it was in the original dp but when i used the poketch app Calculator and the result was 151 Mews cry played, and same for the other mons dex nr i got as result. Anyhow it was a cool little detail

  2. QOTD: 2. Place is Team Plasma. Hiding your evil nature behind a kind facade is devious.
    1. Place is, of course, Team Rocket. They are the Mafia! Not even hiding that they are greedy. Everything is for money and money means Power.

  3. The berry on Clyde gave me the idea for a Nuzlocke where all Pokémon have personalities that shape the game. One Pokémon always needs to have a Berry on them, otherwise they don't want to fight. Another is afraid of a certain type of attacks, so you can't give it those attacks, etc.

  4. Can someone please trade with me a modest piplup and adamant turtwig? I’m aware that they’re available post game but I am trying to run the main game story with all 3 and I can give a shiny modest piplup and reg jirachi in return. I’m not much of a fan of the shinies and really want to run a team with all three non-shiny starters.

  5. Adrives army, because they commit genocide just for a different looking pokemon, after all I'm part of this army, and you would be shocked by how many scythers I've killed, muah ha ha ha ha

  6. QOTD: It’s a toss up between plasma, galactic, and flare. Plasma and galactic cause ghetsis and Cyrus both are hard to beat. Flare cause it Lysander was the first Bo’s battle where you’d though you could trust him since he’s a scientist like sycamore,but turns out he was just using that title to do evil things.


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