What does freedom look like? BBC News

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Hundreds of you sent us images, videos & artwork, showing us what freedom look like to you. From ballet dancers to wild animals, for BBC audiences globally, freedom means anything and everything. Get involved with the global conversation online using the hashtag #freedom2014.

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Comment (41)

  1. "I can't believe it's not Freedom!"
    Democracies all around the world had their governments secretly replaced with corporate controlled fascism. It looks, smells and tastes like freedom. The people are free to vote in pointless elections, free to voice their opinions so long as no one actually tries to change anything, free to consume an endless cornucopia of baubles and beads, free to live their lives in poverty and debt just to afford the bare minimums of life.
    Imagine their surprise when the truth is revealed.
    Too cynical? Not by half.

  2. People were posting nature but my freedom Is a safe city where you are exposed to opinion can become anything can meet different people and be far away from the misery of loneliness

  3. It would be unshackled from The House of Rothschild and there criminal banking cartel that rapes and pillages. Corporate fascism, war, austerity, genocide and a broken society being ruled by a Corporate Fascist Dictator, isn't freedom…

  4. Absolute freedom with no forms of restraint is a desaster. I sure can speak freely, but i wouldn't permit myself to verbally abuse others. You sure can throw your punches around freely, but it is an offense to knock me out with you fists.

  5. "Freedom is yours who live with Knowledge. Freedom is yours who need not burden yourself with the undue strain of unnecessary thinking and speculation. Freedom is yours who can dedicate yourself to your one purpose ad to your specific tasks that emanate from this purpose. What greater freedom is there than the freedom to utilize your Knowledge and to fulfill its destiny in the world? Nothing else can be called freedom, for anything else is merely the freedom to be in chaos and to degenerate into misery."

    Steps to Knowledge – a path to Inner Knowledge

    "Freedom is rare in the universe, as it is in your own world. This is the great truth that you will have to face, in contrast perhaps to your expectations, hopes and wishes." [9]

    "Freedom is difficult. It tends to be disorderly. It does not have the kind of stability that other races have acquired through dominance and control. But freedom is more important. It is more significant. It is more creative. And it is more beneficial." [1]

    "Freedom is difficult to achieve and to maintain, but its reward is beyond estimation. Never forget this. Your freedom, our freedom and the possibility for freedom elsewhere represent the true expansion and evolution of life and the greatest promise and achievement for all who are living in this vast universe." [10]

    "Humanity must regain its confidence. It must regain the power and the presence of Knowledge. It must unite for its own survival and well-being. And it must cultivate individual freedom here and face the challenge of living within the environmental constraints of this world. If you can do this, you have a greater future in the universe." 

    "If humanity does not preserve its freedom, it will be lost. If you cannot recognize you are facing competition from beyond the world, this presence and this power will gain ever-greater strength and persuasion here." 

    "Your freedom is precious, to whatever extent it has been established in the world. It has been gained through great effort and human sacrifice. It must be protected with great vigilance." 

    Quotes from http://www.newmessage.org/wiki/Freedom

  6. Today, we're not free because we can't say our point of view, whatever you say or you do, you are judged. This video challenges us to the fact that there are several testimonials of several people in difficult living environments that tell us their points of view what is freedom for them. I like the way they talk about their lifes, their liberty to think.

  7. Given the graduated perspective of the human psyche, freedom is the ability to perceive opportunity in the next moment and enjoy the moments of expansive thought in previous ones. Other than that, freedom is the ability to actually utter this without #censorship.


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