What are the best eggs? Egg crackdown (CBC Marketplace)

We test the marketing on supermarket eggs, and ask companies if we can see for ourselves what the labels really mean for chickens and for you.
To read more: http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/episodes/2015-2016/egg-crackdown
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Comment (1,770)

  1. I really don’t care about the happiness of the chicken per se, but one thing I notice whenever I buy free range organic expensive eggs is how delicious they are. I now prefer the free range organic eggs just because they are so much better from a culinary standpoint. They’re richer, they have way more of an orange coloured yolk compared to the pale yellow factory farmed ones. The difference in the taste of the yolk is amazing

  2. Wow I was quite humbled by the emotional response the farmer had when told that consumers really appreciate and like his product. 😔

    I have recently only been purchasing ' Organic Meadow' eggs and will be doing so from now on. They are very tasty 😋.

    I will support his company 👍

  3. I raise cage free pasture girls but when "know it alls" say "this is how chickens feel" they're patting themselves on the back as chicken psychology experts. But what they're really saying is that as humans this is what they would like, not the chicken. Humanizing animals.

  4. I buy expensive cage-free eggs. I can't honestly say I can TASTE the difference between "ethical" eggs and the cheapest eggs. And, I can tell zero difference when eggs are used in baking. Yes, the yolks on expensive eggs are more orange in color. Yet, some expensive eggs have thinner shells than cheap eggs. I used to have a flock of chickens, and I would give them crushed oyster shell for grit. The eggs from my hens had both rich orange yolks and nice thick shells..My point is that I don't think the expensive eggs in the supermarket are really from hens raised in an old-fashioned barnyard environment.

  5. The macho viscose suggestively drum because musician approximately pat than a frightened frightening full fumbling functional history. fascinated, creepy seat

  6. This has been a real eye-opener for me. I will look for Organic Meadow in the immediate future. I've often wondered why eggs don't seem to taste the way they used to. Chickens that are allowed to roam free must be happier, more content. Lay healthier eggs. That is just common sense.

  7. That farmer man is handsome sensitive passionate I'd love to eat his . (Cage free Chicken) Eggs!? I live him so beautiful blonde man gorgeous……

  8. Taste (normally) is not all the same so it would be difficult to pick the best tasting egg (That's a given) Knowing the product is another mater. Around here a dozen eggs go for on average $3 sometime on special as low as $2.65. The Organic Meadow type egg would be in the $7 to $8 a dozen and these type of eggs bring somewhat peace of mind to the consumer, I myself have access to a friend's small farm with 20 in the yard free running chickens and the price is in the very low range. As you can work out the numbers, my friend's eggs are not part of the farms income. The Organic Meadow's gentleman works hard and long, as all our farm people do, They are worth all the income they bring in and then some. We assume the extra cost and buy fresh farm eggs. Once a week we enjoy the time to head out to the farm, friends, coffee and collect our eggs and other products. It beats the city trek to any supermarket ! It takes a long time to learn to enjoy life one day at a time. We don't watch "TV" so we get CBC Marketplace over the internet. Be safe, we'll get through it !

  9. My chickens used to be free range, they went everywhere in the yard.I had a fox attack and lost three out of my five chickens.
    I had to confine my last two chickens to a chicken tractor that's attached to their chicken coop. I'm able to move the coop every other day and they have fresh grass and Clover to eat.
    The first three the seven days was the hardest, because they're so used to going wherever they wanted. But now they have stopped pacing and are used to the smaller area now.
    During the winter time there isn't as much grass to eat and there is a difference in color of the yolks when they have better grazing during the summer time. FYI my chickens love the Clover the best, and if I see they only have grass left in the chicken tractor I'll grab handfuls of clover and toss it in with them, they dive for it.

  10. I buy organic at about $6 because I want the eggs to be nutritious not because I think they taste better…. and we never know for sure so, it's kind of on faith isn't it?

  11. The best part about the organic meadow farmer Marty was that he didn't care if it had better taste or vitamins or anything. He is not driven by that. He cares only about how the chickens live.

  12. I hate eggs, slways have but i raised chickens for my kids, wife, and the bbq chicken later. Ours. Ran free in day in mtns, and closed up in chicken house at night, raciobs, foxes like them yoo.

  13. Chickens are always better cahe free and especially if you raise them with you until they get bigger and they will stay close to you because your like their parent

  14. Watching those hens in the beginning all crammed together in a cage made my heart hurt. I only buy free-range for that reason because I cannot support that.

  15. I'm shocked at the mother who buys the cheapest !! Quality food is so very important, especially for growing children. I would cut down on rubbish treats that they are probably eating. No,I correct myself,I would eliminate them altogether.

  16. Here in 2021 looking to make more ethical choices. But I have a question?

    Ethical brands typically cost more, and I'm so very thankful to be able to afford to do so these days, but do you think the cost would go down if the customer base increased? Like, if everyone stopped buying cheap, unethical products, then the companies who actually care about their impact would essentially be able to decrease their prices, right?

  17. You people are frickin' USELESS.
    OMG……the things liberal leftists worry about….geez.
    Get a real life. I raised 10 baby chicks, every year…..from home to hen house to butcher. They do NOT lay eggs if they are stressed or unhappy. What is wrong with you fools?

  18. Well mabe some people dont have the money to buy organic but should we take healt desision base on economy or system economy should take desision in regard of global helth? I mean GMO and monoculture wasent good for the earth and our helth but corporate still favor them for profit over long term effect… Democracy should represent folk interest not politics and corporate one over them and now days we see Elon Musk space-x finance ( 100 billion project👏) but some people still starving / money and giant interest over folk well being👍 shame on them!

  19. organic meadows (Marty) chickens looked the best on the farm. nice neat feathers.

    the previous ones were bald, matted and gross. I'm still shocked she didn't mention that.

    I love Marty. I almost cried with him. I'll buy his eggs from now on.
    And I LOVE Marketplace!

  20. I remember going to a laying farm. The stench was horrible! Then I heard that when a chicken is too old to lay eggs, Cambells buys them. That was a long time ago. Hopefully they have changed with the times.

  21. Can someone help me, I have a project. What is one event, person or legislation that brought about significant change to Canada after 1945? So, for example not the First or Second World War.

  22. All chickens and eggs are organic, cheap eggs or expensive eggs it doesn't matter if the chickens in a cage or running Free unless the chicken was cloned, otherwise it's organic … And organic don't necessarily have to be written on the carton in order for the egg to be organic… But I would never pay $7 for a dozen of eggs I can buy four dozens of eggs for that price… But I can't taste the difference between a store-bought egg from a fresh egg straight from the chicken…. But they all serve the same purpose.

  23. I pay a premium for better eggs, free range tastes better. But I don't care about the well being of the birds, they are a product. If you are really worried about well being of an animal, you won't eat them.

  24. I’ll only ever buy organic eggs. So lucky to live near so many average properties, I get 1 dozen every week from a neighbor who has 20 hens for only $6 AUD. Completely different taste, and the yolk’s are much darker

  25. Next time have the chef fry up some chickens and compair farmed raised to factory raised,also check newtresion,and see how much antibiotics needed to keep them alive in the factories.

  26. Chickens are cannibalistic by their very nature. Free range or caged doesn’t matter it is their nature. They were created by God for us and other Carnivores to eat. That’s why they are at the bottom of the food chain. They are food for everybody including each other.


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